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Battlefield is a popular very first person shooter. However, plenty of users claimed they were wait for the video game to finish the Battlefield message. This message avoids you indigenous participating in the game. In today’s article, we will display you some techniques that deserve to be used to resolve this problem.

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Battlefield 3 is arguably one of the finest episodes in the Battlefield series. However, many users report the they are waiting because that the game to departure the message while trying to sign up with the server.

Try one more browser

Battlefield 3 offers your web browser to find the server you desire to join. This technique is not ideal and also sometimes you deserve to wait for the video game to end up the message trying to begin the game. To solve this problem, users indicate switching to another browser.


Many report this problem on Google Chrome, yet after convert to an additional browser favor Mozilla Firefox, the difficulty was resolved. Of course, friend can also use Microsoft Edge and skip downloading and installing a brand-new browser to obtain Battlefield 3 up and also running.

End the Battlefield 3 in the task Manager


This technique will restart the game correctly and also you can examine if the problem is quiet there. This an approach has worked for a most users, and you’re in luck if it works for you as it is certainly the easiest an approach on ours list. Find out below!

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Open the game and wait because that the error come appear. Usage the key-board shortcut Ctrl + change + Esc while pressing the tricks to open the task Manager utility.You can likewise use the Ctrl + Alt + Del keyboard shortcut and select job Manager from the blue pop-up screen that shows up with number of options. You can also find the in the start Menu.In the lower-left corner of the window, click more to expand Task Manager and also search because that Battlefield 3 (BF3.exe). It need to be right listed below the apps. Pick it and also select the “End task” alternative in the reduced right part of the window.Check if the problem is resolved and also if you room unable to join a video game in Battlefield 3. Wait for the “Waiting come close game” error post to continue!

Stop PunkBuster


PunkBuster is no a program produced by EA. It was developed by also Balance and has been supplied in plenty of online games.

You deserve to uninstall PunkBuster for computer by going come Windows manage Panel – Programs and also Features (Add or remove Programs for standard View). If you space having troubles with automatically updates or to run PBSetup.exe, that might help by uninstalling PunkBuster indigenous your device for a clean install.

Click Uninstall / change to eliminate PunkBuster services from your computer. Note: you will certainly not be able to play Punkbuster games until you reinstall it. Similar to all uninstallation procedures, be sure to restart your computer to make alters to the system.

You can additionally uninstall PunkBuster solutions by to run PBSVC.EXE and also selecting the remove PunkBuster solutions option.

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