ANNOUNCER bunny HERE.CHECK the end WHAT'S coming UPHERE ON between THE LIONS!( clucking )Man:♪ THERE when WASA farm yard BOY called BEN ♪♪ who MOANED,"I have actually ONLY ONE HEN" ♪♪ till HIS mommy PUT A "T"WHERE the "H" used TO it is in ♪♪ NOW rather OF ONE HEN,BEN has actually TEN! ♪IF friend THINK that WAS FUN,WATCH THIS!CLEO:Between the Lionsis funded in component by...THEO:A "Ready to Learn" grant...CLEO:From the U.S. Departmentof Educationand through the Corporationfor public Broadcasting.THEO:I love exactly how you said that, Cleo!CLEO:We perform have additional fundingto talk about.THEO:Oh, right, the course.( clears throat )Additional support is providedby the Park Foundation...CLEO:Dedicated come educationand top quality television...THEO:And the Civil culture Institute.CLEO:You know, Theo, I never gettired of informing peopleabout our funders.THEO:Me either!I could do itat the very least once every day.CLEO ( laughing ):We do.THEO:Oh, yeah, right, we do.Woman:♪ HEY, NOW... ♪♪ HEY, WOW... ♪♪ HERE'S just how ♪♪ COME and READ ♪♪ in between THE LIONS ♪Chorus:♪ which ♪♪ COME IN ♪♪ begin ♪♪ THE people AWAITS ♪Woman:♪ in between THE LIONS ♪♪ between THE consists OF A publication ♪♪ IT'S TIME to LOOKBETWEEN THE LIONS ♪♪ BEHOLD THE TALESBEYOND THE TAILS ♪Chorus:♪ BEHIND THE DOOR ♪♪ BECOME, discover ♪♪ COME IN in between THE LIONS ♪♪ start BETWEEN THE LIONS ♪♪ it is in HERE in between THE LIONS! ♪THAT'S silent "E."DON'T to speak IT.WHAT IS IT, CLEO DEAR?A STRONG,UNUSUAL SCENT.IT IS CHICKEN?( squawks )OOH, SORRY.OOH.NO, NO, the ISN'TTHE CHICKEN.( sniffs )NO, ns SMELLTHE STRONG,UNUSUAL scent OF...( gasps ):A WRITERIN DISTRESS.OH, woe IS ME.WOE, WOE, WOE.MORE WOE than YOU KNOW.OODLES and OODLES the WOE.YOU!YOU'RE YOU,AREN'T YOU?BABS CAPLAN,THE WRITER, RIGHT?WRONG--BABS CAPLAN,THE USED-TO-BE-A-WRITER.BABS ISN'T A WRITER ANYMORE.WHAT? WHY? WHY?Both:YES, WHY?WHY?I'LL TELL friend WHY.I have actually RUN the end OF IDEAS.MY HEAD IS entirely EMPTY,AND therefore IS my NOTEBOOK.OH, NO, SAYIT ISN'T SO.YOU space SO GREATSO BRILLIANT,SO CLEVER.AND DON'T FORGETENDLESSLY ENTERTAINING.BUT ALAS, it IS NO MOREUNLESS I could FIND...INSPIRATION.HMM...( gasps )LET ME it is in YOURINSPIRATION.YOU?I uncover CHICKENSVERY INSPIRING.ME, TOO.OH, exactly how MY MUSE has FAILED MESENDING ME A CHICKENWHEN I need IDEAS.I need IDEAS!whoosh )( thud )( all squeal )Chicken:THE sky IS FALLING.NEVER MIND.TRICKY TONGUE TWISTERS.THANK YOU, MUSE.( Lionel and also Leona panting )WHOA, SORRYABOUT THE BOOK.WE to be UP INTHE BALCONY,AND, UH...MY SISTER--SHE KNOCKED that OFF.YOU KNOCKED IT,NOT ME.TRYING to BLAMEA tiny CUB--SHOCKING!OH, however THANK YOU,LITTLE CUBLETS.I will WRITE among THESE.BUT FIRST, WHAT ISA "TWONG TISTER"?( every laugh )Others:TONGUE TWISTER!IT'S A city OR heat OF WORDSTHAT'S SO tough TO SAYYOUR TONGUE GETSALL TWISTED UP.YEAH, and also THEFASTER YOU say ITTHE HARDER the GETS.FOR most PEOPLE.NOT MEFOR i AM THE KINGOF TONGUE TWISTERS.MY TONGUE never GETS TWISTEDNO MATTER exactly how FASTI speak THEM.YOUR "TWONG"NEVER gets "TISTED"?MY TONGUENEVER gets TWISTED.COME ON,I'LL review YOU SOME.OOH, WAIT for ME,WAIT for ME.OKAY, below WE GO.( gets rid of throat )Lionel:THIS IS CALLED"PETER PIPER'S PEPPER."Lionel ( reciting ):OH, FASTER.DO ITFASTER.( exhales )NO PROBLEM.Lionel ( much faster ):TONGUE STILL no TWISTING.OKAY, FASTER,FASTER.PIECE that CAKE.WARP SPEED!Lionel:MAKE that SO, do IT SO,MAKE that SO.( also faster ):YOUR TONGUE STILLDOESN'T look TISTED.THAT'S BECAUSEI am THE KING--THE KING OFTHE TONGUE TWISTERS.NO ONE HAS ever WRITTENA TONGUE TWISTERTHAT ns CAN'T SAYAT any type of SPEED.NO ONE?( coolly ):NO ONE.WELL, THAT'S EXACTLYWHAT I'LL DO.SCATTER!YOU'RE CRAMPING mine THOUGHTS.♪ LIONEL,GO, LIONEL,GO LIONEL... ♪CAN I aid YOU?I want TO watch LIONEL'S TONGUEGET TWISTED.HOW can YOU, A only CUBHELP ME come WRITEA TWONG TISTER?TONGUE TWISTER.YOU deserve to STAY.YEAH.Announcer:AND currently TWO PIGEONS PECKA PECK of PEPPERS.PECK, PECK, PECK.PECK, PECK,PECK.PECK A PECKOF PEPPERS.PECK A PECK of PEPPERS.PECK, PECK, PECK.PECK, PECK,PECK.PECK A PECKOF PEPPERS.PECK A PECK that PEPPERS.AnnouncerFASTER.( both reciting quicker )OH, MY, just how ENTERTAINING.( continuing to recite quicker )Announcer:AND NOW, lover OF THE VOWELS"A," "E," "I," "O," "U"AND sometimes "Y"GIVE the UP for MARTHA READERAND THE VOWELLESSINGING THE brief "E" SOUNDFROM their SENSATIONALHIT WORD, "PEP."( music playing;crowd cheering )( to sing repeated quick "e"sound come soul track )( song ends;cheering and applause )( sounding out words incomputer-generated voices )AND currently A small POEMIN WHICH letters CHANGEAND do SOMETHINGVERY exciting HAPPEN.( clucking )Man:♪ THERE when WASA farm BOY called BEN ♪♪ who MOANED,"I have ONLY ONE HEN" ♪♪ it rotates HIS mom PUT A "T"WHERE that "H" provided TO it is in ♪♪ NOW rather OF ONE HEN,BEN has TEN, OH, yes ♪♪ instead OF ONE HEN,BEN has actually TEN! ♪( track ends )( gasps )THE MONKEY POP-UP THEATER.( audience murmuring )( drum roll )( music begins playing )( primates singing )♪ LET'S STARTWITH our FAVORITE collection ♪♪ A PRETTY an excellent PLACE TO begin ♪♪ IT'S one "E" like WE SEEIN "BEN" and "HEN" ♪♪ and IT SOUNDS like AN "EH"IN THE middle OF "TEN." ♪♪ SO, all RIGHT, then ♪♪ LET'S GO, MEN! ♪( proceeds singing )♪ HEY! through THE "S" and also "V" AND"T" and "E" and "T" and also "T" ♪♪ HEY! with THE "T" and also "E"AND "S" and also "V" and TEN CENTS! ♪♪ HEY! through THE "S" and also "V" AND"T" and "E" and "T" and "T" ♪♪ HEY! with THE "T" and "E"AND "S" and also "V" and also TEN TENTS! ♪( audience cheering )( monkeys hooting excitedly )( laughing )IT'S A an excellent DAY for A PARADEHERE ON van NESS STREETAND for YOUNG MONICA MAXWELL.HER BAND has actually WON THE AWARDFOR best DRESSED.( gasps )BUT WAIT A MINUTE.WHAT'S THIS?OH, NO!IT'S THE evil "UN" PEOPLE.HEAVENS to BETSY!THEY'RE putting AN "UN"IN former OF words "DRESSED."MONICA'S IMPECCABLYDRESSED BANDIS now ( gasps ) UNDRESSED!BUT DESPAIR NOT, tiny MONICA.THE HEROIC "RE" PEOPLEARE HERE.HOORAH!MONICA and also HER BANDARE REDRESSED.BLESS YOU, "RE" PEOPLE.AND currently THE native DOCTORWITH DR. RUTH WORDHEIMER.HELLO.HERE'S DR. RUTH.( biology shrieking )IT have to BE TIME FORANOTHER "LONG native FREAK-OUT."( yelling )DR. RUTH!YOU obtained TO help ME!I WAS reading A BOOKAND whatever WAS going FINE,AND then I came to THIS WORD.LOOK!LOOK how LONG the IS!I CAN'T review IT.I CAN'T!( sobbing )YES, you CAN.NOW, take it A DEEP BREATH.( breathes in )START top top THE LEFTAND take ITONE component OFTHE WORD in ~ A TIME.OKAY.FOR YOU, DOCTOR.( gulps )IM...PRESS...IVE.GOOD.NOW, put THEPARTS TOGETHER.OKAY.IM... PRESS... IVE.IMPRESS... IVE.IMPRESSIVE!"IMPRESSIVE"--THAT'S RIGHT!YOU gained IT.I gained IT! I got IT!OH, give thanks to YOU,DR. RUTH.YOU'RE WELCOME.I obtained IT, I got IT!THAT WAS an extremely IMPRESSIVE.OOH, i AM GOOD!NOW TWIST your TONGUEAROUND THIS ONE.BESS'S pet PESTERED FESS.BESS'S pet PESTERED FESS.BESTERED...FESTERED...BESTER'S... BESTER'S SOMETHING.BESTER'S pet PESTERED FESS.BESTER'S pet FET...BESS'S...BESTERED'S PET...BESS'S pet PESTERED FESS,BESS'S pets PESTERED FESS.BESS'S pet FESTERED FESS.BESS'S pet PESTERED FESS,BESS'S pets PESTERED FESSBESS'S pets FESTERED FESS.TAKE THATONE OUT.LOOK in ~ THEM.THEY THINK THEY'RE WRITINGA TONGUE TWISTERTHAT even I, THE KING OFTONGUE TWISTERS, CAN'T SAY.( laughs mockingly )FOOLISH MORTALS.THAT'S IT.BABS CAPLANHAS done IT.( screams ):BABS has actually DONE IT!OOH, SORRY.OKAY, all RIGHT.READ that FAST,MR. KING OFTONGUE TWISTERS.IT'S CALLED"ZETER ZIZER'S ZEZZERS."ZETER ZIZER'S ZEZZERS?YES, by BABS CAPLAN.AND LEONA.SEE, IT'S appropriate THERE--SMALL, yet IMPORTANT.OKAY, OKAY,LET ME at IT.ALL RIGHT.OH, COME ON.THAT'S TOOSLOW-- FASTER.OKAY.WE walk IT!LIONEL'S TONGUEIS TWISTED.YOUR TONGUEIS TWISTED.NO! NO! NO!YES, that IS,LIONEL.ARE you OKAY?OH, may I SHAKEYOUR HAND?ANOTHER literary TRIUMPH.YOU check out WE TOOKALL THE PsOUT of PETERPIPER'S PEPPERSAND placed IT ZsWHICH renders IT"ZETER ZIZER'SZEZZERS."VERY CLEVER,LEONA.OH, organize IT.OH, THIS will BEMY best BOOK.YOU'RE all INVITEDTO THE publishing PARTY...HOLD IT.BUT do COME IN THE BACK.THE front WILLBE crowded WITHCELEBRITIES.HOLD IT, organize IT, host IT.THIS ISN'T A REALTONGUE TWISTER.NOT REAL?GASP!IT IS for this reason REAL.NO, the ISN'T.ZETER ZIZER ZICKED A ZECKOF ZICKLED ZEZZERS?( grunts indignantly )WHAT'S A ZICKLED ZEZZER?( both place it )IT'S A ZEZZERTHAT'S to be ZICKLED.EXACTLY--IT'S A ZEZZERTHAT has BEEN ZICKLED.AH! AH! UH-UH!THERE'S NO such THINGAS A ZICKLED ZEZZEROR A ZEZZEROR A ZICKLED.THEY'RE... THEY'RE no REALWORDS, room THEY, MOM, DAD?OH, WELL,ACTUALLY... NO.NO.INTERESTING,BUT no REAL.HMM! THERE, IT'S NOTA actual TONGUE TWISTER.OH, YOU'RE RIGHT.OF COURSE, I'M RIGHT.OKAY, WE'LL JUSTWRITE ONE WITHREAL WORDS.INSPIRATION!I will WRITEANOTHER TWONG TISTER.All:TONGUE TWISTER! TONGUE TWISTER!YES, YES, yet THIS ONE,WITH real WORDSAND THAT will SURELY TISTYOUR TWONG into KNOTS.IT will certainly TAKE ALLOF MY literature SKILLBUT WHAT THE HECK!GIVE ME ROOM, offer ME ROOM.I DON'T desire YOU TO be INJUREDBY any kind of BRILLIANT CONCEPTSTHAT may COME turn OFF.OH, RIGHT.KNOCK you yourself OUT.OKAY, UM...WELL, LET'S SEE,FIRST...LET'S take it ALLTHE Zs OUTAND placed THE PsBACK IN.INSPIRATION!LET'S TAKE every THE Zs OUTAND put ALL THE Ps BACK.YEAH.( imitates rooster crowing )( clucking )OH...( makes repeated "p" sound )ECK... ECK.P... P... ECK.P... ECK.PECK, PECK.( imitates chicken pecking )PECK.AND NOW, WORLD-RENOWNEDMEZZO-SOPRANO MS. DENYCE GRAVESWILL sing THE SOUNDOF THE LETTER "E"IN the word "MET."( baton tapping music was standing )( singing short "e" soundup and down )( stops singing )( applause and cheering )OH, the WAS AMAZING.OH, give thanks to YOU therefore MUCH.OH...I'M... I'M for this reason MOVED.( group cheering )Gawain:EXCELLENT!GAWAIN below ONCE AGAINAT mix FIELDSWHERE two BRAVE KNIGHTS IN ARMORWILL charge TOGETHERAT HIGH SPEED and MAKE A WORD.COMPETING TODAY,WE have SIR "W"...AND ON her RIGHT, teacher "ET."BLEND ON, DUDES.( group cheering )"WET"! EXCELLENT!THAT'S GAWAIN'S WORD because that TODAYAND THIS IS GAWAINSAYING, "YOU BET."I'LL view YOU following TIME ON...Announcer:AND NOW, lover OF THE VOWELS"A," "E," "I," "O," "U"AND sometimes "Y"TAP her FEET together MARTHA READERAND THE VOWELLESSING THEIR terrific HITABOUT THE brief "E" SOUND.( heart music playing )♪ when YOU watch AN "E" ♪♪ EH, EH ♪♪ DREAMY collection "E" ♪♪ EH, EH ♪♪ and also IT'S STANDING, BY opportunity ♪♪ EH, EH ♪♪ between TWO consonants ♪♪ EH, EH ♪♪ then YOU SAY the "E,"EH, EH, EH ♪♪ girlfriend SAY that "E," EH, EH, EH ♪♪ you SAY that "E,"EH, EH, EH ♪♪ girlfriend SAY the "E," EH, EH, EH ♪♪ YES, "E" IN BETWEEN"B" and also "D" ♪♪ IS constantly IN BED, BED, BED ♪♪ EH, EH ♪♪ and "E" IN BETWEEN"F" and "D" ♪♪ JUST has to BE FED, FED, FED ♪♪ SO as soon as YOU view AN "E" ♪♪ EH, EH ♪♪ DREAMY vowel "E" ♪♪ EH, EH ♪♪ and also IT'S standing BY opportunity ♪♪ EH, EH ♪♪ between TWO consonants ♪♪ EH, EH ♪♪ climate YOU SAY the "E,"EH, EH, EH ♪♪ friend SAY that "E," EH, EH, EH ♪♪ girlfriend SAY the "E,"EH, EH, EH ♪♪ you SAY that "E," EH... ♪( cheering and applause )AND now IT'S TIME FOR...Chorus:♪ WHAT'S COOKINGWITH THEO and CLEO ♪♪ inspect OUT WHAT'S COOKING! ♪OKAY, THEO, my BIGWILD BOAR BURGER.( giggles )WOW!WHAT'S COOKINGTODAY IS...( cracks reminder )"PEPPERED TENDERLOIN IN A KETTLEWITH NO MELONS and NO EGG."YUMMY!ONE--( cracks guideline )"GET RID that THE MELONSAND THE EGG."MMM, GOOD-BYE, MELONS.ADIOS, EGG.RUBBITY-DEE... PAH!OOH.TWO--( cracks pointer )"PEPPER THE TENDERLOIN."MMM... PEPPER.MOST IMPORTANT,YES.♪ PEPPER, PEPPER,PEPPER, PEPPER... ♪( both sneeze )OH.WHOA.THREE--( cracks pointer )"PUT THE PEPPERED TENDERLOININ A KETTLE."TENDERLOIN, KETTLE.YES.( grunting )HERE we GO.WAIT!WHAT?FOUR--( cracks reminder )"COOK because that TEN HOURS"?TEN HOURS?NAH.NAH.( grunting, chomping, roaring )AND NOW, 27 NAMESWITH THE brief "E"--"EH"-- SOUND IN THEM.♪ meet WESLEY, LESLIE,NED and DEREK ♪♪ WESLEY'S finest FRIENDSED and ERIC ♪♪ BESSIE and HER NEPHEW SETH ♪♪ and JESSIE, EPHRAIM and also BETH ♪♪ PENNY, LENNY, KEN, CORETTA ♪♪ PENNY'S pets HEN, HENRIETTA ♪♪ TESS, HIDEKI, ANNABELLE ♪♪ CHESSY, SHECKY and FIDEL. ♪♪ YEAH, YEAH, YEAH,WHAT'S her NAME? ♪♪ WHAT'S her NAME, WHAT'SYOUR NAME, WHAT'S her NAME? ♪♪ reap YOUR tiny MOMENTOF FAME! ♪♪ HERE'S NELLIE,DELLA, KENT, ESTELLE ♪♪ and NELLIE'S ELEPHANT, ADELE ♪♪ IN all THESE NAMES,YOU'LL FIND short "E" ♪♪ and KNOW that SOUNDS prefer "EH" ♪♪ watch YOU! ♪♪ "EH"... ♪NO, NO, NO.UM... UH... THATTHEN that THEREAND MAKE, UH...THAT THAT.INSPIRATION!I'LL do THAT and THAT THEREAND MAKE that THAT.DONE.( screams ):BABS IS DONE!OH, SORRY.SO friend THINKYOU'RE READYFOR THE KING the THETONGUE TWISTERS, EH?WE space READY.PREPARETO provide UPYOUR THRONEMR. SMARTYKING.I call THIS "A PICKLED PEPPER"BY BABS CAPLAN.AND LEONA.SEE, I wrote MYOWN surname THIS TIME.Theo and Cleo:OH, an extremely GOOD, LEONA.A PICKLED PEPPER...( laughs mockingly )THIS IS GOINGTO it is in SO EASY.Lionel ( reciting ):SEE? NO PROBLEM.TONGUE not TWISTED, HUH?OH, COME ON, speak IT FASTER.OKAY, I'LL to speak IT FASTER.GO AHEAD.( every laugh )Leona:YOU claimed POOPERS."PIPPLED POOPERS"?IT'S other LIKEA ZICKLED ZEZZER.All:LET'S GO.THIS TONGUE TWISTER IS OVER.WE go IT!WE go IT!YOU COULDN'TSAY that FAST.YES, her TWONG--TONGUE-- IS TISTED.TWISTED.TWISTED.( mumbling ):THAT'S not FAIR.I desire TO walk AGAIN.ARE you SURE,LIONEL?YES...( spits coincidentally )OKAY, I give UP.ALL RIGHT!ALL RIGHT!BOY, do WE compose GREATTONGUE TWISTERS OR WHAT?OH, YES, us DO.( both chanting ):WE'RE THE BEST!WE'RE THE BEST!HA! HA! HA! HA!HA! HA! HA!OKAY, OKAY.WELL DONE, LADIESBUT IT'S no NICE to GLOAT.OH, SORRY.LIONEL, are YOUFEELING THE AGONYOF DEFEAT?YOU success FOR NOWBUT friend WAIT.I'M GOING come LEARN exactly how TO SAYTHIS ONE FAST, yes, really FAST.YOU'LL SEE-- THE KING OFTONGUE TWISTERS will certainly BE BACK.THAT'S THE SPIRIT,LIONEL.THANKS, DAD.IF YOU feeling LIKECRYING, LIONEL,IT'S OKAY.I DON'T FEELLIKE CRYING, LEONA!WELL, maybe NOT,BUT IF girlfriend DO...MY WORK here IS DONE.NOW I will certainly WRITEVOLUMES and VOLUMESOF brand-new AND BETTERTWONG TISTERS.I'M STEPPING into A WHOLENEW civilization OF TWISTED TWONGS.OH, may I CARRYYOUR PENCIL?YOU MAY.Chorus:♪ in between THE LIONS... ♪THERE room GAMES and also STORIES ATTHE in between THE LIONS internet, OR AMERICA ONLINEKEYWORD: PBS Kids.Cleo:READING TO kids EVERY DAYHELPS develop A LOVE of READING.READ ANYTIME, ANYWHERE.HELP A CHILD obtain WILDABOUT READING.BE A DESIGNATED READER.OKAY, MOM!( both laughing )DO her "DESIGNATEDREADER" THING!♪ ♪ ♪Chorus:♪ between THE LIONS... ♪♪ between THE LIONS...

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♪Woman:♪ COME IN in between THE LIONS ♪♪ start BETWEEN THE LIONS ♪♪ it is in HERE in between THE LIONS! ♪CLEO:Between the Lionsis sponsor in component by...THEO:A "Ready to Learn" grant...CLEO:From the U.S. Departmentof Educationand by the Corporationfor public Broadcasting.THEO:I love just how you stated that, Cleo!CLEO:We do have additional fundingto speak about.THEO:Oh, right, that course.( gets rid of throat )Additional assistance is providedby the Park Foundation...CLEO:Dedicated come educationand quality television...THEO:And the Civil culture Institute.CLEO:You know, Theo, I never ever gettired ofelling peopleabout ours funders.THEO:Me either!I can do itat least once every day.CLEO ( laughing ):We do.THEO:Oh, yeah, right, we do.