Where room the good places to farm for experience? I"m trying to find places for levels 30-100 - please provide comprehensive perform that will contain information about how come farm, where, and at what levels.

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You have actually a couple of options because that Exp agriculture in XY. Very first however, let"s look at what girlfriend will need to farm Exp effectively:



Exp. Share - rewards Pokémon the did not take component in the fight with half the Exp.Received as part of the story ~ the an initial Gym, friend can"t miss out on it. Just make certain it"s rotate on.Lucky Egg(s) - A hold item that boosts Exp gains for a solitary Pokémon. Amulet Coin or Luck IncenseDoubles prize Money obtained after battle if the holder takes part in the battleWhilst not necessary for Exp farming per se, friend do want to be making a benefit (or simply breaking even) on restaurant battles and/or the fight Chateau because of the high entrance costLuck Incense can be bought native a booth ~ above the pier in Coumarine City. Amulet Coin is discovered on the second floor in Parfum palace (check the fireplace inside the very first room on the far left upstairs)It doesn"t matter which you have, they have the same benefit and do not stack with one another


Find and talk to grandfather Bonding in the locations listed below to obtain the O-Power. He has actually brown hair and is put on a Pink Suit.


Ideally you desire 1-2 Pokemon who deserve to knock the end opposing Pokemon quickly, through the rest of your party consists of Pokemon you wish to Exp train.

Members from your original in-game team would certainly be a great starting point.As friend train far better Pokemon, you can build more specialised Pokemon, with movesets and also abilities particularly for acquisition on the Restaurant/Chateau.Pick Pokemon that match each other"s typings in instance you come across something the your primary attack of selection doesn"t fight well.Spread moves such together Earthquake have actually their power considerably dropped in double and triple battles. Something come watch because that in the restaurant battles. You"re better off picking off the the opposite team one-by-one v single-hit movesTry not to usage moves that lower your primary assault stat, such together Draco Meteor or Overheat until later in the battle (if at all), you"ll require that stat to end up off the remainder of the Pokemon

How to farm Exp

Choose your primary and secondary "attacking" PokemonGive among them Amulet Coin or luck IncenseFill your various other party slots through the Pokemon that you wish to level up quicklyGive each Pokemon a happy EggEnter your farming areaSave6.1 conserve again since you aren"t sure whether you conserved or notActivate O-Power(s)BattleRepeat from action 6 until satisfied.

Note the you can also boost a Pokemon"s Affection level with Pokemon Amie, which will also add a 20% rise to Experience when it is maxed out, yet I don"t recommend this: the moment taken could instead be spent actually earning the Exp.

Where to farm yard Exp

Restaurant Le Wow

Le Wow is located on Hibernal way in the North-East part of Lumiose city. This is most likely the ideal place to farm yard in terms of return on investment.

Initial Cost: $100,000 ($90,000 if formerly completed through "perfect" timing)Pokémon Levels: 63Experience Gains, to compare Pokémon that participated in-battle vs just Exp. Share (assuming level 3 Exp. O-Power):Without lucky Egg: 70,626 / 35,302With happy Egg: 105,928 / 57,826Traded Pokémon through Lucky Egg: 158,888 / 79,412Money Awarded: ~$170,000 after offering Mushrooms

Make sure you are doing Triple or Rotation war - through Doubles friend will just fight 2/3 of the trainers" Pokémon, absent out on 5 knockouts, consisting of an Audino, which gives lots of Exp!

Battle Chateau

Initial Cost: Nothing, with prices for much more challengers/tougher challengersPokemon Levels: 15-60 (80 through Black Writ of Challenge)

The Chateau on course 7 deserve to be a great source the Exp and also income, if you level it up high enough.

Battle Trainers to boost your rank.At high sufficient ranks (Marquis/Marchioness and up), and you will certainly start encountering Gym leaders, upstream Four, and Champions. The ranks are:Baron/Baronness (Beginner)Viscount/Viscountess (Defeat 5 trainers)Earl/Countess (Defeat 20 trainers)Marquis/Marchioness (Defeat 40 trainers)Duke/Duchess (Defeat 140 trainers)Grand Duke/Grand Duchess (Defeat every the trainers in the Chateau)Issue "writs" to boost the number of trainers the appear, or increase their difficulty:Invitation Writs (Writ, Silver, Gold) will certainly bring an ext trainers to the Chateau. The more expensive the Writ, the an ext trainers that will certainly appear.Challenge Writs (Writ, Red and also Black) will increase the level the the trainer"s Pokémon by 5, 10 and also 20 levels respectively. The exception to this is the Blue Writ, i m sorry will reduced the trainer"s Pokémon"s levels by 5.

At Grand battle each other level, Pokémon are level 60 normally, 65 v a Writ, 70 at Red Writ and 80 at black color Writ of Challenge. This is the greatest level NPCs can reach in the game and is a fairly good source of both Exp and money as soon as you reach greater ranks.

Elite Four

Subsequent playthroughs the the Elite four are time consuming, but rewarding. There are 22 High-level Pokemon to knock out.

Pokémon Levels: 63-68

The Elite 4 are an excellent because they have the right to be tested at any kind of time, and also aren"t time-based like the Chateau. However the best part about this alternative is the cost: Nothing. The Elite four doesn"t fee a fee so girlfriend can battle them at any kind of point, especially if you"re to run low top top money.

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Resturant Le Wow is the finest option, because of the ease of use and the truth that the O-Power doesn"t expire in between battles, which is the biggest difficulty with the battle Chateau and also the elite 4: you"ll it is in spending time wait for O-Powers to recharge, or fighting them without the boost it gives.

The other difficulty with the Chateau and E4 is time, though for different reasons:

For the Chateau, It will take a if to acquire to Duke/Duchess levels wherein you will certainly be fighting the high-level trainers you desire to fight.Whereas the upstream 4 is filled v cutscenes, dialogue and also has a prolonged credits sequence, making each run-through a really long process.

PS: keep in mind on sushi High RollerSushi High Roller isn"t precious it. Over there are only two levels difference in Pokemon contrasted to Restaurant Le Wow (65 compared to 63), they have actually the very same amount that trainers & the same amount that Pokemon each, and it is at sight expensive to dine there, costing $500,000 up front, many of which friend won"t make back unless you usage every single technique of increasing prize money in the game:

The Lv. 3 prize Money O-PowerHave a Pokémon holding an Amulet Coin/Luck Incense, Earning at least 16 of the 25 preferably rewarded big Nuggets.