A computer exclusive Stardew valley multiplayer beta is now live, and here"s exactly how to download it.

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The long awaited Stardew valley multiplayer spot is comes soon, but before then you have the right to now access the beta version. Well, if you"re on pc anyway. The beta gets you access to the Stardew valley 1.3 update on Steam, i beg your pardon features brand-new items, events and cutscenes indigenous Stardew creator ConcernedApe, and also the multiplayer co-op mode emerged by publisher Chucklefish.

The multiplayer allows you come invite one to 3 players to come end to her farm together farmhands via heavy steam or LAN, either starting a brand-new game or just from your latest single-player save. Each player resides in their very own cabin top top the hold farm, and every one of you can work together to attain various goals, every one of which will be really familiar to existing Stardew players. Girlfriend can additionally scale the profit margin of your produce sold to adjust the challenge level of a multiplayer farm, if friend so wish.

Oh and also did we mention you can interact using almost 200 custom Stardew valley emojis? yes SIR.

How to accessibility the Stardew valley multiplayer pc beta

Log right into your heavy steam accountIn your gamings Library, right click on Stardew ValleyEnter the Beta accessibility code “jumpingjunimos” and also press inspect CodeAfter this, pick the beta branch choice on the Beta choice drop under list aboveIt"s precious noting the publisher Chucklefish introduce backing up your save prior to you opt into the beta. Girlfriend wouldn"t desire to lose any kind of of her hundreds of hours of farming, ~ all.

To execute this, walk to %APPDATA%\StardewValley\Saves top top Windows, or ~/.config/StardewValley/Saves ~ above Mac and also Linux and also simply do a copy prior to you start trialling the Stardew valley multiplayer.

It"s additionally recommended to remove any mods girlfriend may have on your Stardew Valley game for the time being too, simply so you acquire the best beta suffer possible.

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