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A blender is among the many needed appliances to take into consideration having in your kitchen these days, and a great one is nothing brief of a godsend.

When trying to find a blender, there are numerous important factors you should think about to for sure you acquire the ideal one for her needs. These include its quality, functionality, and also pricing.

In this review, we examine out the main attributes of the BLACK+DECKER BL2010BG. Have a check out to check out if this is the best blender because that you.

Black and also Decker Blender Review: Highlights of the BL2010BG Blender


Not too large, not also smallGlass jar, through spoutDishwasher-safe removable parts10-speed setups with pulseAffordable
Not efficient for very hard produceHeavy

This BLACK+DECKER has quite a variety of features:

Efficient Capacity

The an equipment has a durable 5-cup (40 ounces) glass jar, no the largest but should be enough several servings of her favorite smoothies, soup, or frozen mixers. The moderate capacity additionally makes it more compact than larger models.

Powerful Motor

The blender has actually a an effective motor that allows it to do efficiently. It deserve to handle a range of jobs from milkshakes to smoothies to chopped vegetables. At peak speed , the motor reaches its height at 550 watts and also drops come 350 watts for constant use.

Sleek Design

This countertop blender has actually a modern, simplistic look. The product dimensions are 8.5 by 9.9 by 13.5 inches and also weighs around 6.3 pounds, which method you have the right to easily discover a edge for it.

The glass seasoned is BPA-free, challenging to break, and has a tight and sturdy lid come prevent components from spilling if blending. It likewise has a Perfect pour spout come prevent possible drips and also spills when pouring out the contents.

Most components of the blender, consisting of the blade, lid, and jar space removable because that convenience throughout cleaning and also in simplifying the blending process.

10-Speed setups with Pulse

The an equipment comes with a variety of 10 speeds, mapped out with pushbuttons, including the pulse function. The variable gives an ext precision in the process, for this reason achieving the ideal consistency i will not ~ be difficult.

Dishwasher-Safe Parts

The removable parts of the blender are all dishwasher-safe, making your everyday cleanup a breeze. The blade and lid walk to the peak rack that the dishwasher when the jar goes to the bottom rack. For far better results, think about rinsing the components right after you’ve finished.

4-Tip Stainless stole Blade

The tongue is do of stainless stole to permit blending in ~ multiple levels, and at the same time improving on efficiency and also blending power. The difficult stainless steel, together with the glass pitcher, enables the maker to to like tougher ingredients, like roasted nuts.

2-Year minimal Warranty

The BLACK+DECKER BL2010BG comes through a minimal warranty that 2 years against defects in product or workmanship noted that you use the blender in a home environment. This has the option of return the product because that repair or sending for replacement components within the boundaries of the warranty.

You’ll not benefit from the covering if the repairs room made or attempted by any unauthorized company centers or if the root cause of the fail was abuse or accidental damage.

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