If you were looking for, yet could not find all surprise in the game Angry Birds.

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(Angry Birds) “Golden Eggs” (Golden Eggs.) - friend turned to the address.

Gold Egg Guide

We space glad to present you the most finish guide to collect gold eggs top top the expanses the the Russian Internet. Using this overview you can collect all 28 gold Yaitz. And, the course, to reap the passage of brand-new funny (and sometimes requiring brainstorming!) Levels.

Use a guide to merely - the number in the picture above show what the is gold Egg and also comply with the instructions because that finding that or activation below. Simply follow the instructions to find and also get Golden Egg. After opened each egg, you must go with the suitable level to get the star. In this case, we have a separate passage that can be viewed here (so far, unfortunately, not prepared - in the process of translation and also adaptation).

Lazily read? - no problems! scroll down and look in ~ the video ride gold Eggs. If you choose to usage the record version much more - you have the right to print the PDF variation of the passage and keep it v you! ( currently, the PDF variation is analyzed into Russian, therefore while the is no on the site)

Special many thanks for the listed video passage and the PDF variation express the English-speaking site of the game angrybirdsnest.com

Where are gold eggs hide?

#1 - In any level, put on the game by pause and also click top top the switch " ?"(Help) in the lower left corner. The egg will certainly be on the instructions with a white bird.

# 2 - level 5-19 illustration Mighty Hoax (rocket): The egg is on the best side behind the screen. If you mitigate the screen and run a yellow bird in this direction, you will check out it when the screen moves slightly in this direction. Come "assemble" it, usage or yellow bird, or a white bird will leave the eggs on the appropriate side the the wooden strengthening the the first tower, after i beg your pardon the bird shakes and also knock the egg (but it seems to me, it"s a yellow bird simpler and more easily).

# 3 - level 2-2 illustration Poached Eggs: just spawned an inflatable ball for the beach.

#4 - acquire 3 stars in every levels the Poached Eggs.

#5 - In the main screen, click " i."(About the authors), look at the credits to the end - and the egg will appear under the white bird.

#6 - Level 1-8 illustration Poached egg (Chest): Pleak the sweetheart chest (sometimes you have to poke number of times in a row). PC and also Mac users: To open up the chest through clicking and clinging the left mouse button on the chest dial the word on the keyboard open..

#7 - gain 3 stars in every levels MIGHTY HOAX.

#8 - ~ above the Episode choice screen, double pull the sun (center the the bottom the the screen).

# 9 - level 4-7 illustration MIGHTY HOAX: reduce the screen and also the egg will be on the sheet of the clock ~ above the right. Aim and also get into it through a yellow bird.

# 10 - level 6-14 episode peril Above: take it a yellow round under the residence on the tree. Try to replenish a yellow bird native a tree or use the Bird-boomerang.

# 11 - Danger above Episode choice Screen: top top the "COMING SOON" screen, scroll the screen until you stop right and also pull the end in the same direction - the egg will be right. Also if every levels are open, you can still scroll the display to uncover the egg. Note, computer / MAC users - you need to click within the window.

#12 - gain 3 stars in all levels risk Above.

# 13 - Level 8-15 episode hazard Above: The egg is under the launcher. To rally it, run yellow in the spring-trampoline to the ideal at the bottom of the egg or use the boomeranga.

# 14 - level 9-14 illustration The. Huge Setup: reduce the screen and also you will watch the egg in the helmet below the right. Obtain it boomerang.

# 15 - Level 10-3 episode The big Setup: spread the opener under the bridge.

# 16 - Level 11-15 episode The large Setup: If you minimize the screen so that the totality level is seen, the egg will certainly be left under the pad. Paris by his boomerang bird.

#17 –Get 3 stars in every levels The. Large Setup.

# 18 - Level 12-12 episode HAM "EM HIGH: spice the Cup, surrounded by diamonds in the building center. Instantly I warn you the it is not really easy!

# 19 - Level 13-10 illustration HAM "EM HIGH: come start, mitigate the screen. Currently start the white bird and at the right time traction the screen to start it in the egg.

#20 – Level 14-4 episode HAM "EM HIGH: First, totally reduce the display screen - and also you will view the golden egg on the top of the clutch very shludrava. Operation the yellow bird (← on the screenshot, the exactly trajectory is shown) Pulling top top it at the appropriate moment and also sending ~ above Parabole so the it will certainly gather an egg.

#21 –Get 3 stars in every levels that HAM "EM HIGH, including three "Facebook-levels".

Super bowl / Rio # 22 - Level 13-12 episode HAM "EM HIGH:

# 23 - Level 15-12 episode Mine and also Dine: alleviate the level, and also you will check out a gold egg situated on the upper rock shelf. Operation (see the screenshot) and at the appropriate moment apply acceleration to tear down the golden egg. You can shot and white bird, but it is harder.

# 24 - level 16-9 episode Mine and also Dine: minimize the level, and also you will view a gold egg located on an empty cavern right. The an initial yellow bird must remove the stone construction end the slingshot. This will certainly make it much easier to relieve a shot right into an egg, yet is not a mandatory requirement. The 2nd yellow speeds up at the ideal time to collection the gold egg. That does not constantly work the first time - train!

#25 –Get 3 stars in every levels Mine and Dine.

#26 –Level 17-12 episode Mine and also Dine: reduce the level and also you will view the endowment chest high upstairs on the second cliff. Remove the red and also white birds, then run the yellow bird on a high trajectory so that it paris over the an initial rock shelf. More - use the acceleration top top time so that the bird goes end the protrusion that the 2nd shelf and hit the chest.

# 27 - Level 18-6episode Birdday Party: mitigate the level and also you will check out the gold egg on the shelf in ~ the peak in the right corner of the level. Shot 2 blue birds and run egg yellow.

- Level 19-14.episode Birdday Party: instantly the egg is no visible. You should blow increase the "cake" TNT, after i beg your pardon the egg will show up behind the starting platform below (there is an air ball). Recent Boomerang collection it.

In the close to future, the ar will be totally recycled, video clip passage - updated and supplemented.

For your convenience, we damaged the video output right into separate blocks, for this reason you will certainly not have to ross a long-native video in find of the i of one single egg. The video clip passage is incredibly easy to use: simply decide i m sorry egg you want to open and follow the toak to find the egg. If you perform not have actually time - simply put the video clip pause. If castle are completely stuck - compose in the comments or top top the forum.

Golden Eggs: video Passage: level 1 - 5

Golden Eggs: video Passage: levels 6 - 10

Golden Eggs: video Passage: level 11 - 15

Golden Eggs: video Passage: level 16 - 19 + Rio / Super bowl (Rio / supervisor Bowl)

and once again, we express mine gratitude to the English-speaking site of the game angrybirdsnest.com because that the video clip passage provided.

Super key / Rio - 17-12 episode HAM "EM HIGH: alleviate the screen and also run among the white bird in the contrary direction and also throw egg on the back side of the hill. This action is presented in the video transfer below. If this is no enough and need more detailed video - Look in ~ this video (soon!).

BEST friends - casual game in the genre that MATCH-3 v rPG facets With an easy gaming process Warranty will certainly take all your cost-free time.

The ideal Friends will collect the repertoire of steep bugs and also use castle in battles against the intruders of your land - slugs.


The video game has amazing plot adventures, many puzzles and RPG-shaped advance of characters.


The gameplay in finest Friends is a lot of puzzles in the genre - "three in a row".


Your task will it is in the link of the facets of the same type, resulting in their destruction. Unlike plain kasualok, the rule in ideal Friends space simplified. Friend can attach items located not only on straight lines - vertically or horizontally, but likewise diagonally.

The restriction acts on the number of moves, so prior to connecting the elements, the is necessary to think end its future moves, no forgetting about the level of level.


Another difference of the game is the ideal friends in what you deserve to see what damage will do without make a move. Spend a line according come the coinciding elements, and over the enemy"s head, the damage and HP digits remaining after the strike.

Therefore, the player can choose the most destructive moves through a preferably damage. If girlfriend inflicted an foe damage, remarkable to his HP, climate the surplus moves to the next enemy.


Some elements on the field are broken from the very first time. Tile, drawers and also snow will call for a different variety of moves.

For your destruction, the is feasible to usage bonuses - bombs and comparable destroyers. In enhancement to the elements that should be destroyed, the field is advantageous things - diamonds, keys and also mite meteors.


Since they are saved even with loss, if an alert that the battle does no win, begin collecting useful items.

The choice of the character relies on the level that the character. Pick a hero v the capability that has more chances to lug it come victory. If the job is to ruin the lodge, the best selection will it is in the personalities with a good stock of bombs.


Well, if the job is to collection violet mushrooms, girlfriend will require a hero, converting this color. The shade is vital in the destruction of slugs. If the hero is violet, climate blast the item of this color, that will offer extra damage to the power of attack.

For example, the bug packer has green colorTherefore, destroying green elements (leafs), you will apply a blow to slugs through a greater pressure of attacks.

Heroes that the video game "Best Friends"

New characters B. Best friends opened using a one-of-a-kind draw. In ideal Friends more than 20 heroes, and also each has actually unique skills that must be developed and also strengthened. Increases level making use of tick meteorites. Through each raising ticks, it will be much more and more, and if they space not enough, you have the right to use diamonds accumulated on the board.


Raising the hero will certainly not only come to be stronger, but additionally evolve - the will readjust appearance. Development occurs every 5 levels. When passing the levels, the player will certainly be abandoned by claysters come the chests with brand-new heroes, currency and meteor ticks.


pros: Characteristic and interesting because that the genre the gameplay. Funny characters. Straightforward control and gameplay.

Minuses: Donat, which can be circumvented, if girlfriend download the mod multiplying in 10s of times the money after rebooting.

Where to uncover Easter egg in "BEST FRIENDS"?

1. An initial on the main screen. 2. The second in the yellow store, click Queens to gain it. 3. 3rd - in the save of crystals. 4. Fourth in coolest utility. 5. The 5th in the super-rare tab in the karma. 6. The sixth egg transforms out automatically after using multiple keys. 7. The seventh in the power tab, shows up when the best energy. 8. Eighth Quinsi, click i, information. 9. The 9th egg is given after changing the language. 10. The tenth in the tasks. 11. Eleventh tutor settings. 12. Twelfth load the level and also click ~ above the butterfly.

Last changes

Vincent coast Day begins:Help Winsent to save the day off on the coast of the barrier Bay. Pass 10 episodes and also get a "Vincent Rescuer". Ice cream gyeongju returned:Collect ice cream in 30 tests and also rewards - yours. Commier every 30 tests and also getting Sunday Woody. New bug: Dogs:Silkwall-Garpy Dogs, welcome in the team. Us defeat the breath second converter.

- This is a game in the genre the MATCH-3 with aspects of RPG, in which you will certainly collect monsters and also fight them against the invaders.

Perhaps this video game will seem basic to you, yet it has its own features, so several tips will certainly be obviously not superfluous.

You have the right to see what damages will apply before you do a move. To execute this, you must spend a heat on those elements of the MATCH-3 puzzle, which coincide. Over her head the the enemy you will check out the numbers applied by this course of the damage and also the as whole level HP enemy. So friend can arrangement your actions and also choose moves, damage from i beg your pardon maximum.The damn damage is transferred. This method that if you managed to apply the next adversary an extra damage, exceeding that is level the health, then all unused potential the this damages will immediately switch come the following opponent. So friend can type chains, hitting opponents one after ~ another. The exception is those invaders who room resistant to this type of damage - chains room interrupted ~ above them.Most obstacles in this video game are destroyed far native the very first time. It immediately breaks one tree, if the tile, snow and also drawers need several moves from you. Just bombs are able to destroy even the box from the first time.The subjects built up are saved, despite the loss. Therefore, you must not issue - diamonds, keys and also meteors will stay with you. If you see that the level is nearly lost, shot to lastly collect much more useful things.First check what is the goal of the level, and also only then pick a character that setup to placed on the battle. To perform this, tap on the level, being on the map. The home window will pop up through a description of the upcoming tasks, it may be, for example: to damage 8 slugs, open 2 boxes, collection 40 violet mushrooms. If jobs relate come the choice of color, then you better choose that hero that has the ability to transform this color. If the goal is to destroy a large number that slugs, then the hero v bombs will suit you more than others.Do not shot to deal with only the success of the goals. Because that example, carry out not collect only mushrooms - act something alone, you miss out on other possibilities.If you lose the level numerous times in a row, pay attention to which goals you cannot achieve. This situation is an exception to the previous rule - if the losses space repeated, then you will have to emphasis on afford one goal, the one ~ above which friend lose, and in any kind of way.By ruining slugs, follow what heroes girlfriend have. The truth is the each that the heroes coincides to that is color, which method that collecting the tiles the the preferred color, you can apply a bigger damage - the assault strength the the hero increases.


Heroes-bugs will appear randomly, so girlfriend can get only 2 extra personalities - tempera and also Queens - come Frozen Hills location. Yet in this location, your opportunities of obtaining various other heroes increase, especially for the level 21 - they show up in big quantities.If you enter the "salvation" window, you will certainly not be able to leave it without spending keys. Therefore, if you do not arrangement to use the keys, do not to visit this window.Collect the publications you need will have the ability to be much from the very first attempt because of their random appearance. Therefore, copy diamonds - you have the right to buy extra-keys for them, which, in turn, will aid you obtain bugs. As soon as you have actually the heroes of each color, you have the right to stop saving diamonds and start lastly spending lock on upgrades.Think prior to replaying the level. If you pick "REPLAY", then you will not it is in able to adjust the team the heroes. Therefore, sometimes it is better to walk to the card, and also from there go back to the level come replay it. During your continue to be on the map you have the right to regroup by choosing more suitable bugs.


Energy in finest Fiends is progressively restored. To get approximately the timer, you deserve to use one emergency - to move time on your device. This deserve to be done with the setups menu, in the Date and Time section. Just translate the time because that 3 hrs ahead, and also then go into the game. Power will recover, after which you have the right to return the clock that the an equipment to the exactly position.If you do not want to analyze time, you can use one-of-a-kind boosters come replenish energy, however they come throughout randomly, so us cannot guarantee your presence.In many cases, select bugs that can use bombs. They not only use a better damage, yet they can ruin obstacles and also destroy boxes. Choose those who readjust the colors just if you need to collect a lot (more 보다 50) of one color tiles.Some level are good for Grinda. This is specifically true the the 30th level - in the you will certainly find plenty of boxes and also diamonds, so in order come make more usefulness, the is worth choosing it.

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If you have a bomb on the play field, monitor its lesion region - the is circled. Mental that even the last tile in a row with a bomb is additionally able to explode, so on just how you kind a chain that tiles, rely on the damage that you can apply.Large bombs room detonated only from small, so placing her bombs not much away and also undermine castle to destroy all the tiles ~ above the field.Bukashki may be to adjust colors do it instantly. If you space tapped by together a buckash, girlfriend will view which tiles will readjust color. Learn a possible color change to understand just how it will influence other chains of colors - you can destroy them, and change the color back you will not work.