Lambda Lounge

credit: Lambda Lounge

Lambda Lounge is a gay black-owned lounge in Harlem. It just opened the year is owned by the black gay married couple, Charles Hughes and also Richard Solomon. The owners are the exact same ones who own the liquor company, Lambda Vodka. The factor that the pair opened the lounge is since of the shortage of black gay facilities in brand-new York City. Lambda Lounge is one of two black color gay venues in NYC.

The other black gay venue is Alibi i beg your pardon is additionally located in Harlem. In one interview with Richard stated, “Unfortunately, the job of us having actually spaces where we can go and also cut loose are over; they shut them all down.” I’ve passed by Lambda Lounge and also it’s a very nice spot. There is a brick that will provide the point out a modern look. There space purple lighting and also black sofas which creates a nice sexy, atmosphere.



Alibi is part of the critical dying each other of black gay venues in NYC. Alibi is owned by Alex Minko, a former human rights attorney and also a black color gay man. This place will constantly be in mine mind because that’s where I did my an initial two job parties.

Alibi is in Harlem aka black gay mecca. Think that U Street in Washington DC. The place is very clean and also slick. There are modern paintings top top the wall surface and over there is black color leather furniture because that the patrons. The drink prices room a little high but you get what you salary for.

At particular times there used to be special events for instance on Monday nights there would certainly be go go dancers and also on Sundays would certainly be “Drunch” where limitless mimosas and little bites would certainly be served.

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There is join to enter Alibi uneven for special events like Andre’s, Alibi’s bartender, naked only events which is around $20.

Because the the coronavirus outbreak Alibi has actually been enduring like numerous other gay bars and also lounges. Fortunately, Alibi has actually been able to raise more than $100,000 through donations. If you space able to you deserve to donate to your GoFundme page .

Club Langstons

credit: Dj Disciple NYC/instagram

Langstons to be a happy dance black color club in Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn ran by Calvin Clark. This is one of the last couple of gay black clubs in the United states period! ns think Langstons was among the very first African American gay clubs i went to. The was component of my cherry popping experience into the black gay social scene.

Much of the african American gay males I’ve encountered at club Langstons to be trade, rough gay men. Many of the time I took pleasure in the music. That course, Beyonce was played and there was a an excellent mix the rap, R&B, and plenty that reggae. One of the unique parts of the club is the it was concealed like a speakeasy.

If you passed by society Langstons throughout the morning or daytime you wouldn’t recognize it existed. There to be no authorize on the doorway and the only method you would uncover out around the club is with word that mouth or see civilization lining to obtain inside. Ns did part research and learned that the society was collection up choose this to avoid people’s identification from being revealed. The society was strictly on people’s privacy that when the club first opened friend weren’t enabled to take images inside or near Langstons.

Secret Lounge


This was among my favourite spots. Ever!! tricks was a gay dance establishment in a secluded clues in Chelsea. I have so plenty of memories that this place. I deserve to still psychic a couple of years earlier when mine fraternity brother was an alleged to fulfill with me in ~ Secrets however by the time I obtained there the place was closed down since the front home window was broken.

Every weekend this location was pack with thousands of Spanish and African American gay men. Girlfriend would discover some the the hottest black gay influencers, over there were warm go-go dancers in ~ this club. Ns don’t like to punch anybody’s hustle however they can gain pretty stroked nerves by questioning you because that money. The go-go dancers weren’t therefore bad. Another part I enjoyed around the ns remember ns bagged a cute Spanish bartender. I’m still mad I lost his number!

Two Potato

500credit: 2 Potato/facebook

Two Potato was one more gay bar in the Village. It was originally chances Are however later changed its name to two Potato. It was a popular spot because that the african American gay community that had actually drag performances and other varieties of entertainment.

Chi Chiz

credit: Gabriela Resto-Montero/DNAinfo

Chi Chiz was a bar in the town and own by Ronnelle McKenzie and also Alex Everett. Unfortunately, civilization in the neighborhood complained around drug dealing and also crowded streets also though similar incidents to be happening in other gay bars and also gay clubs. Unfortunately, Chi Chiz close up door in January 2010.

Luke & Leroy’s

Luke & Leroy’s was a gay black bar in the Village. The bar had actually two levels and also played i know good hop music, house, and garage music.

Starlight lounge

Credit: Kate Kunath

Why we need black happy bars?

They room safe havens because that African American LGBT persons. There are times ns felt uncomfortable at straight bars and colors since I can’t openly by myself. Ns can’t dance, talk, and flirt with other guys. However in a black gay bar I can do this and don’t have actually to fear verbal or worse physics assault.

What’s sad is the we require black happy venues to safeguard us from discrimination native both directly clubs and some gay clubs! In the write-up “Black happy nightlife and black history month” by Eric Gonzaba it’s mentioned that “black gays and lesbians faced discrimination at happy bars”. Black gay venues such as record One and the Rail across different cities started to kind in the 1980s/1900s together a method for african American LGBT persons come come together. Those venues welcomed black gay culture but much more importantly one escape from reality. United state gays know need to have funny so also straight persons would enjoy themselves and also feel comfortable walk to gay bars and also gay nightclubs.

Even despite we’re in a brand-new time period there is tho a many racism within the LGBT community. I’ve encountered gay guys with the “No african Americans, no Asians, & no Latins mentality”. I have the right to recall when when i was in ~ the gay society XL which attracted a big African American gay crowd. This one white happy patron stands on the line for a few seconds and also says, “This is the welfare line”. In another example, the happy bar Rebar which supplied to it is in G-Lounge was known to it is in racist. Soon after Rebar opened a many gay black males that used to go to G-Lounge complained the security and also staff profiled them.

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Wrap up

In sum, gay black venues in NY to be not just places whereby black LGBT persons might drink and also dance. These venues have represented an ext than that. These facilities were areas where black color gay men might escape reality and be their true selves. What’s her favorite gay black color bar?

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