Aroma Siez important Oil mix is great for reassuring muscle discomfort after exercise. A be safe blend the is great for massaging away life"s small discomforts. Fine suited for usage after practice or at the finish of a trying day, it also provides soothing comfort for the head, neck, and tired feet. 


It is among the oils used during Raindrop technique for this reason.

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This is basic reference guide for Aroma Siez vital Oil Blend. It will certainly tell you how to use your oil blend and also what to usage it for. It will also provide you with some funny tips and also testimonials!

As ns receive brand-new tips and also testimonials they will be included to the page, for this reason check back frequently!

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What is in Aroma Siez necessary Oil Blend?

There are five various oils in this blend. Lock are noted below in addition to a quick description of each oil.

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What component of the plant is Used?What is one ORAC Value?What is the ORAC that the Oil?What are the plant Properties and Uses?Where is the Name obtained from?The Most amazing Historical Reference?And more!

What room the documented Uses because that Aroma Siez important Oil? soothing muscles after ~ exercise.

What is the Aromatic influence on the Mind? Invigorating however calming.

What is Nan"s psychological (Mindset), Emotional and Spiritual  interpretation of this Oil?

Supports united state in releasing tension in the mind and also body. Assists united state in letting walk of negative memories that are stuck ~ above a moving level. Helps us be constant in our work or projects. Don"t be siezed in her old energy-instead siez the day, your passion and decide come be an ext flexible in exactly how you move in the world.

What Chakra is Affected? opens up the throat chakra.

How execute I usage it?

Use diluted - 50:50 dilution (one component essential oil: one component of vegetable or transport oil). Then,

Apply number of drops (2-4) come neck and also backApply number of drops (2-4) come musclesApply to earlier of neck to relax occasional stress or stressApply to chakras

Can this oil be used for Animals? Yes, I usage it top top horses and dogs.

For horses, ns dilute around 10 come 20 drops of essential oil v an once or 2 of vegetable oil relying on how huge the equine is. And place it along the spine, especially up ~ above the sacrum area whereby the sacroiliac share is. If you desire to really spoil her horse, location a warm, moist towel over the spinal area after applying the oil!

Note around animals: details oils have the right to be really toxic come cats. Citrus products and oils in certain when they are not the therapeutic grade! please consult her vet if you space not sure about applying any type of essential oil to your pet.

What room the safety and security Precautions? Aroma Siez crucial oil does no have any kind of known contraindications. Execute not usage on youngsters less 보다 18 months of age. Could result in skin irritation (dilution may be necessary).

If pregnant or under a doctor"s care, consult her physician.

Want to purchase Therapeutic Aroma Siez necessary Oil?

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Tips and also Testimonials from crucial Oil User

Place this oil straight on muscle after exercise and also place a warm compress end the area because that comfort.

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