The 2016 Belk black Friday ad is up! This year Belk is giving away a TON that gift cards beginning at 4 pm on Thursday and also 6 am on Friday.

Are you part of The Coupon challenge Holiday Deals on facebook Group? sign up with us to it is in reminded around all the ideal holiday deals.

See the advertisement Scan below*Please note that if you are viewing native the day-to-day newsletter, you have to click right into the blog to view the scan.

Don’t miss out on these black color Friday Ads:

or Click to check out them all

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About The Coupon Challenge

Hi! I"m Dana, the writer behind the scenes of The Coupon Challenge, a Hampton Roads, VA based coupon blog. I"m a wife and mother of 2. After obtaining out of debt we started using ours savings to travel with each other as a family and also create memories.

Are you searching for ways to save your family members money? ns strive to aid you save on the commodities you need, therefore you deserve to spend an ext on the things you want. Read an ext about Dana & Family

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