Shopping for sex toys deserve to be one uncomfortable experience. Whether you"re a nervous beginner or someone that doesn"t desire to be shamed because that a kink, heading to a sex shop may seem too intimidating.

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Luckily, the net offers online shops that take it the in-person pressure out that shopping for sex toys, keeping your purchases totally private.

The only question left is where to shop because that sex toys online.

Choosing i beg your pardon sites to trust have the right to be a process. To assist make your research easier, us sifted with the scams and also skeezy sites and compiled a perform of online sex stores you have the right to trust.

These alternatives offer whatever from typical sex toys to BDSM tools and also nerdy props that carry sex toys through a twist.

Keep reading to uncover out which shop best satisfies her needs.

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11 reliable Online Sex Toy StoresOther Retailers & official Stores

11 reliable Online Sex Toy Stores

1. Lovehoney: most Friendly for worldwide Shipping


First top top the list, Lovehoney - my personal favorite!

This store has a more basic yet modern main web page with a white and also purple design that advertises categories favor sex toys, sexy lingerie, better sex and also bondage.

Their about section tells customers they room the "global leader in sex-related happiness." castle guarantee discreetness indigenous shopping come doorstep, avoiding flashy packaging and instead transporting your goods in "boring brown boxes."

Lovehoney has actually a variety of price options, with average items varying from $10 come $100. Typical shipping with the site is $9 or free with a $59.99 order. Rapid shipping is additionally available.

Other fun enhancements on the website are the tabs labeled "position of the week" and "deal the the day," i beg your pardon provide handy tips and useful discounts.

In general, Lovehoney is the appropriate shop because that the person avoiding traditional sex shops since they want to keep privacy.

The site"s discreet mail policies supply your assets without alerting next-door neighbors of their sexy mystery contents.

Who should shop in ~ Lovehoney?Lovehoney is an excellent for global shoppers, particularly if you space based in US, Canada, Australia, brand-new Zealand, France, Spain, Germany, or EU in general.

Lovehoney has specialized shops for each of these regions, which makes shipping fast and affordable (many times also for free)!

My experience: i travel fairly often and that"s how I uncovered Lovehoney. As mentioned, that is yes, really friendly to global shoppers.

Other than that, I uncovered they have plenty of interesting yet affordable products, consisting of their very own brands such together "fifty shades that Grey" sex toys.

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Toned under from the an initial example, let"s talkAdam & Eve. The main page that the site organizes categories for her, for him and also for couples.

In addition, they display thehot picks and most wanted items among customers.

If you"ve heard of one online sex shop advertised in media, it"s most likely this one. After all, the website prides us on10 million happy customers.

Their official slogan deems them "America"s #1 Trusted source for Sex Toys."

Being the approved one-stop shop, Adam & Eve uses toys that room $20 and also others that room $250 for assorted needs and also preferences.

Similar come Lovehoney,Adam & Eveemphasizes a strong dedication todiscreet delivery and also concealed packaging. Shipping charges space calculated throughout checkout.

Another distinctive quality around Adam & eve is how accepted it is by influencers and also the public.

Thankfully, this provides some extra cost-relief v discount code opportunities.

Who have to shop in ~ Adam & Eve? This is the finest option because that the median individual or couple looking because that sex toys and also lingerie. ~ all, the is a save with long history and you know you are gaining high-quality commodities every time.

My experience:I"ve never ever ordered something atAdam & Eve due to the fact that I uncovered the architecture of their website looks a little bit old-fashion. Yet their price can be compete for particular products.

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When it involves the an excellent Vibrations site, the key page is clear, informative and doesn"t give off a raunchy feel that other sex shops can.

Categories incorporate titles like obtaining started, client faves, finest sellers and also get turn off cheap.

Good Vibrations was started by a sex therapist, that wanted the emphasis of their agency to it is in on promoting accurate sex-related knowledge.

Items under $20 include products like feather ticklers and also shaving cream for your down-there hair.

On the various other hand, vibrators and also wands v multiple settings quickly shoot above $100. Traditional shipping is $6 or free on orders end $69.

Helpful how-to"s top top the site incorporate blog posts like "Blowjob Basics" and "Anal Sex Intro."

In addition, come products and also practice tips, the blog likewise offers proper cleaning techniques for your toys.

Who must shop at website is good for the individual or pair who is new to trying out or has actually a an ext traditional mindset when it pertains to sex.

My experience: I like the fact that Goodvibe"s site isn"t as in-your-face with sexual images and gives a positive gender image.

I favor brands such together Lelo, fun Factory, Womanizer, Le wand and also found some great discounts (from time come time) and good selections top top this site. Oh, and also this is one of the only sites that likewise sells digital movies!

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Babeland is a sex toy boutique the sells sex toys and also pornographic movie (called BLMOVIES).

The founders believe that “sexually healthy human being make the human being a more happiness place”.

Compare to big sex toy shop such together Lovehoney, the collection of sex toys from Babeland is no as wide.

However, you will have actually a possibility to find brands and toys that are not easily found elsewhere.

Besides, Babeland is more than a classic sex toy shop. If you destruction a bit more, friend will additionally find plenty of funny sexy devices such as sex game dices and massage oils.

If friend are right into Strap-Ons, this is definitely a shop to check! native harnesses come pegging come strap-on dildos, friend can uncover a wide selection of exceptional collections at Babeland.

Who must shop at Babeland? This is right for adventurous shoppers. Other than naughty devices for clits, nipples, and G-spot; you can additionally discover a range of naughty toys for anal and penis. So, if you space passionate about trying some an imaginative sex toys, this is a save to explore!

My experience: I’ve never shopped at Babeland myself, but my friends did. Castle feel reasonably positive around their to buy experience. That is straightforward to make a purchase and this site accepts plenty of ways for payment.

Toys come fast and also discreetly. However, a friend of mine said me the the after-sales company after-sales is slow and also not responsive (at least from she experience).

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Betty"s Toy Box supplies an affordable option, deeming itself a discount deluxe sex toy shop.

The key page doesn"t have actually a clear theme like some the the shops above. Instead, the advertises a mix of traditional sex toy options, more unique items prefer a lipstick vibrator and also novelty dragon dildos comparable to Geeky Sex Toys.

Also comparable to Tantus, Betty"s Toy crate puts a large emphasis ~ above product materials and also creating toys that are body-safe.

They sell a body-safe materials guide that breaks down what should and also shouldn"t be in her sex toy products.

Products selection from approximately $20 to almost $300 due to the fact that of the site"s varied inventory.

Some the the greater priced items encompass gift sets and also sex furniture. Betty"s Toy Box uses free shipping on orders end $49 and all shippings are guaranteed to be discreet.

The quality that provides Betty"s Toy Box unique is that it combine positive characteristics of multiple various other sites, gift affordable, reliable, quirky, eco-friendly and body-safe all in ~ the exact same time.

Who must shop in ~ Betty"s Toy Box?The site deserve to be valuable for everyone and every BODY. For whichever ability you want to practice or kink you desire to explore, Betty"s Toy Box most likely offers miscellaneous to meet you.

My experience: ns respect the moral ide this shop offers and heard many an excellent words around this site. The client is responsive and also I"ve never been disappointed as soon as shop at Betty"s. Discover this site yourself and you will certainly love that ;).

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Ella Paradis is a chic and also trendy adult toy store that is featured in many women magazines. This shop not just sells sex toys, but it likewise promotes sex education.

You can discover tons of info on your blog and Ella Paradis is an extremely inclusive – any type of sex-related orientation is respected.

This keep selects your collections an extremely carefully. It greatly sells vibrators and also sex gears from prestigious brand such as Lelo, b-vibe, Womanizer, and also Hitachi.

It offers totally free shipping anywhere in the united state (no minimum bespeak requirements). This is definitely a plus and also I think this is the only shop ns don’t know any type of other shops that do this!

You can find toys native $20 come $200 on this site and sometimes, friend can uncover really impressive bundles. By “impressive”, I mean super cheap price for luxury products!

Who should shop in ~ Ella Paradis? If friend are in search of a famous model that has actually been experiment by thousands of people, such as Satisfyer pro 2 or Hitachi Wand, climate this is the shop because that you!

If you have actually a really low budget plan but still want to shot different kinds of sex toys, this is likewise a shop because that you (check their bundles)!

My Experience: I have actually a mixed feeling about Ella Paradis. It offered to be a shop i love and I’ve bought plenty of amazing toys with good discounts from them.

However, I began to have devastating experiences this year. Their shipping to be so slow and also their customer organization is the worst I’ve ever before experienced. Probably I am just unlucky these few times, however I think it’s essential to inform you around my an unfavorable experience.

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The Stockroom takes points up a notch because that couples search a "Fifty Shades of Grey" experience. Advertisements ~ above the main page market every little thing from butt plugs come fetish fashion and also electro-sex.

With a clever beat on words, the owner explains The Stockroom together being because that "everyone with an itch come scratch and also not a most scratch." deemed an outlet, the site uses 70 percent off deals.

Even so, through the wilder sex toy and outfit options comes a greater price. Many of the items are more than $100, v an exposed front women"s directly jacket also costing $435. This provides the $99 free shipping necessity easy come achieve.

However, the higher price does supply many distinctive items the you won"t check out in a timeless shop. These encompass everything from middle ages dungeon layout props favor hanging wood stockades to neon electrodes.

Who have to shop in ~ The Stockroom? This sex shop is absolutely not for beginners. It better suits the demands of BDSM regulars and more experienced couples through an adventurous side.

Many of the products sold can aid couples live out their wilder fantasies or reenact their favorite porn scenes.

My experience: i think Stockroom have the right to be addicting to every BDSM lovers. There are so numerous top-notch products. Ns purchased multiple time from them and also loved every that ns got. If budget allows, i surely will certainly get an ext things indigenous The Stockroom.

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Next ~ above the list, Liberator. This is such a cool store! It’s a bedroom equipment shop because that adventurers.

Liberator by chin is a brand’s name and a shop’s name.

As a brand, it has a repertoire of sex pillows and sex toy mounts for every shapes, all sizes, and all positions.

This brand created some of the most exceptional sex pillows, which can double, also triple the satisfied during couple sex.

As a shop, Liberator has actually a wide range of very high-quality products. Native vibrators, bondage kits, spanking tools to sex furniture, friend can uncover all type of toys you’ve fantasized about.

Who should shop at Liberator? Anyone that is searching for high-quality sex gears should shop here. They have actually all the vibrators native the best brands and they market so plenty of exciting sex gears. Even if you don’t play come buy points from them, it’s precious checking this store. The repertoire is eye-opening!

My experience: Liberator to be recommended to me by mine close friend and she has actually a great collection that sex pillows/chaises from them. I shopped there double so far (once because that Liberator wedge, another time for some BDSM gears and also candles).

What have the right to I say? I LOVE THIS store! The shopping procedure was for this reason smooth and also the customer company was an extremely patient. Lock guided me around how to use the sex pillow and also they even followed as much as see whether ns am enjoying the pillow.

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Next ~ above the list, SheVibe satisfied Boutique offers a fun site with initial comic-style artwork and rainbow-colored dildos top top its main page.

In the around Us section, the owners explain they room a married couple whose company started through "Porn and also Sushi" night and also a desire to offer sex toys to the market at affordable prices.

In general, assets on the site tend to selection from $25 come $100. In addition, the site has a $7 traditional shipping fee. However, this is waived v orders end $68. Fast shipping options are likewise available.

SheVibe"s virtual marketplace divides its products by pride, pleasure toys, bathtub & body, bondage & fetish gear, lingerie & human body jewelry, movies/books & games, and also gender expression.

The gender expression category offers options for gender dysphoric and trans individuals.

Additionally, the owner donate the pride ar proceeds come the Trevor Project, an digital lifeline that provides counseling to struggling or suicidal LGBTQ youth.

Who have to shop at SheVibe? This site is open and accepting of adult of every genders and also is best for world at miscellaneous stages in your sexual breakthrough and experiences.

My experience:SheVibe is my personal favorite. Not only since it uses the shortest retailing price you deserve to ever discover online, SheVibe also has a very responsible and responsive customer service.

Other 보다 that, I prefer the reality that it has such a big collect and also is constantly react super rapid to brand-new launches. Believe me, if girlfriend can"t discover a newly introduced product ~ above SheVibe, chances to uncover it in other retail sites might be fairly small.

The just drawback around SheVibe is the the shipping dues is quite high if you room not based in the US.

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You might not immediately think of Target as soon as it pertains to shopping for sex toys. However, the retailer the usually uses you clothes, shampoo and also dog food actually offers assets for your sexual joy too.

Popular brands selling commodities through Target"s marketplace encompass Hitachi, Lelo, Trojan, Durex and also Bodywand.

Products aren"t just minimal to condoms and also lubricants, also including vibrators, kegel exercisers and also vibrating rings.

When it concerns price, condoms and lubricants are typically under $20, while the vibrators are in the $20 to $50 range.

There space a couple of massager and wand alternatives with stronger force and higher price sign on the list together well, varying from around $60 to $125. Targetoffers totally free shipping through orders over $35.

Target is typically a store that most people have shopped at locally. Due to the fact that it"s therefore recognizable, that takes far the tension of putting your to trust in a sex shop altogether.

In addition, Target"s emphasis on sex health and wellness in addition to pleasure, provides useful protective and also strengthening products.

Who must shop in ~ Target?Target is appropriate for the human being who is brand-new to sex playthings or simply not in search of anything too crazy.

My Experience: Who doesn"t favor Target? Anyone that is not based in the US. Ns wish that can broaden outside of the us as well!

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Switching things up native the last site, Tantus industries themselves together "Good Clean Fun." However, clean walk not typical boring. Their key page advertises categories favor XL toys, beginning of the person anal and also pegging.

The site describes the founder was committed to providing sex playthings that weren"t do from cheap materials. Instead, they arisen a higher-grade silicone that is for sure for the environment and also the body.

When it concerns price, the website offers commodities for miscellaneous budgets. Top top the low end, commodities are approximately $25 and on the high end around $150. Shipping is calculated when you input your billing information.

Another top quality that renders the site stand the end is the Sex-Ed section with blog posts explaining topics choose the G-spot and why you should shot prostate play.

Who should shop in ~ Tanus? because Tantus is more of a specialty site, it is finest suited to individuals or couples specifically looking for sex toys for anal and prostate play.

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My experience: I to be not as well much into Anal play, so I just ordered dildos and bdsm gadgts indigenous Tanus and the quality is amazing! Besides, Tantus provides very good and professional customer service.