New plans have actually been unveiled because that upcoming contents for Battlefield 1, consisting of a brand-new night-themed multiplayer map. This is the second map to be revealed external of the previously developed expansions packs and is intended to autumn in the coming months.

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The notice of this map adheres to on native the previously revealed "Nivelle Nights" – a level right now in trial and error through Battlefield 1"s community Test Environment. This offshoot the the core Battlefield 1 experience permits players come test brand-new content and carry out feedback before a windy launch. If Nivelle Nights will certainly be releasing because that Premium members sometime in June, Prise de Tahure will just be entering the CTE "shortly".

Both maps will certainly be easily accessible this summer, bridging the space in content in between the "They Shall not Pass" and "In The surname of the Tsar" expansions. Return we"re however to receive any hard details on this Russian-themed DLC, the pack"s full materials will it is in showcased at electronic Arts" upcoming showcase event, EA play 2017.

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