Before record this satire the Amish life, “Weird Al”, similar to all parodies that does, acquired the permission indigenous the initial artist, Coolio…or therefore he thoughtAs it turns out… check out More 

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As ns walk v the valley wherein I harvest mine grainI take a look in ~ my wife and also realize she's an extremely plainBut that's simply perfect because that an Amish prefer meYou know, i shun an elaborate things like electricityAt 4:30 in the mornin' I'm milkin' cowsJebediah feeds the chickens and Jacob plows, foolAnd I've been milkin' and also plowin' so long thatEven Ezekiel thinks the my mind is goneI'm a man of the land, I'm right into disciplineGot a bible in mine hand and a moustache on mine chinBut if ns finish all of my chores, and you complete thineThen tonight we're gonna party favor it's 1699We been spending most our livesLiving in an Amish paradiseI've churned butter as soon as or twiceLiving in an Amish paradiseIt's difficult work and also sacrificeLiving in one Amish paradiseWe market quilts at discount priceLiving in one Amish paradiseA local boy kicked me in the target last weekI just smiled in ~ him and also I turned the other cheekI really don't care, in truth I great him well'Cause I'll it is in laughing mine head off once he's burn in HellBut i ain't never ever punched a tourist even if the deserved itAn Amish v a 'tude? You understand that's unheard ofI never wear buttons however I obtained a cool hatAnd my homies agree, i really look an excellent in black, foolIf you involved visit, you'll be bored to tearsWe haven't also paid the phone invoice in 300 yearsBut we ain't yes, really quaint, so please don't point and stareWe're just technologically impaired
There's no phone, no lights, no motorcarNot a solitary luxuryLike Robinson CrusoeIt's together primitive as have the right to beWe been spending most our livesLiving in an Amish paradiseWe're just plain and basic guysLiving in an Amish paradiseThere's no time for sin and viceLiving in one Amish paradiseWe don't fight, we all play niceLiving in one Amish paradiseHitchin' up the buggy, churning numerous butterRaised a barn ~ above Monday, shortly I'll advanced anotherThink you're yes, really righteous? Think you're pure in heart?Well, I know I'm a million times as humble as thou artI'm the pious guy the small Amlettes wanna it is in likeOn my knee day and also night scoring points because that the afterlifeSo don't be vain and also don't it is in whinyOr else, my brother, I could have to obtain medieval on your heinie

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We been spending most our livesLiving in an Amish paradiseWe're all crazy MennonitesLiving in an Amish paradiseThere's no cops and also traffic lightsLiving in one Amish paradiseBut you'd most likely think it bitesLiving in an Amish paradise(Ooh, ooh, yech!)