Welcome come the beyond The Forgotten eras Mod"s Forum Post!Beyond The Forgotten periods (Or BtFA for short) is a W.I.P mode for rwandachamber.org all around manipulating time and room to travel into different parts of time so you have the right to fight brand-new bosses and also save the people from an civilization ending occasion (Again) with new foes, allies and also some brand new tools to aid you on your time travel shenanigans!

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Acheron is a pre-WoF ceo that is summoned making use of an stormy Wisp. He attacks using spirits and creating duplicates of self that try to assault the player.Arterius

Arterius is an early HM boss which is summoned making use of a Bleeding Residue. It assaults by shooting different varieties of blood-based attacksTitan Rock


Titan absent is a Pre-Mech boss which is summoned using an Anomaly Detector. He assaults by summoning titan minions and firing lasersGhastly Ent


Ghastly Ent is a Post-Mech ceo which is summoned in ~ the end of the Forest"s military invasion. He assaults by unleashing nature"s wrath top top the playerMagnoliac


Wood Ents - lock walk around and also attack the player if they are nearbyCharred Ent - Acts choose the timber Ents but leaves a trace of fire behind himWooden Witch - Fires contempt homing projectiles at the playerLiving wood Mortar - Fires a lumber cannonball that deals damagePine Flier - Acts favor the lumber Ents yet instead the walking it fliesHM Enemies

Blossom Bomber - Fires a cherry bomb the moves in one ArcRottenwood Goliath - Acts favor the timber Ents however creates WoodlousesWoodworm - Acts like a regular worm opponent that spawns native the Rottenwood GoliathWoodlouses - Acts choose a normal ground enemy that spawns native the Rottenwood GoliathRedwood ram - Rams into the player at high speed
Mysterious extraterrestrial Spacecraft - Flies right into the player to attack. Drops magnificent Bolts on deathCosmorock cluster - Spawns after ~ Titan Rock has been killed. Fires Cosmorock meteors come attack, autumn Cosmorock as soon as killedMisc

Water Shard squid - Post-Skeletron s mobs that drop water shardsShroom Slime - Slime that spawns in the Mushroom BiomeGranite Protector - Spawns in the Granite Biome, fires bolts of power that give a unique debuff
The Pyromaniac moves in as soon as you death King Slime because that the an initial time. He sells you fire connected itemsThe garbage Man

The Trashman move in when you kill EoW/BoC for the an initial time. That sells you rarely items depending upon where you room in the game
Nightly essence is a really early video game material to reduce by Nightly Wisps, it can be offered to do Nightly Axe, Pickaxe, Hammer, Bow, Dagger and also Assassian"s ArmourDune

Dune significance is a beforehand game product dropped through Dune Wisps, it can be provided to do Cactus Wand, Desert Aegis, Sandstorm Blade, Thornball Flail, Nomad"s Partisan, Sandstormer and Dune ArmourGelatine

Gelatine is one ore that spawns after King Slime is killed that enables you to handmade Gelatine Armor, Pelter, Pick, Bow, Staff, Kunai, Blade and HamaxeSoaring

Soaring essence is a post EOW/BOC material dropped by Soaring Wisps, it can be used to do Soaring Hamaxe, Broadsword, Bow, Pickaxe, Skyblade, Trident, Tome, Pistol and also Soaring ArmourUndead

Undead essence is a post Skeletron material dropped through Undead Wisps, it can be provided to make Leeching Sword, Bone Burster, Vampire"s Bane, Undead Javelin, Bloodneedler, Leeching Bow, Blood Shuriken and also Skeletal ArmourAquatic

Water Shards room a material that drop from Dark Casters in the Dungeon that permits you to do Aquatic Armor, ocean Staff, hunting Spear, Aqua Flail, Pistol and also TorrentCryotine

Cryotine is an ore that can be mined when EoW/BoC have actually been defeated. It can make Cryotine Armor, Bow, Katana, Naginata, Pickaxe, Razorblade, Icicle Staff, Permafrost Stave, Snowfall Tome and the snowstorm CannonCosmorock

Cosmorock pieces is an ore that spawns when you death Titan Rock for the first time that enables you to craft Cosmic Armor, Sceptre, Cosmo Blade, Cosmorock Revolver, Cosmos Kunai, Galactica, The Comet and the Meteor Swarm StaffBlightstone

Blightstone is an ore that spawns short article mech in corrupt/crimson biomes that permits you to handmade Blightstone Armor (Hood, Mask and also Helmet), Blighted Bow, Chakram, Crusher, Pistol, Inferno Staff and Blighted Dragon Staff
Thank you for taking the moment to check out this!Make sure to visit the Discord to keep up to day with updates and also spoilers because that the mod!Staff

Welcome to the past The Forgotten periods Forum Post!BTFA is a mod around manipulating time and an are to travel into various parts of time therefore you can fight new bosses and also save the civilization from an civilization ending event (Again) with brand-new foes, allies and also some brand new tools to help you on her time travel shenanigans!
Planned Content
5 special events called "Eras" (Prehistoric, center Ages, Steampunk/Future, The finish Times and The Lizhard Age)!7+ brand-new bosses!Lots of brand-new Enemies, Armors and Items!And more!
Content(Side note: there are also Vanilla transforms to the video game that you can disable in the config file)
Ghastly Ent is very early Pre-Hardmode ceo that have the right to be summoned using an ancient Log that have the right to be dropped from TreemenPhase 1: Flies approximately shooting balls of sap and leafnados in ~ the playerPhase 2: at a third of his wellness he starts come teleport around while shoot 3 leafnados at the playerPhase 3: as soon as his health and wellness is in ~ 1000 that starts to fire puffs the air and also fire portals the drop applesDrops: ancient Foliage and also Amber decision (Expert)Titan Rock
Titan absent is a Hardmode boss that have the right to be summoned making use of an Anomaly Detector (made using 1 Crystal, 2 Adamantite or Titanium and also 5 Meteorite)Phase 1: Flies approximately while firing 4 red bolts at the player and also sometimes stops and also fires 2 present of lasers while rotatingPhase 2: Titan absent becomes Enraged as soon as he reaches fifty percent HP and crashes down to the ground make the display shake, he has actually a possibility to stop and also fires 4 lines of lasers if rotating and also summon Mini TitansDrops: Laserblade Katana, Needle Bow, Laserbeam Staff, Beam Slicer, Titan Crusher, Titan Spin, Energized Blaster, old Launcher and also Energy rock (Expert)Arterius
Arterius is very early Hardmode ceo that is summoned making use of a Bleeding Residue (made using 1 heart of night, 2 Rotten Chunks/Vertebrae, and 5 Vile/Viscous Mushrooms)Phase 1: Flies in the direction of the player, periodically firing a spread of 3-4 bouncing blood projectiles. After about 4 seconds, it turns invisible and rains under blood because that 3 seconds, ending up being immune to damages during the amount of timePhase 2: beginning firing homing blood bolts and also dashingExpert: Shoots more often and rains down more projectiles in phase 2, moves fasterDrops: Artery Cutters, Hemorrhage Staff, Horrid Eye, Gored Lungs, Secered Tongue
The Warper is the main NPC the the mod, she sells friend equipment and also special item that allow you to take trip to the various eras (at the moment she sell nothing and can"t be spawned v normal method for now)Pyromaniac
The Pyromaniac moves in when you death King Slime for the first time, that sells friend fire connected items
Cosmorock fragments is an ore the spawns once you death Titan Rock for the very first time that permits you to handmade Cosmic Armor, Cosmic Sceptre, Cosmo Blade, Cosmorock Revolver, Cosmos Kunai, Galactica, The Comet and the Meteor Swarm Staff.Blightstone

Blightstone is an ore that spawns write-up mech in corrupt/crimson biomes that enables you to handmade Blightstone Armor (Hood, Mask and Helmet), Blighted Bow, Blighted Chakram, Blighted Crusher, Blight Pistol, Blighted Inferno Staff and Blighted Dragon StaffGelatine

Gelatine is one ore that spawns ~ King Slime is eliminated that allows you to craft Gelatine Armor, Gelatine Pelter, Gelatine Pick, Gelatine Bow, Gelatine Staff, Gelatine Kunai, Gelatine Blade and the Gelatine HamaxeAquatic

Water Shards room a material that drop native Dark Casters in the Dungeon that allows you to make Aquatic Armor, ocean Staff, s Pistol and Aquatic Katana
Impurity - Fires a wave of dark energy that inflicts debuffsCrazed Impurity - Fires dark energy while lightning drops from the skyPurity - Fires a bouncing light laserPerfect Purity - Fires a bouncing sphere of light the summons large lasers from the skies on hitEbony - Fires blighted meteors indigenous the sky and also on a melee fight lowers the enemy"s defenseTrue Ebony - Fires an ext blighted meteors native the sky and also on melee hit lowers the enemy"s defense and summons blighted meteor headsClimax - Fires a cluster of explosionsFinale - creates a ring that rainbow explosions roughly you, best click to fire bouncing rainbow bolts from the skyAccessories

Cosmic Twig - increases Health and Mana by 40Twig that Life - Increases health and wellness by 40Living Twig - Increases wellness by 20Meteor band - offers you immunity to ~ above Fire! and also a 5% resistance to attacksFirestorm in a party - boosts your jump height while leave flames behindFrost Necklace - acquiring hit summons small ice slime minions to helpBlessed Pearl - has actually a opportunity to heal you when you take end 15 damage and increased invincibility lengthJungle Pendant - getting hit summons little jungle slime minions come helpBerserker Emblem - boosts crit possibility by 12%Paladin Emblem - Reduces damages Taken by 12%Miner Emblem - boosts mining speed by 25%Ninja Emblem - boosts throwing damage by 15%Jagged tape - boosts all damage types by 75% however taken damage additionally increases through 150%Royal gelatin Band - has actually the impacts of the Frost Necklace, jungle Pendant and also Royal Gel along with having the chance for the slimes to slow-moving down enemiesSap Necklace - increases max minions and summon assaults have a chance to produce balls of sapVampire Necklace - raised armor penetration and also gives friend a opportunity to stealing life on opponent hit

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CarpentersCutlace - Merging their mods with BTFAThank you for taking the time to check out this!Make certain to visit the Discord to store up to day with updates and spoilers because that the mod!https://discord.gg/CV4WMYV(Mod download link: https://www.mediafire.com/?n7yjbph7au3we6z)