Latest Android stay 2.0 because that Asus Zenwatch 2 is now obtainable for download. The company previously rolled out the Android wear 2.0 because that Zenwatch 3 and now the update easily accessible for Zenfone 2. The update brings the latest Android 7.1.1 Nougat for Asus Zenwatch 2. If you desire to upgrade Asus Zenwatch 2 to Android undertake 2.0 climate follow below procedure to Download and also Install Android undertake 2.0 ~ above Asus Zenwatch 2 manually.

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This is the very first stable version of Android undertake 2.0 because that Asus Zenwatch 2. The AW 2.0 upgrade for Zenwatch 2 bring the brand-new Android Wear pat store, new clock faces, improved messaging, and Google Assistant. Right here we carry out you the AW 2.0 OTA Zip file which deserve to be flashed via ADB Sideload. Download and Install Android stay 2.0 on Asus Zenwatch 2 indigenous below.


You can trigger the update the upgrade by repeatedly tapping on the green “system is approximately date” screen within the setups menu. Make sure to enable WiFi and also disable the Bluetooth before proceeding. Also, you deserve to follow the below method to Install Android wear 2.0 ~ above Asus Zenwatch 2 manually.

Download Android wear 2.0 because that Asus Zenwatch 2

How to download Android undertake 2.0 ~ above Asus Zenwatch 2

To manually examine the update, you deserve to head over to Settings and repeatedly tap top top the eco-friendly “system is as much as date” display to get the update. For a hand-operated update, enable ‘USB debugging’ choice from setting.Download the Android undertake 2.0 OTA Zip paper for Asus Zenwatch 2 from above Copy the paper to ADB folder.Now connect your Android Wear to Laptop/PC.On ADB and also Fastboot folder, press shift+right click and click on open command here.Now examine your link by typing the listed below command

adb devicesif your machine is listed you’re prepared to speed the ROMReboot her Android Wear into the Bootloader mode or Fastboot mode by happen the adhering to command via cmdadb reboot bootloaderIn the bootloader mode, navigate to Reboot recovery option by pressing the next button and also select the by holding the very same button.Now, swipe right on the menu and select “apply upgrade from ADB.”Now you can use ADB Sideload to flash the AW 2.0 ~ above Asus Zenwatch 2 by typing below commandadb sideload File_name.zipNow wait till the process complete and also then Reboot your watch (first boot will certainly be much longer than 5 minutes)Done! you Update Asus Zenwatch 2 to Android stay 2.0 successfully.Download and also Install Android undertake 2.0 top top Asus Zenwatch 2 and also update Asus Zenwatch 2 come Android 7.1.1 Nougat manually. Stay associated with us via Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus to read an ext such valuable posts.

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