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Episode 10 tonight... Looks like there will be an episode 11 following week.As a reminder, eitherMichael - Audrey (62.5%) or Joe - Alivia (no match) space headed because that the reality Booth.10:03: Diandra wouldn"t mental being v Kareem...10:05: Keith is quite excited about Geles.10:06: and Anthony move in fast on Zoe... Geles strikes back!10:09: Quick reduced to Jada and also Dimitri hanging out, and also then... Geles starts relocating in top top Clinton, and the fighting starts again.10:10: Tyler mentioning once again that the residence isn"t walking to discover matches if the no matches don"t allow go. Among the clingest casts yet...10:22: more drama...10:27: Not lot chemistry between Alivia and also Joe.Truth Booth #810:29: Michael and Audrey head to the truth Booth...10:33: No match way we have actually 3 possibilities left and one shown perfect match: Nicole and Tyler.AnthonyClintonDimitriEthanJoeKareemKeithMalcolmMichaelShadTylerAlexisAliviaAudreyDiandraGelesJadaKeyanaNicoleNurysUcheZoe
Alexis - Malcolm, Alivia - Shad, Audrey - Dimitri, Diandra - Michael, Geles - Clinton, Jada - Ethan, Keyana - Anthony, Nurys - Keith, Uche - Kareem, Zoe - JoeAlexis - Malcolm, Alivia - Shad, Audrey - Dimitri, Diandra - Clinton, Geles - Michael, Jada - Ethan, Keyana - Anthony, Nurys - Kareem, Uche - Keith, Zoe - JoeAlexis - Anthony, Alivia - Malcolm, Audrey - Shad, Diandra - Kareem, Geles - Clinton, Jada - Keith, Keyana - Michael, Nurys - Dimitri, Uche - Joe, Zoe - EthanMatchup awareness #8
10:50: Geles trying come decide between Clinton and also Michael - a legit question!Diandra - Dimitri (inferred no match, repeat from ceremonies 1, 6, 7)Geles - Clinton (repeat native ceremonies 6 and also 7)Alivia - Anthony (inferred no match)Jada - Joe (inferred no match)Nurys - Kareem (repeat from ceremonies 6 and also 7)Nicole - Tyler (inferred perfect match, repeat from ceremonies 1, 3, 6, 7)Keyana - Michael (repeat from ceremonies 1 and 2)Audrey - Keith (inferred no match)Alexis - Ethan (inferred no match, repeat indigenous ceremony 3)Zoe - Shad (inferred no match)Uche - Malcolm (inferred no match)Blackout odds: 0%Instant victory possible: NoMost likely variety of lights: 2It"ll be one of two people 2 or 3 beams. 3 beams way it"s mix #3 above.10:59: and also 3 beams that is, which means your perfect matches are...Nicole - TylerAlexis - AnthonyAlivia - MalcolmAudrey - ShadDiandra - KareemGeles - ClintonJada - KeithKeyana - MichaelNurys - DimitriUche - JoeZoe - EthanCongrats to Keyana and also Michael, whose big gut instinct the end of the gate turned out to be right! A pretty amazing run together they number out the 11 perfect matches in just 8 matchup ceremonies - quicker than season 3, i beg your pardon only had actually 10.

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