Looking because that a pair the sports-friendly or multipurpose Bluetooth headphones? A pretty pair of around-the-neck Bluetooth headphones can be just the point you need. Castle are relatively similar to continuous wireless sports earbuds through a cable connecting two buds however they provide far better stability and also usually have longer battery life.

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Our post on 8 best around-the-neck Bluetooth headphones in 2021 will answer every the inquiries you may have around around-the-neck Bluetooth headphones. Us will comment on their benefits over other wireless headphones/earbuds (true wireless and also regular wireless), your disadvantages, and also the most crucial features. We will also present you v our selection of 8 ideal around-the-neck Bluetooth headphones in 2021.

The benefits of Around-the-Neck Bluetooth Headphones

The industry is flooded v all type of sports earbuds/headphones and some the them market pretty great performance. However, they all have their downsides. So, why should select around-the-neck headphones rather than some other headphone type? Well, there room a couple of things that involved mind.

points we nothing like

As pointed out earlier, the headphones look and also feel premium and durable. However, some permanent users experienced problems with the rubber coating covering the neckband. It turns out that the coating comes off after a couple of months that use. This isn’t the situation with all the users but it happened to more than one user and it can be thought about a common issue.

The app is easy to use however it’s not an extremely feature-rich. The best downside is the lack of EQ settings.

The battery doesn’t support fast-charge function which is how amazing considering the price tag.

The headphones don’t support aptX or any kind of other progressed Bluetooth audio codec (only standard SBC and also AAC codecs).

Comparison Table

This is the end of our perform of 8 ideal around-the-neck Bluetooth headphones in 2021. We’ve tried to cover every the price ranges and also offer something because that every pocket. If you want to keep searching, here’s a little extra. We have actually made a brief buyer’s guide for you.

Things come Look for when Buying Around-the-Neck Bluetooth Headphones


The first and most annoying point we all need to do is to collection our limits. The great news is that the market has actually a lot to offer even if you room on a budget. There space all kinds of cheap around-the-neck headphones and also our favorite when it involves budget options is Mpow Jaws (priced under $30). If you have the right to spend more than $100, the number of viable choices increases. The priciest and also most progressed models are priced over $300. As always, the good-old dominion ‘you obtain what friend for’ applies here so friend must have realistic expectations. Girlfriend can’t suppose the very same kind the performance and build high quality from $30 headphones and also from $300 headphones.

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Design and build

Well, all these headphones have the same an easy shape v a difficult neckband going around your neck and also two earbuds associated to each finish of the neckband. On the other hand, the build quality different a lot with the price. The cheapest models have actually a basic plasticky neckband and thin wires connecting the earbuds to the neckband, while the pricier models are more premium-looking v rubberized neckbands or neckbands covering in leather.


Most of the around-the-neck headphones we’ve tested were quite comfy however there’s a distinction in earbud size and neckband material. These two things space the many important determinants when it pertains to comfort. Naturally, rubberized and also leather neckbands feel much better around the neck yet the difference is no huge. The earbud dimension is, in our opinion, much more important. Simply to be clean – we room talking about the size of the earpieces and also not about the silicone tips. Part around-the-neck headphones have quite large earpieces and, if girlfriend have little ears, you have to avoid those.

Control scheme

Controls room usually quite an easy and easily reachable. In part cases, all the buttons are situated on one arm while the charging port is located on the other. In various other cases, girlfriend have regulate buttons on both arms. The most crucial thing as soon as it comes to controls is their responsiveness. Some cheap models may have clunky and unresponsive buttons yet there’s no rule – you can find a very inexpensive pair that around-the-neck headphones v perfectly responsive controls.

Bluetooth connection

Since Bluetooth is generally the only obtainable connection (these headphones don’t have actually AUX inputs), girlfriend really need to pay attention to Bluetooth specs. You should check the version (latest Bluetooth variation is desirable), range, supported Bluetooth audio codecs (AAC and SBC are vital for Apple and also Android compatibility), and added features (like NFC or multipoint pairing). The most important thing is link reliability. In most cases, friend will gain a stable connection within the 30ft range.


Most around-the-neck Bluetooth headphones will supply at least 8 hrs of continuous playtime and some models will supply 10-15 hours. Naturally, they room not as capable as over-ear headphones once it involves battery life. Still, 10 hrs should be more than enough for any kind that activity.


If girlfriend need progressed features, prefer ANC, you will need to invest more. There’re just a couple of models with ANC and also they are fairly pricey (Bose QuietControl 30, for example). Friend should likewise be conscious that this headphones are not ~ above par through their over-ear rivals when it pertains to noise cancellation.

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Sound quality

We all want headphones the sound great but we don’t all have actually the same definition of ‘good’. Today’s tendency audience prefers solid bass emphasis and also numerous manufacturers merely follow this trend. So, the bulk of currently obtainable earbuds and also headphones have some sort of bass emphasis while the remainder of the audio spectrum is more or less impacted by this sort of tuning. Still, it’s not difficult to discover a pair that headphones v a an ext balanced sound v perfectly clean mids and also consistent treble. The finest thing you deserve to do is to shot the headphones prior to buying them. If friend can’t do that, the next best thing is to to trust us and read our reviews.