The many credible tool a agency can usage to measure up its affect on the workers, community, environment, and also customers.

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“The B influence Assessment included a new twist come our campaigns - it helped us know where we are in comparison to other companies.”

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“The Assessment provided a system for Patagonia to conduct a substantial assessment of our existing social and environmental programs.”

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“The suffer of acquisition the Assessment really dug deep into what our company does and also how efficient it can be.”

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This Assessment will walk you with a series of questions to assist you find out what that takes to develop a far better business - much better for her workers, community, and also the environment.

Takes ~30 mins to acquire a rapid snapshot

Takes ~2-3 hrs because that a full affect report

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Compare your answers come thousands of other businesses and also see exactly how you ridge up.

You will obtain two varieties of feedback:

Quick SnapshotA an easy look at which concerns your firm already excels at and also which methods it can improve on

B affect ReportA an ext holistic look at just how your company scores throughout multiple concerns related to the same impact topic

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Create a customized improvement plan for her business and also use our cost-free best exercise guides to assist you implement.

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Start measuring and managing her social and environmental impact using this free, confidential tool

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