When it concerns fragrances, lavender’s the very meaning of a living legend. If girlfriend warped earlier to old times, you’d uncover the Egyptians, Greeks and also Romans all supplied the purple flower as perfume, bath soak, house fragrance and more.

While some points never adjust (we’re still reaching for this soft, herby floral anytime we need a tiny TLC), lavender’s wild adaptability has made for some brand-new and distinct fragrance combos. Here are the ones us can’t get enough of…for very different reasons.

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The glowing idea

It wouldn’t be a list of lavender fragrant without this bathtub & Body works icon. Heat vanilla. Fresh lavender. The two swirl with each other to create a soothing scent that’s equal parts clean and cozy. A tiny birdie told united state you love that year-round—at bedtime (like the aromatherapy version, that a pre-zzzz’s ritual) or whenever your residence needs a explode of brightness (the place isn’t cheery and also chill until the lavender-scented candle’s lit). Shop


The clean sweep

Lavender exudes freshness. Linen method clean. When paired together, they form a dreamy duo that’s light and oh-so crisp. Think line-dried laundry with the smell of seaside lavender in the breeze. Our client (hey, that’s you!) to speak this fragrance brings a sense of patience to their homes and also hands (hello, lavender soap). The bottom line: Linen & Lavender is the perfect everyday, so-fresh-and-so-clean fragrance and we can’t recommend it enough. Shop


The sweetest escape

when lavender’s recognized for that is transformative qualities, the story v our online-exclusive French Lavender & honey is that is transportive qualities. Take it away, Honorine Blanc (master perfumer): “It transports me to among my favorite areas in France—Provence. My motivation for this fragrance originates from the endless fields of lavender, which offer this city its charm and distinct character.” So following time you wanna gain away, just smooth top top this sweet-meets-fresh lavender lotion. Shop


The comforting beauty

A heavyweight floral fusion, this contemporary fragrance is clean, airy and also anything but grandma’s (no offense to her—this simply isn’t it). Lavender lovers deserve to relax understanding their favorite’s in the driver’s seat here, yet a touch that musky rose provides for a fragile scent the feels choose a warm, feminine hug on her skin. What else perform we love? rose oil disclosure feelings that comfort and also connection, when lavender inspires tranquility—making this one such a nice means to wind down before bed. Shop


The nightly ritual

Lavender oil inspires tranquility. Vanilla absolute calms the mind to encourage relaxation. Infused through natural vital oils, this aromatherapy blend is a need to if you’re after a warm floral that’s basically a quiet room, comfy pillow and also peaceful garden all in one. Funny fact: The vanilla in this fragrance was originally inspired by a condensed-milk note, evoking the calming emotion of a heat glass the milk at night. If the assumed of that renders you want to drift off, simply wait till you smell a pillow spritzed with Lavender Vanilla. Shop

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More lavender loves, this way

We’d perform all ours lavender fragrances, yet this would have actually been a really lengthy page. Want more?