Getting ago was just the beginning. Great Scott! in ~ 4.5 inches in height, Doc hold a comprehensive remote manage in one hand, while turning to look over his shoulder, wind blowing past his face, in complete amazement. Behind his back hangs a brown pouch housing his tools. He wears a white jumpsuit, with a black radio active logo printed on the ago while yellow flames room seen in in between his legs. The double-walled home window box is designed after the electrical night, in former of Hill sink where points didn’t go fairly according come plan. This collectible pearls in a matte, embossed, protective external sleeve featuring numbers from the clocks provided in ago to the Future

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Are you informing me the you built…. A time machine… out of a Delorean!? Woah this is heavy. At 4.5 inch tall, a surprised Marty hold a 1980s camcorder, transforming to look end his shoulder, not believing what he has just witnessed. He wears a bright puffy vest, clean white sneakers, blue jeans and also has yellow flames protruding native the ground below his feet. His double-walled home window box is illustrated to display the legendary scene where Doc’s Delorean speed forward, trailed by flames as it prepares to go through room and time.

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The interior shows Marty’s red vest, walkman and also aviator sunglasses top top a yellow background. This collectible ships in a matte, embossed, protective external sleeve featuring number from the clocks offered in ago to the Future.

* because of licensing constraints the earlier to the Future Collection just ships to addresses in unified States, united Kingdom, Canada and also Australia in ~ this time.