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Keep your hair smell fresh through the ARIANA GRANDE Sweet favor Candy Hair Mist.

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This vitality hair mist delicately fragrances the strands v sparkling note of citric fruits and musky accords, giving an olfactory experience like no other. Encapsulating the eccentric nature that Ariana Grande, this distinctive fragrance functions to refreshing the hair through a scent that lasts transparent the day and into the night.

Top notes of blackberry, Italian bergamot and pear open the fragrance up before introducing a love of jasmine sambac, frangipani and dewy honeysuckle. This is rounded unique off with the sultry notes of crème de cassis, marshmallow, cashmere woods and vanilla.

Loved because that its irresistible aroma, this candy-sweet aroma helps to recreation the smell of hair without causing any kind of unnecessary damage. Spraying a continual perfume ~ above the hair can an outcome in dry, brittle strands, i m sorry is why that is essential to invest in a mist the works v the hair fairly than versus it.

You"ll also love Ari human body Mist by ARIANA GRANDE. Complete the set with ARIANA GRANDE Sweet prefer Candy body Mist.


Written by Ellie Child, content Editor

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Fragrance Notes: Fruity and sweet

Brand Bio

Let"s face it, Ariana Grande constantly looks stunning, and now you can emulate her gorgeous scent v this sparkling choice of eau de parfums, mists and also gift sets.

Sweet and sugary, the playful arsenal is created the girly-girls who love to explore their feminine side. 


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This women"s perfume by ARIANA GRANDE is easily accessible to buy virtual in UK indigenous Amazon.

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You can likewise get the ARIANA GRANDE Sweet favor Candy variety as a human body mist and a spray definition you can find the right commodities from the selection and add them to your beauty regime. If you"re looking to broaden your collection, this odor is also obtainable as an eau de parfum. There"s likewise a gift collection for this range an interpretation you can treat your loved persons (or yourself!) come the perfect gift.

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