Getting cornered into a phone contract is a bummer. Despite new rules in the United states that crack down on unfair contracts, getting a pre-paid arrangement is often the finest option. In no certain order, below are the finest Verizon prepaid phones.

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Best cheap Android phones

HTC One (M8)

Verizon is marketing the HTC One (M8) for 500 USD. At AndroidPIT, we take into consideration the HTC One (M8) one of the best phones the 2014. Once we the review the HTC flagship, we noted its sturdy design, may be camera and sophisticated touchscreen. Though at 2600 mAh, that battery life is nothing spectacular.



Currently, Verizon is offering the black design of the LG G2 because that 500 USD. The LG G2 was one of the first Android phones through hardware buttons on the back. Though it sounds gimmicky, our testers stated the architecture was intuitive and also useful. Another unique function was the “Knock On” software, which permits users to tap the screen on and off.

At some point, the G2 should receive a Lollipop update. In the median time, it’s running Android 4.2.2 - Jelly Bean. LG has actually been criticized because that the awkwardness the the Optimus user interface. Also, together a phone indigenous 2013, it’s obsolescence seems a little nearer than a more recent phone.

Moto G (2013)


Right now, Verizon is offering the 2013 variation of the Moto G for just 80 USD. The Moto G (2013) is one of the top budget Android phones top top the market. It has actually won over numerous reviewers v its slick design and also reliable performance.

The Moto G (2013) stands the end for that is affordability: its comparable to the Moto X or Moto E, yet at a fraction of the price. If she an aspiring photographer though, the Moto G (2013) could not be the right phone because that you. Its camera features are adequate, yet nothing spectacular.

Samsung Galaxy 5S


Verizon sell this Samsung flagship because that 600 USD. The Galaxy S5 comes v all the flashy features: a heartrate monitor, a fingerprint scanner, and also so on. But with some of the best battery life ~ above the market, that can conveniently sustain every these multi-tasking features.

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Like many Samsung phones, the Galaxy 5S comes through a bunch of bloatware pre-installed. Sales for the Galaxy 5S to be disappointing, but don"t permit Samsung"s failure reflect bad on this phone.