This is the complete step by action tutorial because that unlocking the popular music Goes the Weasel Easter Egg for Mob the the Dead. We"re going to cover using the electrical chairs, refuelling the plane, finding the blue skulls and finding the spoons. All places are included.As with many zombies Easter eggs this is a little bit of a mission with 12 procedures required. Typical time to complete easter egg is about an 2 hours.Important: The Easter Egg needs 2-4 players and one you have to be weasel.

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Step 1- achieve Hell"s Retriever (flaming tomahawks)

These are derived by feeding the dogs (The Beast) in all 3 locations.

Step 2 - Build plane and paris to gold Gate Bridge

Parts are scattered transparent the island and the plane is built on the roof. Once built, players have to fly off the ramp and over to the bridge.

Step 3 - return to the island

Use the electrical chairs top top the leg to return to the island (spawn point).
You should return come the island step 3 time otherwise the later EE steps will not be available.

Step 4 - getting the blue skulls

The blue skulls are established in immortality by their bright blue appearance. There room 5 skulls that should be built up using Hells Retriever. Skull places are:1. Through 2nd door that Olympia room, straight opposite in cell.2. Lamppost, external wardens office. Look at through window in much room in the corner. I can identify by sparks.3. Docks, close to the Tower Trap. Look throughout the water ~ above the wooden post.4. Building across from the roof. Go to left hand next of ramp if looking in direction that take-off.5. Near Jug perk. Face Jug, revolve around and also look up the hillside in the direction of the lamppost.

Step 5 - removing movie poster indigenous cell

The movie poster has a eco-friendly background and red writing. The is located near the wardens office in among the cells. Just throw the tomahawk to collect.

Free Blunder Gat reward

Completing the above steps will provide you a free Blunder Gat (wonder weapon). This is found in the Wardens Office ~ above the desk.

Step 6 - remove the spoon

The movie poster girlfriend removed previously reveals a hole in the wall surface and a surprise spoon. Historically, an escape attempt to be made utilizing spoons for this reason there"s the tie in. To eliminate the spoon, head approximately the electric Cherry level and also find the hold in the wall surface (through a steel gate/mesh). Enter afterlife and go with the feet to eliminate the spoon top top the floor. If successful, you"ll hear one more of the mystery box noise (zombie laughing).

Step 7 - Collect 2nd Spoon

The 2nd spoon is situated in the cafeteria (room through Claymore and also acid trap). It"s with the far window on the table v 3 levels. Usage the tomahawk to collect the spoon.

Step 8 - changing Number Panel

If friend head come the number dashboard (spiral staircase) you"ll see that the number dashboard is rotate wildly. You require to set the numbers according to the sinner numbers, this is excellent in afterlife:e.g. 872, 101, 386, 481If successful, the numbers will disappear and you will certainly hear the adhering to quote"So you desire to know the truth"..a brand-new audio scene will certainly play telling the story about a guard called Stanley Fergusson

Step 9 - hit spoon in bathtub tub

In the Infirmary there"s a bath bathtub full of blood with a spoon floating in it. Throw the tomahawk and also you"ll hear a quote and the spoon will spin around.You should have a spoon as your melee weapon now.

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Step 10 - pick up the head phones

Scattered roughly the map over there are numerous head phones the play further cut scene/audio. The headphones look favor power ups (bright green/white colour).Locations are:
Spiral staircase top upstairs indigenous tunnelFirst room of reduced ground level from external Wardens OfficeFirst level of cell blocks, opposite end of Wardens Office blockInfirmaryRoof

Step 11 - Refuelling aircraft and flying again

If you"ve successfully made it to the leg and earlier again, you"ll notification that the aircraft parts are eliminated from your inventory. They"ve been replaced by 5 fuel cans.The aircraft will generate in again and likewise 5 fuel cans will spawn.Fuel can locations are:
DocksNear number panelLaundry roomInfirmary near beastCell blocksBring those can be ~ to the roof and refuel the brand-new plane.

Step 12 - completing the Easter Egg

The last step the the easter egg calls for all football player to get in the afterlife. Notification that none
the the football player will have a countdown time while in purgatory.Now head to the roof and also stand behind the plane and press X. You need to all drive the aircraft off the ramp and ago onto the bridge.When you arrive at the bridge, revive yourself from the electric Chair. Fight off the boss Zombies making use of the tomahawk for maximum effectiveness.You will certainly then fight versus one of your own group - Weasel (the traitor).Congratulations - pop Goes the Weasel achievement unlocked!!