Our engineers have gone to AWS re:Invent for countless years currently — but this year feel different. People in our industry have always paid fist to new AWS services, however as Amazon proceeds to leap ahead of significant technology shifts and launch national conversations around things like IoT and also analytics, this year’s re:Invent announcements space rippling out throughout a far wider business audience.

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In regards to sheer numbers, this to be the greatest re:Invent ever. More people, an ext breakout sessions, and Amazon’s greatest customer showcases yet (and yes, a really big truck). Because that those of girlfriend who might not do it this year, below are several of the many important brand-new themes AWS emphasized with announcements in ~ re:Invent — and also our engineers’ reactions:


AWS IoT, Polly, and also Lex at work-related supporting NASA’s Mars bot. Source: AWS

As a company that builds and manages countless VMs a year, we have the right to confidently speak it won’t be long prior to we are structure entire computer environments v voice.

5. Amazon watch Oracle as its Biggest competitor (and most basic Target)

In instance you to let go it, Jassy’s keynote to be repeatedly…”hostile” to Oracle. This coming after the shots fired at Oracle that proclaimed it would certainly beat AWS in the cloud.

Most client couldn’t care less about this jockeying, but it was amazing that Jassy’s best laughs came at the expense of Oracle — and so store an eye on any new Oracle solutions as a forecast of Amazon’s next announcements. Jassy announced PostgreSQL support for Aurora, which renders it easier for Oracle customers to move to Aurora.

6. Significant Investments in Analytics

Amazon continues to release services that offer you everything you need to develop a complete analytics computer environment ~ above AWS. AWS glue is their brand-new cornerstone analytics service, which does precisely as explained — pieces with each other the various stages of data cataloguing, preparation, and also job scheduling to work-related alongside their existing analytics services choose EMR and also Redshift. That is a totally managed ETL company that makes it easy to move data in between your data stores. No much more patching together assorted cloud-native and also non-cloud-native services.

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7. Open resource Container Management

It to be widely supposed that AWS would release an update to your Elastic Container Service, however the beginning of AWS Blox, a repertoire of open resource container monitoring projects for ECS, is definitely an brand-new direction for AWS. The open resource container developer neighborhood is thriving — and for those who room not aware, Docker chin is open resource — so that is really smart for AWS to keep in the tradition. This is one area whereby AWS knows innovation can occur faster outside of their own offices.