When a human being in the group does the flag quest for the Bastion of Thunder (4 huge items/2 medallions); Does it flag just the person with the item OR the whole group (all 6 persons in the group)?I am acquiring conflicting signals here, some guildies say only the quester it s okay the flag, not the entire group.Can anyone confirm it one method or the other? Thanks.PS: it help if that flags an entire group at a time. Easier for me to conference a raid if I have the right to entice human being with AAXP.

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contrary to other quested flags (which are alternate ways to enter particular zones) the BoT quested flag is the only way to enter BoT. The alternate entry quests grant accessibility to the plane for the whole group, for BoT it just grants access for the human being completing itBrother Vvengeance Is"Sweet TranscendentVenril SathirLanwedar Wanderingsoul retired hierophant that Vazaelle
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This quest provide you a vital that shows up in her keyring as Talisman that Thunderous Foyer.As you never ever get an item it"s often take into consideration as a flag.And correctly it"s an separation, personal, instance thingie.There have the right to be also a confusion v PoTactics xp-only flag (gather four various Diaku talismans, whatever is done in PoStorms) that a team flag this time.
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Actually, there is a fundemental factor WHY the BoT crucial can just be done per person and not every group.Most flags are completed v a final turn in. In ~ that allude the search giver is able come flag the totality group if lock are existing during the revolve in. The BoT key is no completed with the revolve in to Askr. Instead it is perfect the very first time you zone into BoT from the center PoS portal. Due to the fact that only the human doing the revolve in come Askr has access to use the PoS portal to BoT, just they have the right to actually activate the key.I expect Askr can grant a whole group through the very first time vital upon the last rotate in come him, yet he doesn"t. Possibly has something to do with ruining keys of group members that currently had BoT keys. Regardless, the final act of zoning into BoT can only be done one person at a time and also that boundaries the key to gift granted to one human being at a time.