In the first World War, it have the right to be a bit tricky to work-related out who was fighting who, and also who was on who side. Why walk Germany declare war on Russia because a Serbian eliminated an Austrian man?


It appears a bit facility at first when us look in ~ it the way. Actually, over there were lots of pacts, friendships and partnerships that expected one nation would defend an additional country if war was declared.

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So, before we understand what resulted in the an initial World War, we should look at this pacts and how lock started. Analysis this will aid you to understand who was on who side and also why.

Who to be the Allies, and also who to be the main Powers?


The main Powers

In 1871, Germany made an alliance v Austria-Hungary (which to be one solitary country then). When Italy joined in 1882, it came to be the Triple Alliance.

They every agreed to safeguard each other if they were struck by Russia and also to stay neutral in case they were attacked by any kind of other country.

Remaining neutral is as soon as you don’t take it sides (it just meant the Germany promised no to side with any type of other strength apart native Austria-Hungary and Italy).

Austria-Hungary map

The German realm (the second Reich) and Austro-Hungarian realm were two necessary powers in central and eastern Europe in ~ the time.

These countries and ruling powers to be worried around Russia attacking them native the East. They felt more secure in a pact together due to the fact that they figured that Russia would certainly not strike two realms at the same time.


Italy joined because it needed protection native other an excellent powers too.

This pact it s okay a small bit complex where Italy is concerned since Italy then privately told France they would certainly not help Germany if Germany attacked them!

Britain, France and also Russia additionally formed a pact.


The Triple Entente

The surname of the pact in between Britain, France and also Russia, made prior to WW1, was the Triple Entente.

In Russia, the royals spoke French at the time, so the French and Russians may have specially picked the name for your pact with Britain.

Entente way “friendship, expertise or agreement” in French. Indigenous this, deserve to you number out what the Triple Entente was?


Because France and Russia to be a bit worried about Germany and also Austria-Hungary authorized together, they as well made part agreements that their own in 1892.

Britain remained out of the at the point. France and Britain had been adversaries for long time. They had been come war before this, numerous times (and to be at war for 100 year once!).

Despite every this history, britain signed an agreement with their old enemies, France in 1904. France already had an covenant with Russia called the Franco-Russian Entente of 1894.

In 1907, the Triple Entente to be formed in between Britain, France and also Russia.


The causes of people War One

The alliance systems, or Ententes, to be the factor that nations all got associated in the fighting of world War One. As soon as the Archduke Franz Ferdinand to be shot in Serbia, Austro-Hungary claimed war on Serbia.

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Because Russia were all set to protect their old Serbian allies and also go come war v Austro-Hungary (who were on Germany’s side), France, Britain and also Russia visited war through the main Powers due to the fact that they had agreed to in the Triple Entente.