Don"t Starve tells you every little thing you must know about it through its name. Below are the best recipes to aid you do just that.

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Don"t Starve by Klei entertainment is a distinct open world sandbox survival game with fear elements. Right from the obtain go, the title tells you her objective, to not starve. That can be much easier said than done in this charming tiny game. No only have to you forage because that food while structure up a base, you also need to it is in wary of miscellaneous enemies and also weather conditions and also your very own sanity.

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This is all portrayed in a somewhat Tim Burton-esque art style which really does include to the games charm. But even considering all the dangers you confront in this game, hunger is the most persistent risk of death. To aid you get over this danger, here"s Don"t Starve: The many Nutritious Recipes, to help you know simply what girlfriend should cook in her crock pot.

depending on what variation of the video game you"re playing, this fruit pie may just save you. In Don"t Starve there space three main stats you need to problem about: health, hunger and sanity. The Dragon Pie, made from dragon fruit and also not the fantastical beast, restores 40 health, 75 hunger and 5 sanity points.

The cooking recipes to create this items is simple: you require a dragon fruit and also anything else other than meat. The simplest and most reliable thing to do is to gather part twigs and also fill the remainder of the crock pot with them. Getting the dragon fruit can be a tiny trickier because they"re not all that easy to find. As soon as you do find one, though, you can feed it come a capture bird to acquire seeds and also plant them.

A great way to begin your day, both in Don"t Starve and also in the reality. The Bacon and Eggs recipe from don"t starve restores 20 health, 75 hunger and 5 sanity points. Not rather as good as the Dragon Pie but still a really respectable recipe. Eggs, depending on the the people you landing in and what biomes room nearby, can be reasonably easy to find.

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To get eggs in Don"t Starve, either capture a bird and also feed the meat or steal some from the Pengull creature. Girlfriend can likewise use a steal tallbird egg however that is much an ext dangerous. The recipe needs you to put in an egg worth of 2, which way either two regular eggs or 1 tallbird egg and a meat worth of 1.5. If you use the tallbird egg then simply use a twig as a filler because that the critical spot.

you don"t must be a cheat to enjoy some waffles. In Don"t Starve, you just need to conference the best kind of ingredients and also throw it all in the crock pot. The ingredients are: a stick of butter, one egg and also some berries. There room a few other sports on this recipe however they frequently require an ext valuable ingredients.

once you carry out make this delectable act you"ll be restored 60 point out of health, 37.5 hunger and 5 sanity. This differentiates this treat from numerous other food items because of how good it is at restoring her health. The main downside come this recipe is the the drop price for butter is a pathetic 2% per butterfly.

Funnily enough, Don"t Starve"s honey Ham doesn"t require ham. The cooking recipes calls because that a complete meat value of 2 and also at least 1 honey item. There space a couple of ingredients friend cannot usage as well: Moleworm, Mandrake, Tallbird Egg and, many importantly, Twigs. This does do the recipe a tiny less flexible but not to a disastrous degree. If you have an additional spot to to fill after placing in enough meat and also the honey, just throw in some berries.

love husband Ham restores 30 health, 75 hunger and 5 sanity points. Love husband Ham also raises your characters perceived temperature by 40 for 10 seconds. This place it ideal in-between the Dragon Pie and Bacon and Eggs. One more thing come note, friend do have to be especially careful with her ingredients if you have actually the Shipwrecked DLC. If you placed in too lot fish you"ll do seafood gumbo instead.

This food won"t be familiar for those who haven"t play Don"t Starve in some time. Feijoada was introduced with the Hamlet DLC and its name comes from Portugal. It"s a food of beans and beef and also pork. In Don"t Starve, the cooking recipes calls for 3 bean bugs and also 1 meat ingredient. This does average the cooking recipes is really inflexible however it also way that if you have actually a many bean bugs, it"s simple to make.

Feijoada restores 20 health, 75 hunger and 15 sanity points. Thankfully bean bugs are basic to find, simply look because that any rock slabs around the area and also voila, p bugs. Of food you do require the Hamlet DLC to discover them yet hey, something to store you native starving because that one more day.

This beneficial recipe come along on the exact same wave as the Shipwrecked DLC. Surf "n" Turf is, rather simply, a meat and fish dish. This method that it calls for a meat worth of 2.5 and a fish value of 1.5 to be in the crock pot. That could seem to it is in a high order at an initial but countless of the fish ingredient in Shipwrecked can count together both a fish and a meat.

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Surf "n" Turf restores 60 health, 37.5 hunger and also 33 points of sanity. This makes the dish far better than waffles and especially advantageous around details biomes. A further benefit of this food is the you deserve to pretty safely use up any and also all monster meat you have laying around.

The pure best method to reclaim an empty stomach in Don"t Starve lies through this dish, the Meaty Stew. As you deserve to probably assumption: v by the name, this dish merely requires girlfriend to have actually a many meat, a worth of 3 in fact. If girlfriend have an are left in the crock pot after achieving the meat worth of 3, you can put in a carrot or mushroom to complete it.

Meaty Stew restores 12 health, a whopping 150 hunger and also 5 sanity points. This does do it a little bit tricky to get the most use out of it as many personalities don"t have large stomachs. It additionally decays rather fast and also requires you to protect against putting specific ingredients in the crock pot or threat making a much less efficient recipe. But if you"re starving then this recipe can"t it is in beat.

This delectable meal will certainly not disappoint and may just save your run of Don"t starve. Lobster Dinner calls for two key ingredients: a wobster and also some butter. After you have those two ingredients you need to use some filler for the remaining two slots however be wary the what friend use. You cannot use meat nor ice in this recipe and you should be wary of using an ext than one twig.

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Lobster Dinner restores 60 health, 37.5 hunger and also an impressive 50 sanity points. For this reason while this food won"t accomplish your hunger super well, the will gain back the other two an essential gauges and save you from a fatality other than that of starvation. One more note, while girlfriend cannot usage monster meat in this recipe, you deserve to use an ext than 1 durian and/or jellyfish in it because the recipe has priority end monster lasagna.

It would be a travesty come not include a cooking recipes from the games only playable chef, Warly. New Fruit Crepes deserve to only be crafted with Warly"s Portable Crock Pot, i beg your pardon is exclusive come him. It calls for a fruit worth of 1.5, butter and also honey. This have the right to make that a tricky cooking recipes to make but it is certainly worth it.

new Fruit Crepes restore 60 health, 150 hunger and 15 sanity points. This method it absolutely blows many other recipes ideal out of the water. Even the impressive meaty stew just shares the hunger restoration. Friend can also freely use durian to with the wanted fruit value. The main disadvantage, that course, is the you must play as Warly.

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The ultimate food in Don"t Starve is this most fantastical of dishes, Mandrake Soup. Mandrake soup is a very simple recipe the is nonetheless an extremely rarely seen. It calls for a mandrake and, well, that"s it. All that needs to be excellent to finish the cooking recipes is to to fill it v filler, simply be careful about some ingredients. The simplest way to make this is to just put in three twigs.

Mandrake Soup restores 100 health, 150 hunger and 5 sanity points. This actually puts it above the new Fruit Crepes in keeping your personality alive. Over there is no disadvantage to eating this recipe except that you"re using up a mandrake. Mandrakes space limited, around 2-5 every world. They"re often much better used for crafting a pan flute or by maintaining them in your inventory. The reason for this is twofold: mandrakes don"t spoil however the soup does and also they can put other enemies to sleep as soon as you eat them.

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