It’s alarmingly simple to bump or drop your tablet. One heart-stopping minute of azer handling and your Nexus 9 hits the floor. Even tiny scratches detract indigenous a gorgeous screen, and also if she really ominous you’ll finish up through a crack in the display. Worse still, it’s every too straightforward to pick up chips or dents in the metal frame just from regular, everyday use. The good news is every this can be avoided. The time to inspect out part Nexus 9 cases.

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HTC keyboard Folio ($130)

HTC keyboard Folio

That price tags is definitely enough come make your wallet recoil in shock, however if you arrangement on utilizing your Nexus 9 for occupational this might be an invest worth making. This is no ordinary keyboard folio: It’s manufactured by HTC so it fits perfectly. The slim instance uses Bluetooth to affix to the tablet, and also boasts mechanical secrets with real travel, for this reason you get a much much more satisfying typing experience. The former cover folds ago to assistance two see angles, the exterior is do from black color leather, and it attaches come the Nexus 9 magnetically. It’s no going come offer robust drop protection, however it’ll store your tablet computer scratch-free as soon as you sling the in a bag.

HTC Magic covering ($40)

HTC Magic Cover

You aren’t going to gain much in the means of security from this pricey cover, however it cleverly folds as much as act together a solid stand for movie city hall or inputting in landscape. The attaches magnetically and you have the right to use it to cover the rear or the 8.9-inch screen, in ~ which point lifting it will instantly wake increase the tablet. Girlfriend can obtain the polyurethane version in a variety of color combos, add to there’s a flashier leather version too. However, you’ll have actually to combine this with one more case if friend want real shock protection.

Gumdrop Hideaway case ($70)

Gumdrop Hideaway Case

Here’s a case that delivers when it pertains to protecting the Nexus 9. As soon as inside, the tough exterior and rigid internal frame, merged with rubberized padding on the reinforced corners, will ensure that it remains absolutely safe. Exactly how safe? It has actually been drop tested onto concrete indigenous 6 feet. The texture provides it easy to grip, despite it does look a little bit like a vehicle tire. Yes a stand that folds out from the back, and is held in place by magnets, plus it features switch covers, harbor covers, and also an integrated screen protector.

Portenzo Italian bonded Leather book Case ($90)

Portenzo Italian bonded Leather book Case

If you want a seriously stylish, book-style case, you need to check out this one indigenous Portenzo. It’s hand-crafted in St. Louis and finished to your specific specifications, making it a real high-end offering. We choose the simplicity of the Italian leather finish over the maple frame, yet there room all kinds of other finishes available. Portenzo allows you customize several facets of the case, including choosing the finish, the color inside, and also even the shade for the elastic closure. If friend don’t mind paying extra, climate it’s feasible to include a magnetic closure, an embossed post on the prior or spine, an opened for the camera, or a multi-angle city hall stand.

MoKo Folio case ($7)

MoKo Folio Case

This is among the cheapest folio cases for the Nexus 9 the end there. That comprises a an easy plastic shell with some edge protection, and also a polyurethane cover. As you’ll discover with many of these cases, the cover deserve to fold back and act together a landscape was standing in 2 positions. The cover also supports the automatic sleep/wake function. You’ve got full access to all the buttons and also ports, plus there is an opened on the back for the camera. This is a super-svelte case, therefore sadly, it’s probably not walking to carry out much drop protection.

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Begoos Sleeve v Pocket ($20)

Begoos Sleeve v Pocket

With noodle on the inside, hardwearing denim top top the exterior, and also a great of fleecy padding in-between; this sleeve will save your Nexus 9 spring pristine. Yes sir a handy pocket in the front because that accessories and a magnetic closure to prevent your tablet sliding out. Friend can gain this bag in a range of different colors, and also can also request a slightly larger sleeve if you desire to keep a second, tight situation on your Nexus 9 together well.

Poetic GraphGrip situation ($10)

Poetic GraphGrip Case

This is a silicone instance with a rubbery grid-like finish to make certain it doesn’t conveniently slip the end of your hands. You will do it find precise cut-outs because that the ports, buttons, speakers, and camera. If you do control to autumn it, a increased lip sheet on the front have to prevent the screen being damaged if it lands confront down. The a pretty an easy case, however it offers reasonable protection. Simply be conscious that it does have a solid rubbery odor at first, however that have to dissipate end time.

Hotcool Folio instance ($7)

Hotcool Folio Case

Here’s one more folio instance that i will not ~ break the bank. The outside has a durable vinyl finish and there’s a microfiber lining top top the inside. The Nexus 9 slides securely into place and there space openings for every the ports, controls, and the camera. The cover support the automatic sleep/wake function, and also it deserve to be folded and also locked in landscape view using the flap top top the back. The prior cover is padded and the hard plastic ago has a bigger profile than your Nexus 9, therefore it must be fairly protected.

Cruzerlite Bugdroid Circuit situation ($18)

Cruzerlite Bugdroid Circuit Case

For shell cases like this, TPU is the perfect material. It’s malleable which provides it basic to fit, but it’s also very durable and suitably shock absorbent. The Bugdroid Circuit situation gets its name from the circuit pattern and Android mascot adorning the back. Girlfriend can gain it in a wide range of colors and it’s slightly translucent, therefore you have the right to see the Nexus logo design faintly through the back. The cut-outs space precise, but you might want to combine this v a display protector, cover, or sleeve to save the screen safe.

Waterfield Outback Slip situation ($70)

Waterfield Outback slip Case

If Indiana Jones had actually a Nexus 9, us reckon he’d keep it in this cool sleeve. It’s tough, waxed canvas with full grain animal leather accents. That is contempt padded and there’s a stiff plastic insert the protects your Nexus 9’s display. The animal leather strap conceals a magnetic closure to prevent your tablet sliding out. The internal is soft, so there’s no danger of scratches. It is rather expensive, but it has actually a premium feel and it look at great.

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That’s all of the Nexus 9 cases we have for you ideal now, yet we’ll update this roundup as much more come onto the market.