Season of Infamy DLC (Continued)

Nightwing educates you the Iron Heights, the airship prison, has just crash-landed in ~ the Northeast finish of Bleake Island. You need to examine the crash site for survivors and also escaped criminals. Batman speak Nightwing to satisfy him at the crash location.

There"s a crashed blimp in the water just eastern of Merchant"s Bridge, at (1650, 3429). Head to the location, and eject from the Batmobile and also glide ~ above the airship. Go into the hatch near the center of the wreckage + . Nightwing is ~ above his way, however without Batman"s transportational abilities, it will certainly take the a if to get here. Walk as much as the grate and press to slide under a ventilation shaft, more into the ship. The Floor is out in the next room. Usage the line Launcher to zip across to the door on the other side.

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There"s an hurt officer ~ above the platform to the left. Jump across and speak to the guard, and he will tell you that Waylon Jones, a.k.a. Killer Croc to be responsible because that the wreck, and he"s still roaming the ship, searching guards.

The large security door you witnessed on the best platform is not functioning. Climb over the metal cage come the left of the injured guard to proceed. Autumn down next to the terrified sinner in a tiny cell. Drop down over the ledge + , and also shimmy across the pit come the ventalation shaft in the earlier of the room. Climb up right into the tower through. Once you come out on the various other side, you"ll drop under several more feet right into a little room. Duck under the pipe on the left, and also you"ll come the end in a larger room filled v water listed below your level. There"s a guard that needs aid on a communication on the right. Batman inexplicably refuses to use any of his tools - such as the line launcher, which would certainly take him automatically over to the guard"s location...

Instead, grapple up to the platform in front of you, then glide under to the guard"s location, and press over the grate come rip open the gate and pull the guard come safety. You"ll knife your very first Waynetech point.

Grapple earlier up to the communication you just came from. Over there are several pockets of heavy steam coming the end from a mechanism of pipes under the hall, preventing you native progressing. Usage a remote controlled batarang to hit the vapor control switch just past the pipes to rotate off the steam, climate jump across to the next area. There"s one more prison guard who requirements your help down the next hall. Use the line Launcher come zip down the hall, then press to flip up ~ above the line. Move to the end of the hall. Situate the safety who requirements your help below you and down the room on the right. Glide under onto the platform and also save the guard as you did through the ahead one. It turns out this is the warden of stole Heights.

Killer Croc reflects up, snatches the Warden and also bounds away, breaking turn off a section of the floor over you.

Grapple increase to the ledge after Croc, and also hurry into the next room. The cells in this room release several prisoners. Nightwing mirrors up to help you. By currently you must understand how to usage the double character combat controls. Information around Nightwing"s controls have the right to be found in the Gunrunner next mission. There are 12 common unarmed thugs. This fight should be a snap.

There"s a safety in the manage room over this area that can carry out you v some information. Grapple up to the balcony and go v the door. You"ll earn an additional Waynetech point.

The large door in this area requires two an essential cards to open. The guards transporting the an essential cards parachuted come "safety" somewhere in Gotham when the delivery went down. Knightwing will remain with the guard right here in the regulate room, while Batman exits the airship to collect the an essential card. Nightwing opens up a series of protection doors that will certainly lead you every the method back to the vent you gone into the delivery from. Simply use the line launcher to zip all the method across come the exit, climate grapple increase the shoot, and climb the ladder to exit the airship.

Alfred has significant the approximate places of the 2 guards on your map. The closestly is in ~ Dixon Docks West, alongside Panessa Studios (1600, 2625). Friend can uncover the guard"s parachute hanging ~ above the surrounding crane. The guard is dead - hanging native his parachute simply below. Grapple to the crate hanging from the crane, and inspect his body to find his keycard. You"ll earn a Waynetech point.

The 2nd guard to reduce down appropriate in the middle of Chinatown (1813, 2181). His parachute can be discovered high up on a structure west that this location, hanging indigenous a water tower, surrounded by thugs. There are 9 unarmed thugs. If you do your way around to the balcony behind them, you have the right to start this struggle out with a multi-takedown, make this a ridiculously simple fight.

Press to assist the guard next to the water tower. That is reluctant to hand over his keycard, yet he ultimately relents. It seems prefer they were more than likely doing some stuff in iron Heights that they"re not eager because that Batman to uncover out about. Friend receive one more Waynetech Point.

Nightwing has actually been working to rescue the guards native the airship and transport them come GCPD. Head back to the airship. Go back to the regulate room and accessibility the console. Nightwing will display up therefore the two of you have the right to use the manage cards simultaneously. You receive another Waynetech Point.

Proceed v the freshly opened door. Head under the hall and also grapple up to the balcony ahead, then follow the path forward and also you"ll reach an additional vent. Push to slide down the vent. You"ll come out in an additional control room, where an overhead screen shows a video of the cruel experiments that were being done to Croc. Detective vision expose Killer Croc in the following room along with several inmates. There"s a floor grate in the pack of the room that Batman can use to go into the room + , while Nightwing looks for an alternating route. Follow the vent approximately the room, and you"ll find a grate leading out straight behind Killer Croc. Push come initiate the fight.

• Killer Croc Bossfight

• Killer Croc Bossfight

This fight is versus croc and 9 continual thugs. The plays out almost identically come the fight against Albert King through Batman and Robin in the main project (although if you execute it as soon as it"s an initial available, this fight in reality happens first, so possibly the Albert King struggle is just like the Killer Croc fight?).

None of your regular assaults can injury Killer Crock. That can"t be stunned or influenced by any type of of your gadgets. You have the right to punch him without breaking her combo, however your attacks won"t damages him, or construct your combo. Punching Croc will construct up her team combo meter, though. Croc"s own strikes are unblockable, and should it is in avoided v a redirect + , . Batman and Nightwing have actually several cool dodging animations for Croc"s miscellaneous attacks. Croc can likewise revive downed henchmen, choose them up and putting them earlier on their feet.

The only thing that can actually pains Croc is a team takedown. You should fight the goons to construct up her team combo meter if dodging Croc"s attacks. As soon as your team combo meter is full, fight Croc v a team takedown to damages him.

Be careful during this hit to take it it sort of basic on the thugs. If you do something drastic, prefer a dual throw respond to followed through a multi-hit ground combo attack, that takes out 5 or six thugs in ~ once, the fight will certainly actually get much harder. As soon as you"re under to just one or two thugs, girlfriend don"t have actually anybody left to pound on to build up your team combo meter. You"ll be left wait for Croc to revive human being so you deserve to beat ~ above them. Don"t use methods that take opponents down too quickly in this fight.

Eventually, once Croc"s life bar it s okay low, a team attack will initeate a Batman and also Nightwing team beatdown attack , , , , ...

During the beatdown, Croc will certainly take ferris wheel at you. Respond to these attacks with to store the combo going, then return to the beatdown , , ... . Eventually the duo will certainly flip Croc top top his ago and perform a damaging ground attack. You"ll likely have to complete two of this combos come KO Croc. After you take it Croc down, you still need to finish taking care of the rest of the goons prior to the struggle is over.

After the fight, access the move box beside the jail cabinet to release Warden Ranken.

Batman paris Croc come GCPD with the Batwing. None also happy through the Warden, Batman locks him up right along with the staying inmates from Iron Heights.

You earn one more 3 Waynetech points, and also this side pursuit is finished. Killer Croc"s severed arm is inserted in the evidence lockup, which has actually a special type of definition to Aaron Cash.

In from the Cold

In indigenous the Cold

You"ll obtain 3 waynetech point out at miscellaneous times throughout this mission, and another 3 at the end of the mission. You will earn a complete of 6 Waynetech points.

Alfred notifies you that he"s receiving a distress signal. The beacon is originating from the middle of the bay, southern of Miagani Island (3900,1775).

A helicopter is paris away together you technique the location. It seems the signal is originating indigenous a delivery which is trapped in an iceberg. There are equipped guards patrolling the ship, and they are not friendly. Don"t think around landing ~ above the deck. Head for the huge communications tower near the center of the ship and grapple up to the vantage point out to acquire a manage on the opposition.

There space 14 equipped guards. Among them has actually a detective vision scanner. You should use the disruptor on his scanner so that you have the right to scout the remainder of your opponents in peace. The man with the scanner is near the back of the ship. Glide down to the structure toward the back, and also the drop onto the rope resulting in the crane at the back, and also tightrope walk follow me that rope until you can use your disruptor top top him.

With the scanner security gone, you deserve to locate various other high priority targets. Over there is a medic near the structure in the facility of the ship, and a guard regulating a drone close to the front. Make certain you acquire the medic v the disruptor prior to he reaches the downed scanner guard, and you can eliminate him as well. Over there are likewise a one auto-turret the you"ll must make note of under the vantage points towards the former of the ship, within the ship regulate room. Over there is also a guard through optic deflection armor on the former deck.

It"s easy sufficient to hack the drone controller native a rope suspended just over his head near the prior of the ship. The drone must take out 3 adversaries easily. Wait till the drone comes up to the prior of the ship, whereby the drone controller is stationed. There"s an energy generator nearby that you have the right to sabotage v the remote hacking maker to take the end anyone that comes to examine on the guards who were disabled through the drone. There"s likewise an power generator near the back of the ship whereby you very first took the end the scanner guard that you also may be able to use to take out guards come come inspect on him. There"s a security alarm girlfriend can set off near the facility of the ship, however it really doesn"t perform much however startle surrounding guards for a second.

The floor grates are really useful in this level, yet use caution. There are lengthy rows of floor grates that cause nowhere, and also if adversaries come follow me you could easily find yourself trapped in a dead finish where the guards room sure to spot you. Be responsibility of the areas where floor grates end, and also where there are no vents without floor grates overhead, therefore you can make sure you can constantly reach among those locations to hide native the guards. Among the guards will more than likely stay in the regulate room with the auto-turret until all the other guards are defeated. You"ll either need to use your Remote Hacking maker to remote the auto-turret to take it him down, or just save him because that last. He"ll come out trying to find you once all the various other guards space defeated.

After acquisition out every the guards, head to the ship manage room. You must disable the auto-turret in this room, if friend haven"t already. You"ll find a protection console you can hack with the far Hacking maker (CRYOGENICS) in the facility of the back wall of the manage room. You"ll find an enntrance gate to the within of the ship in the form of a frozen section of the ship near the front left that the ship v a gigantic hole ripped in the hull. Several militia guards are frozen to death, encased in ice in this room. There"s a door in the ago that was unlocked through the security panel you hacked upstairs. Inside you"ll uncover Victor Fries an uncover his plight.

You"ll knife your an initial Waynetech point.

Getting ago to the mainland can be a little bit the a job if friend don"t have actually the right upgrades. You"ll must glide from the vantage clues on the communications tower to gain up high enough to dive and build up speed to get back to shore. If you have the Grapnel an increase upgrades, it will certainly be much easier.

Batman is receiving a tracking signal native Nora"s cryogenic equipment. The next place is significant on the map at the north finish of the map, close to Ace chemicals (1780, 1885).

There space 4 unarmed guards, a combat specialist, and also an armored blade brute in guarding Nora. If you begin a multi-takedown ~ above the two men talking, and also then angle your view back toward the combat specialist, you"ll have the ability to take down 4 enemies. There"s a ceiling assistance in the center of the area that will certainly be in the way of every little thing you try to carry out in this fight. It"s a real hassle. Luckily it"s a short, simple fight.

Nora"s cryobed is nowhere to it is in found, however there"s a crate filled v ice in the center of this area. Opened it will expose that the militia removed the tracker and also brought it right here as a distraction. Batman will interrogate one of the downed guards about Nora"s location.

You"ll knife your 2nd Waynetech point.

The next location is in Otisburg in ~ the southern side the Founders" Island (2780, 1605)

The rooftops room crawling with armed guards. There room 11 in total, consisting of 3 snipers in high locations. There"s also a detective mode jammer. Your first order of company is to situate him and also use your disruptor to disable his jammer to permit you to see properly. Glide come the irradiate pole behind the highest possible sniper. From over there you should have a cost-free view of the area wherein you deserve to use the disruptor at your leisure.

There"s likewise a medic roaming around, who should be your 2nd disruptor target, and a pair of auto turret boxes i beg your pardon you must sabotage come take out anyone that attempts to set them up. After you"ve finished with your disruptor, merely press to do a silent takedown top top the sniper just listed below you. Climate grapple come the building above the 2nd sniper top top the right, wherein you can easily get him v a silent takedown as well. Native there, glide to the appropriate of the critical sniper, behind the building, and also grapple to the rope behind the building, which you have the right to follow come the building behind him, allowing you to easily take him down from over as well.

With the snipers down and also any abnormal threats disabled, this is a pretty simple fight. A many the rooftops room up too high come initiate a ideal takedown. If you uncover yourself ~ above a high rooftop with a lone guard below you, use a frozen grenade to lock that in location , - climate drop down and also to an ice cream smash takedown , and also grapple automatically away before aid arrives.

After you get rid of the guards, investigate the cryochamber in the center of the area. The glows yellow as soon as you use detective vision . You"ll gain your 3rd Waynetech point.

After the next scene unfolds, a huge section the the city will certainly be frozen, and you"ll have to race come the following area in the Batmobile with a course of frozen roads. You"ll have actually 1:30 to make it to her destination. If you have any type of skill at driving the Batmobile that will just take about half that time.

When you with the next location you"re greeting by a huge contingent of drones. Their space Rattlers, double Rattlers, Mambas, and Diamondbacks. There space 19 drones total. Unlike many drone fights, every 19 drones space deployed immediately. Castle won"t trickle in 4 or 5 in ~ a time favor in most Drone fights. This actually provides the fight easier, however, as it means you won"t have actually drones spawning and sneaking increase behind you. There isn"t time because that a Drone Hack. Usage your weapon strength on Missle Barrages , , , . Try to hit the Diamondbacks v your missle barrages to take them down quickly and easily. Concentrate on detect the Mamba Drones as shortly as you can and also destroy them through the 60mm cannon . Mr. Freeze will also assist you in this fight, attacking Drones in ~ random with a an effective ice beam that will demolish them.

Defeating these drones earns you just a short reprieve. You"ll soon be accosted by one insurmountable number of drones. Continue fighting them off, defending yourself as finest you can. Girlfriend can"t victory this fight, you have the right to only survive. Use your weapon strength on EMP blasts come buy you yourself time. After you survive a certain amount of time, Mr. Freeze will put an end to the fight, and you"ll angry the disastrous conclusion come this story.

You knife 3 much more Waynetech points because that completing this mission. Nora"s cryogenic chamber will be inserted in the evidence room in the West wing of the GCPD Maximum protection Ward.

Harley Quinn Story Pack

Harley Quinn Story Pack

This video contains extreme spoilers. This is a complete cinematic playthrough the the Harley Quinn Story DLC, v minorediting to do the story conversations circulation together smoothly.
All gameplay is legitimate and also unedited - except to include story audio in a morecinematic means to show off several of the dialog without wait around.Editing is done between sections to allow for much more interesting step transitions.

The Harley Quinn DLC features Harley Quinn together a playable personality in a short campaign where she infiltrates the Blüdhaven Police room to free Poison Ivy, under the direction the Penguin. The DLC attributes a brief story with traversal with an indoor only area, connecting 3 combat sections and 2 predator sections, and ending with a relatively decent boss fight against Nightwing.

It"s a short but enjoyable ride that will probably take you between 15-30 minute to complete. There"s a ton of optional dialog in between Harley and also Penguin, and added hilarious dialog between Harley Quinn and also her alter-ego break-up personality, Harleen Quinzel. Additionally, downloading and install this DLC will enable you to play as Harley Quinn in any of the solitary character combat or predator an obstacle maps the you own.

This was originally readily available as a preorder bonus, but is now easily accessible for acquisition for $1.99, or comes with the Season Pass.

Changing Harley"s energetic costume in the in the character Showcase will permit you to usage her initial jester"s outfit native Batman the Animated collection if you like it. Changing Nightwing"s energetic costume will not readjust the costume that wears once he mirrors up later.

Harley"s DLC beginning out with her crashing v the wall surface of the Blüdhaven Police room in a van and picking a struggle with seven police officers. No one of these adversaries have any weapons of any type. This is basic fight the showcases Harley"s speed and enables you to develop up her chaos meter.

Easter Eggs

As you progress through this DLC, if you wait, or wander about between objectives, Penguin and also Harley will have actually some to chat conversations wherein Penguin tries to to convince Harley to join his gang. Harley will also occasionally recite poems around her shed love, Joker, and also her hatred for Batman.

Furthermore, Harley"s variation of detective mode, well-known psychosis mode, will display gibberish scribbled everywhere the walls. Occasionally, you"ll find coherent messages, more than likely from Harley"s subconscious, scribbled on the walls. If you remain in psychosis mode for one extended period of time, Harley will start to hear voices, and will have disagreements with her alternate personality, the sane part of her mind - Dr. Harleen Quinzel. Some of these conversations are instance dependent, such as comments around Harleen"s are afraid of elevators.

Head v the door marked staff. After an dispute with Penguin, activate Psychosis mode to to mark the 3 tiny piggies conversing around eco-concerns in the next room. They"re every armed. Location a Jack-in-the-Box, then quickly press + come hide in the surrounding floor grate. The music native the Jack-in-the-Box will draw the cops attention. Girlfriend will gain an indicator ~ above the left side of the screen to tell friend how numerous enemies will certainly be influenced by the explosion. When all 3 stunner piggies are within range, detonate the Jack-in-the-Box with come take the end all three instantly.

Head earlier into the room where the police were conversing and press come hop up through the grate ~ above the ceiling. Make your way forward until you uncover a weak wall. Location a Jack-in-the-Box next to the wall, and detonate it to blow open the wall surface and clean a course to the next area. Hop down and also continue forward v the door to the regulate room, and also the very first predator map.

This manage room contains 12 armed police officers. Harley Quinn doesn"t execute quiet, so her predator difficulties are much various than what you"re supplied to. All of her takedowns will certainly be loud takedowns and will attract the fist of all surrounding enemies. Luckily, Harley"s gadgets and abilities space all exemplary in predator challenges. Let"s take it a minute to walk over your use.

Harley"s gadgets and special abilitiesSnares: Harley"s snares function similarly to Batman"s freeze grenades. You can throw a snare with or by picking the gadget and using it manually. Any enemy fight by a snare will certainly be covering in party streamers and also unable to move for number of seconds. A snared foe on a predator map have the right to be soon KO"d v a loud takedown . An ext importantly, a snared opponent can"t help another foe that you"re taking down, for this reason if you must fight 2 enemies at once you deserve to snare one and also attack the other, then KO the snared adversary with an automatically takedown after you"ve dispatched the first. Just one opponent can it is in snared in ~ a time. Snaring a second enemy will certainly instantly relax the first. Any kind of snare the doesn"t struggle an adversary will remain in place as a proximity mine. You deserve to place snares together traps to make certain an enemy doesn"t come increase behind you and also attack friend while you"re doing various other things. If an adversary walks end it, the snare will activate, trapping them. You have the right to have up to three snares placed as proximity mines at any kind of given time - however you can still just actually have one opponent snared in ~ once.Laughing Gas: Harley"s laughing gas is comparable to Batman"s acting bombs, but is much more effective. Enemies affected by Harley"s laughing gas deserve to be KO"d instantly through a according to takedown . Laughing gas also doesn"t reason enemies to flail around, so Harley is not as most likely to gain inadvertantly decked by a wild beat from an adversary flailing in the gas. In combat, enemies impacted by laughing gas will drop any type of weapons they"re holding. In predator, they will certainly not drop your guns. There"s a relatively long recharge time in between uses of laughing gas. Harley"s laughing gas is a much far better offensive weapon 보다 Batman"s exhilaration bombs, so it"s a an excellent idea to try to save these because that attacking groups of enemies, fairly than extending your escape when under fire.Jack-in-the-Box: Harley"s Jack-in-the-box is not an excellent in combat, but it"s really fairly overpowered in predator maps. Put a Jack-in-the-Box manually (not with the hotkey - placing it with the hotkey doesn"t work) will certainly play music that will attract nearby enemies. Approximately three enemies can be attractive by the music. You have the right to detonate the surprise explosive inside to soon KO any enemies nearby. Girlfriend can practically always get at the very least 2-3 opponents with this blast. Make certain you uncover a good hiding spot, though. Just placing a Jack-in-the-box and then hopping increase on a nearby wall will usually result in the enemies seeing you and also opening fire, losing interest in her trap. As if attracting and taking out 3 enemies at as soon as per usage wasn"t enough, adversaries killed through a Jack-in-the-Box explosion fee the chaos meter 25% per enemy! You deserve to use as countless Jack-in-the-Boxes as you want - but enemies will eventually start to obtain wise to your tricks. After the second use, adversaries will no much longer be drawn by the music, or if they room they will just shoot the Jack-in-the-Boxes do ruin them before they gain within range. However that"s quiet 6 enemies and also 150% Mayhem mode in every predator challenge before adversaries even begin to capture on. Also after enemies record on come the trick, Jack-in-the-Boxes have the right to still be used to take the end enemies, they just can"t be used to lure the opponents into the trap. Placing a Jack-in-the-Box and then letting opponents see you and running past the Jack-in-the-Box come a hiding place, and then detonating the explosive as enemies run by in search of you will never stop working.Mayhem Mode: Every enemy Harley kills with a takedown - one of two people in combat or predator - fees the mayhem meter by 25%. Enemies killed through a Jack-in-the-Box likewise charge the meter. Opponents killed through regular assaults do no charge the meter, despite a beat down finisher or floor takedown do. The meter additionally charges a small amount (3%) every time Harley take away damage, yet you shouldn"t depend on that. The chaos meter persists between conflicts. When the chaos meter is full, you deserve to press at any kind of time to go into Mayhem Mode. Harley screams as soon as entering chaos Mode, halting all enemies in your tracks and also disrupting their attacks. When in mayhem Mode, any kind of attacks Harley go are immediately Special Combo Takedown attacks. Harley is essentially immune to damage during these attacks, and each strike is an prompt KO versus any non-boss enemy. Harley"s Mayhem setting lasts long enough to carry out 3 to 4 combo takedown attacks, as lengthy as the adversaries are in close sufficient proximity the you have the right to reach that many. Through a complete Mayhem Meter, Harley can charge headlong right into a room complete of equipped enemies and also take down 4-6 enemies with no problem, depending upon how fine you arrangement the attack.

Head instantly into the room on your left, and also duck right into the vent. Monitor the vent to the various other side however don"t exit just yet. There"s a cop was standing just exterior the vent and also another cop walking towards you. When the 2 cops space close together, leave the vent and run up to them and also press because that a dual takedown. This will draw the fist of the third cop down the hall. Sneak up to the wall by the edge of the cubicle here and also go into edge cover + , and wait for him to acquire close then press because that a corner takedown. Immediately drop a Jack-in-the-Box, then jump up onto the nearby wall surface and jump throughout to the center area to stop detection through cops comes to examine the music. Once 3 silly piggies space in range, detonate the explosive to take it them down. If you inserted the music crate in the middle of the cops girlfriend took the end earlier, you could even be able to get 4, as another cop will certainly come to check on the bodies.

By this time, most of the remainder of the cops should be coming down the room at the prior of the area. Girlfriend should certainly have her mayhem mode charged by now. Toss a laughing gas and hop down and also KO one or two cops in the gas, then activate Mayhem mode to clean up the rest. There"s a an excellent change you have actually now taken out every one of the cops in the room, yet if over there are any left that will just be one or two. They need to be easy.

Penguin speak you to inspect the computer system for Ivy"s location. The computer system is in the facility of the room. Friend can accessibility it native the soil floor. Walk come the panel and press and also you"ll discover Ivy in a cabinet in the basement. Proceed to the door top top the opposite side of the room, top top the upper level.

There space 8 an ext cops waiting for friend in this room. Among them has actually a shield, increasing the difficulty a tiny bit. There"s an electrical panel ~ above the wall near the door girlfriend just gone into that can be used for an eco-friendly takedown + . Also with the shield, this struggle isn"t lot more an overwhelming than the fight at the beginning. Friend probably have actually some juice in your Mayhem meter native the last men you took out in the ahead room. If friend can get your chaos meter full at any type of time during this fight, you have the right to take out half of the cops instantly.

After the fight, walk come the elevator and also press the switch to call the elevator, then walk inside and also press the button inside the elevator . The elevator falls unexpectedly come the bottom that the shaft. The cops have sabotaged the elevator to store you trapped. Hop up through the flower in the optimal of the elevator . Among the walls is weak. Usage a Jack-in-the-Box to blow it open up to escape right into the following elevator shaft. It"s quite a drop down to the bottom of the neighboring elevator shaft, however Harley will certainly be fine. Autumn down, and then climb right into the tiny opening top top the side, and make your way through come the next area. You"ll come out on a vantage suggest in another area filled v 9 armed guards.

You"re obtaining close come the basement where Ivy is being held, and also Ivy"s plants are starting to grow out of manage throughout the room. There space 3 large pods in this area that can be supplied to take down unwary officers. Any kind of time one officer walks too close come a pod, if you point the camera towards the pod and press , Harley will throw a rock at the tree to aggravate it, bring about it to with out v a tentacle and also pull the hapless officer inside the pod. There space cops standing right alongside all three pods ideal from the get-go. You have to start by aggravating the pod ideal in former of friend , then jump follow me the rafters to discover the ford on the left in the top section and on the appropriate in the reduced section, and also aggravate them as well , to reduce the number of cops come 6 prior to you even start the fight. Climate hop along the roofs come the tiny delapidated cubicles on the left next of the room. Fall down into one of this cubicles and also drop a Jack-in-the-Box, climate hop far and wait because that 2-3 adversaries to come examine the noise prior to blowing them increase . This have to leave you v 3-4 enemies, spread out transparent the level. If you gain 2 or 3 together, use a laughing gas to take it them down, but shot to conserve your Mayhem mode for the upcoming boss fight.

Make your way to the door in ~ the bottom the the area in the center. This leader to a short hall with one more door at the end. As you walk v this area Penguin will warn you the Nightwing has been spotted in the area. Head v the following door to uncover Ivy.

Five cops storm in the door behind you and attack. One of them has actually a shield. There"s an electrical box top top the wall surface you deserve to use for an environmental takedown + . Conserve your mayhem mode. Five cops is not really many.

After girlfriend dispatch this enemies, Nightwing shows up.

• Nightwing boss Fight

• Nightwing ceo Fight

This is a pretty decent boss fight. My biggest complaint is that there"s no method Harley Quinn should be able to beat Nightwing in a fight, and if you"re good, she handles him quite easily. To be fair, she gets some aid from poison Ivy - yet I still do poor little Dickie Grayson look ridiculous in this fight, and that provides me sad.

If friend don"t know what you"re doing, this fight deserve to by difficult, though. Some world have spent hours trying to number out exactly how to acquire through this fight. You can"t just punch your way through the fight and hope to it is in ok, favor you deserve to with most fights in the Arkham series.

Batnight has actually electrified escrima sticks the make him act like a taser goon. That won"t ever drop his escrima sticks, though. He"s also completely immune come all her gadgets. In fact, if you usage laughing gas ~ above him, it will certainly inexplicably shock you. Attacking Nightbat from the front results in friend taking damage from an electrical shock from his escrima sticks. Knightlight"s attacks, favor a taser goon"s, room unblockable. Like a combat specialist, Knightrat also cannot it is in knocked down for any duration of time. He will instantly feather to his feet prepared to fight if girlfriend knock him down. Also like a combat specialist, he deserve to occasionally evade an assault if he"s all set for the attack. That is unusually aggressive, like a brute, attacking you constantly, not waiting to provide the other opponents a chance to attack.

In addition to Nightbag, you"ll have to deal with three other police police officers at all times. Any kind of time you KO a police officer, an additional one will automatically jump down from the back room and join the fight.

To damages Nightbug, you need to either hit the from behind, or perform a unique combo takedown. A unique combo takedown walk 25% that his health and wellness in damage. Similarly, you can do a beat down on him, as long as you shock him native behind. The beat under itself walk no damage, however the beat under finisher go 25% that his health. A normal strike from behind will carry out 2% damage, while a freeflow strike (Combo meter x2 or above) from behind will perform 5% damage.

If you control to activate chaos Mode, you deserve to hit Nightlight v multiple takedowns prior to the result wears off, but the most you"ll be able to get against him is 2 throughout a solitary effect. It"s best to struggle Nightlight v the an initial attack, then usage the 2nd against a piggy, climate hit that again v the 3rd attack.

When fighting normally, Batnight is exceptionally aggressive and quick to recuperate from attacks. Together such, you"ll have to jump end him, fight him once to knock that down, then maybe do an strike or counter against a police officer, then jump over Batnight again for another attack. Whenever friend fill your combo meter, struggle him through a distinct combo takedown for huge damage.

At the beginning of this fight, run towards Nightbat in slow-moving motion, and also when you gain close, execute a redirect ↑ + , end his head. Shock him v a bat to the back of his head , climate follow up through a beatdown , , , .... You should gain to the finisher just before the an initial little piggy arrives to interfere v your attacks. If you conserved your mayhem mode from the ahead room/fight, you need to activate the now, hitting Nightlight, climate a piggy, climate Nightlight again, leaving the with only 25% HP. Through this time, girlfriend should have just around filled the combo meter. Carry out one or two strikes and/or counters versus the piggies if you have to fill the combo meter up to x8, then hit Nightbat through a one-of-a-kind combo takedown + to complete him off. This totality fight is end in secs with only 8 access time if you traction this turn off correctly.

What a lame-o sidekick.

It"s precious noting that if you start this episode again in ~ 100% and also select proceed instead the restart, you can fight Nightwing again as numerous times as you"d choose without having actually to go v the whole episode to obtain to him.

Red Hood Story Pack

Red Hood Story Pack

This is a full, unedited video of a playthrough the the Red Hood DLC, including loadscreens, filmed the day the the DLC was released come the general public.Naturally, it has SPOLERS

The Red Hood Arkham illustration DLC attributes murderous anti-hero Red Hood as a playable personality in a brief campaign wherein he stalks and also murders black Mask. The DLC attributes 2 combat sections and 1 predator map, through a minimal story gift by cutscenes tying the part together. There is no traversal in between encounters, and in reality the game attributes somewhat annoying pack screens in between each confrontation. This feels much more like a series of AR challenges than an really story campaign. The project culminates v a passable ceo fight versus Black Mask.

It"s a really short campaign that can easily be completed in 10 minutes, consisting of the pack screens. It"s somewhat more an overwhelming than the Harley Quinn pack, but still very much top top the easy side. Red hood quips one liners when he stealth kills enemies, and banters back and forth v Black Mask during the final confrontation. The real attract of this fill is acquiring a opportunity to play together Red Hood, that is a legitimate vigilante (Batman does no fit the definition of vigilante), and who leans toward an ext lethal services to Gotham"s crime problems. While there room no combat or predator obstacles specifically designed because that Red Hood, downloading and install the DLC pack will allow you to play as the Red Hood together an alternating character in any solitary character combat or predator challenge.

This to be originally readily available as a preorder bonus, however is now available for purchase for $1.99, or comes v the Season Pass.

Changing Red Hood"s energetic costume in the personality Showcase will enable you to play v his alternating skin in both the DLC and AR difficulties - yet the game will still usage his default costume throughout all the cutscenes in between challenges in the campaign.

The story takes location sometime ~ the occasions of the main campaign - however there"s nothing to show the order this have to fit in v the various other post-game campaigns. It might easily it is in the first in the series, or the last, or almost everywhere in between. I have tendency to think it functions the best as the last episode.

Stop black Mask"s arms attend to Penguin"s henchmen

Stop black color Mask"s arms deal with Penguin"s henchmen

You"ll struggle a complete 21 unarmed henchmen in this confrontation, with 2 shock sticks. The fight will begin against 9 unarmed enemies. As soon as you reduce them under to about 4, another 6 opponents will enter from a nearby garage. One will have actually a shock stick. Together the fight progresses, another 6 will certainly come in indigenous the other side, pass in a 2nd shock stick.

The game actually tries to trick you ideal out of the gate. In ~ the beginning of the fight, the combat will slow-moving down and you"ll be prompted to usage Red Hood"s guns come return the video game to common speed. This is a trap. Red Hood showboats when he fires his guns, making the a an extremely slow move. If you begin off by firing your guns, you"ll regularly get fight by one of the goons prior to you finish the animation. Starting with a zipkick + is a much safer idea that will prevent opponents from gaining in a cheap shot early in the fight.

While Red Hood go not have actually a weapon break capacity to get rid of shock sticks, his firearms will instantly kill an foe holding a shock stick, so they"re fairly easy because that him to transaction with. If a shockstick enemy assaults you, just fire her guns and also you"ll death him instantly, and have lot of of time come recover before the next adversary attacks. That course all the usual techniques of taking care of them also work equally well. It"s crucial to note that Red Hood does not have access to the steal weapon move, i beg your pardon also means he cannot pick up and also throw objects in the environment. There is a solitary propane tank the an opponent will throw at you throughout the fight. Likewise not having actually any kind of batarang, Red Hood cannot destroy this propane tank front of time. Be ready for a projectile counter. Over there is additionally a fuse crate in the area near to whereby Red Hood start the scene that deserve to be provided for an ecological takedown + .

In this campaign, Red Hood has the x5 combo takedown ability, definition he only requirements to construct his combo meter approximately x5 prior to being maybe to usage a combo takedown fairly than x8. However, he does no have critical strikes or freeflow focus mkII to build the combo meter faster, so it legitimately bring away 5 assaults to develop up a combo move. Red Hood doesn"t have any type of special combo move available. All he has actually is the an easy combo takedown + , which kills a single enemy.

Finally, it"s worth noting the Red Hood"s speed Bang Grenade + is the many worthless tool in the entire background of Arkham, and also should typically never be offered in combat, or in predator. In combat, it will stun an foe (or group of enemies) indigenous a distance, permitting for beatdown combos. However, once you try to attack a stunned foe from a distance, Red Hood will certainly sit and shoot them through a series of bullets the inexplicably perform no real damage rather than relocate close to attack them with a timeless beatdown. This is really disorienting and also will nearly always result in breaking your combo or worse.

Humiliate black color Mask by acquisition out his gang

Humiliate black color Mask by acquisition out his gang

The 2nd section that the project features a predator challenge against 11 armed enemies. 4 of these opponents are a unique armored kind of enemy distinct to this challenge. These adversaries are just like any type of other armed enemy, except that they cannot be killed by Red Hood"s guns. Armored opponents are emphasize in violet in her tactical detective vision display, rather of the usual orange.

Stealth v Red Hood

Red Hood is capable of stealth in lot the same method as Batman - despite he is rather more limited in quiet takedown options than personalities such together Batman, Robin, and Nightwing. As soon as swinging down to dispatch an adversary from above, Red Hood will fire his firearms at the enemy, make this a according to takedown. That is an in similar way noisy as soon as doing takedowns from over or below using usually silent grate takedowns. He likewise does no have fear multi-takedown ability.

Red Hood performs silent takedowns and corner takedowns silently together usual. Furthermore, when you execute a typical stealth takedown, Red Hood will certainly quip a snappy one liner mocking his dispatched foe, make these classic silent takedowns more rewarding.

Red Hood"s real benefit in predator comes no from stealth, however from his an effective guns . Red Hood have the right to instantly dispatch any kind of non-armored opponent from a healthy distance by shoot his guns. Girlfriend don"t have to aim. Just point the camera in the basic direction of the enemy, and Red Hood will aim at the nearest target automatically.

You can additionally fire the guns roughly a edge when crouched in cover at a corner where girlfriend would generally do a corner takedown. This enables him to take it cover and protects the from most adversary bullets comes from that direction, while just popping approximately the corner for basic kill. If every the adversaries are coming from the same direction, Red Hood can easily kill 4-5 armed enemies just by acquisition cover and also continually shooting around a corner.

His guns are also incredibly an effective when offered from high vantage points, allowing you come kill adversaries from up high without ever coming down to the ground, climate swing far to a different vantage suggest to avoid obtaining spotted by making it through enemies.

As stated earlier, the speed Bang grenades + room equally useless in predator as in combat. Making use of these grenades in predator will certainly stun an foe - i m sorry simply means that he"s aware of your presence and also cannot it is in taken under with any normal takedown moves.

There room actually a couple of different ways to go about this fight. The first possibility is just to run approximately the level doing quiet takedowns top top everyone. It"s a big level, and the opponents usually don"t crossing each other lot on your patrol routes, do it straightforward to take it them all down without everyone the wiser. As long as nobody ever before spots you, hears you, or runs throughout a body, the opponents won"t be actively searching for you, so they will continue to be isolated for easy takedowns. This method also has the benefit of letting friend hear all of Red Hoods snappy one liner as he dispatches his foes.

The second method is just to walk in weapons blazing. Sneak up and also do a silent death on the an initial armored enemy, directly ahead at the beginning of the level, then revolve to the right and shoot the guy with the sniper rifle, and also start shooting opponents as they come, retreating approximately the vantage points once the armored opponents start reflecting up. This method is fairly fun and also gives you a really different endure than any other character deserve to provide, yet is additionally somewhat dangerous and also requires a many of quick improvisation. It likewise deprives friend of Red Hoods funny one liner from quiet kills.

The last an approach is maybe the ideal of both worlds. Sneak around the level and silently take out the armored enemies, and possibly the male with the sniper rifle, and then open up up top top the continuous enemies who can be quickly mowed under by your guns when you don"t have to worry about keeping far from the armored enemies. This provides the gunplay section much easier, and still offers you a couple of snappy one liners as girlfriend dispatch the armored enemies. If there"s a fence to this an approach it"s that it"s a tiny too easy, and also gives friend no real challenge. But it"s tho a the majority of fun.

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Convince black color Mask to leaving Gotham

Convince black color Mask to leaving Gotham

This is a two part fight. The very first part has actually you fighting 8 of black mask"s guys. 2 that them have actually shock sticks. This struggle is pretty directly forward. Nobody will certainly be cram anything at you. There"s a fuse box on one next of the room that deserve to be offered for a solitary environmental takedown + , but can just be used once in between this fight and also the succeeding fight against Black Mask. There"s no factor not to usage it if the chance arises. It"s no any much more useful later on than it is now.