Why is “Aquaman” rated PG-13? The MPAA rating has been assigned because that “sequences that sci-fi violence and action, and also for some language.” The rwandachamber.org evaluation includes descriptions of tight costumes that emphasize the contours of male and female bodies and also show some cleavage, part power struggles, numerous violent battles with world being killed or injured v some human blood and also humanoid bodily fluids, and also a few scatological terms and other obscenities. Check out our parents’ guide listed below for details on sexual content, violence & solid language.”

Introduced in 2017’s Justice League, Aquaman (Jason Momoa) it s okay his own beginning movie: conflicted together the boy of two worlds, the is compelled to protect the surface ar from his aquatic half-brother’s (Patrick Wilson) plan to ruin it, while also feeling allegiance come the underwater denizens and their distinct realm. Also with Amber Heard, Willem Dafoe, Nicole Kidman, Dolph Lundgren, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Temuera Morrison, Ludi Lin, Michael Beach, Randall Park and also Graham McTavish. Command by James Wan. A couple of lines of conversation are talked in what might be Russian with English subtitles.

Aquaman SEX/NUDITY 2

– A man and a woman kiss. A man and also woman hug and also kiss.

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►A man and a mrs lie in bed together and also she is shown to be pregnant (we view her bare belly as the male caresses her). A male kisses a woman’s hand. A man and also a woman touch hands. A mrs stumbles and falls earlier into a man’s arms.►A male talks around his mom “defiling herself” with a surface ar dweller and also having a fifty percent breed, bastard child.►Women stay skintight suits that disclose cleavage and outline their breasts and also buttocks throughout the movie. Men wear skintight suits that overview their chests, abdomen and also buttocks and also they stay armor through codpieces the accentuate their pectorals and crotch areas throughout the movie. A male is shown shirtless through most of the movie and also we watch his bare chest, earlier and abdomen, all extended with tattoos.


- men with guns board a submarine and shoot every the crew and also the captain is presented with a bloody face from a beating (there is no blood obvious on the shoot victims); one of the attacking guys stabs the captain with the abdomen (we watch the tongue come through his back) and also he drops dead. A guy stabs a fish/man biology in the chest with a trident and also we see eco-friendly goo spurt out of the wound.►Gruesome sea creatures with many sharp teeth and claws attack a man and also woman top top a boat: they fight ago and a few are stabbed with goo spurting native the entrance points while two space run v by a spear and also swung about by a rope come knock others off a mast. An explosion blows a feet in the wall of a house where a man, a woman and a boy are inside; the guy takes the son away as equipped guards enter and the woman uses a trident to fight them as they fire weapons that shoot an energy burst, and also she dispatches castle all prior to pinning one come a wall with a thrown trident (blue liquid spurts indigenous the victim). Two men fight with punches and kicks and a sword; one male is stabbed in the shoulder and slashed on the chest and ago (we check out blood).►Two males fight with tridents and one is moved close to spinning propeller blades (sparks fly once it access time his helmet) and they continue to fight hitting every other"s tridents until one breaks and also the other man holds the trident"s points to the beat man"s neck (he does not kill him). Two men fight with tridents under water: lock punch and also kick and throw every other, they autumn toward molten lava, one litter a flaming boulder at the other and he knocks it away. A man and also a superhero fight and also one offers a knife that cannot pierce the skin of the other and also the sword eventually breaks as kicks and punches room thrown. A male shoves another man on the ago in a bar, spilling his beer and also calls that a name; the second man stand to face him and the very first man asks for a photo with him and his friends. A woman fights number of guards v swords and also she breaks the mask that one man resulting in him come suffocate; the mrs runs and is chased by other guards and also they shoot at her as she jumps throughout rooftops, and also she fights a man and pulls the hose turn off his mask causing gasping till he place his head in a restroom filled through water. A male is thrown off a mountain and also crashes v the roof the a house where he and also another guy fight briefly: the is slammed and falls turn off a roof, a bell tower is shot and the bell virtually crushes a child yet the male shoves the bell the end of the way, a guy is trapped under a fallen stone and the other guy lifts the to free him, he is struck by a taser harpoon and stabbed in the shoulder, and also he take away two large cement balls connected by a hefty chain and throws it as his attacker and also it wraps around his neck and also takes him over a cliff (we check out him crashing right into rocks every the way down and also assume he is dead). A man and a woman swim right into a spinning shaft of water flashing v power bolts and they space thrown approximately violently; the mrs is thrown out of the column and also floats motionless until almost eaten by a giant undersea biology (she is swept away come safety). A guy is practically snapped up in the jaws the a large sea creature yet he braces that jaws open and also gets free. Plenty of crab-people fight v undersea people and also we check out claws being severed and also laser fire is exchanged until many are thrown by a huge creature advertise up v the ground and also interrupting the fight.►A pipeline is thrown right into a man"s shoulder and pins him to the wall surface of a submarine (we check out blood); that is pulled off the wall surface and drops to the floor, where he is trapped under a torpedo that has come loosened from its storage and another guy tries to totally free him yet cannot, and also the trapped man detonates an explosive device as the 2nd man climbs out of the submarine come safety. One explosive fee is shot in ~ a superhero and also he is thrown ago into a wall; the revives and also says, "Ouch." A superhero is chained and tasered consistently as one more man speak him that he will never take his throne; the chained man challenges the other guy to a fight. A male in a greatly armored outfit fires lasers in ~ a man and also he is thrown right into a wall (he has charred and also bloody skin on his arms).►An explode throws three people and also one guy is arrested because that illegal entry; the fights through the guards and also punches them, various other guards through swords hit him and one is run through with a sword (no blood is evident), and another enters and also punches the very first man in the chest throwing him right into a wall surface and he lands difficult on the ground below where he is punched tough in the face and knocked unconscious. A giant sea creature through tentacles that have actually spikes top top them and also a head that resembles a demon through horns strikes a man and slaps that is tentacles down roughly him (the man is thrown around and manages to calm the creature). A superhero outside a submarine pushes the vessel come the surface and we see males inside being thrown around; the superhero kicks in the hatch and also drops right into the submarine where he fights two men as castle shoot at him (he is unharmed).►A power source explodes in a city causing huge power blasts that blow human being through the air, crumble structures and sink the whole area. A giant wave is shown pushing warships toward land and also we later see many warships and also garbage on countless beaches roughly the world; a truck is swept away through the water and also a guy is later on pulled the end of the overturned automobile (he coughs increase water once he is revived), and also a city is displayed with buildings burning and we hear world screaming. An explosion breaks undersea structures and debris falls on people and also a guy with a trident tears the hull that the submarine open and also breaks the propeller. A woman creates a tunnel that water the draws a man into it (we see him spit out water later). A mrs speeds in one undersea vessel and takes a male away indigenous a fight; they are chased by various other vessels and also shot at by the ship and substantial hydro cannons and also when their car fails they obtain out and swim (we check out their vessel loss into molten lava and also disappear). A man shoots a weapon right into a rock formation in the distance and it explodes. A woman reasons many bottles of wine to explode and also spray in the form of spears right into guards chasing her. A man retrieves a trident from a skeleton guarding it and the skeleton crumbles together the trident flashes and also glows with energy.►Wind blows and rain falls on a lighthouse as a male secures shutters; the sees a woman motionless ~ above rocks below and takes her inside the lighthouse wherein she coughs up a lot of water and lunges in ~ the man forcing him versus a wall surface and climate throws a trident into a television across the room (it sparks) prior to she collapses (we view blood on her side). A male is displayed motionless floating top top a piece of metal in the s with a broken helmet/mask and also later revives v an IV in his arm and a bandage on his face. We see images of whales and dolphins gift harpooned and caught in nets (we watch some blood in water) and also barrels that waste gift dumped in the water.►Gruesome sea creatures follow a man and also a mrs deep into the ocean and they execute not attack because the civilization are transporting flares that frighten the creatures. A man and also woman dive off a high cliff right into the ocean and also swim really fast. A man and a preteen boy dive off a tall cliff right into the ocean and also swim fast. A man and also a woman jump out of a airplane and dive toward a desert below; they crash into the ground and also roll, spitting out dust but are otherwise unharmed. Men ride gigantic sharks, seahorses through sharp beaks and also other creatures undersea. A man and a young guy train with tridents ~ above a beach and also the male creates a force field of water that when the younger man hits it, it throws him come the ground. A man and also woman swim right into a whale"s mouth and also hide there and the man lies back on the whale"s tongue. A man drops through a sink feet in a desert and also a mrs jumps in behind him; they move through a chute and practically fall end a cliff in ~ the other finish (the man grabs the mrs by the arm and puts her on a ledge where he is dangling.►Children in one aquarium hit on glass and also call for fish to concerned them; two boys support a smaller boy against the glass and also bully him however a shark slams right into the glass until it cracks and the smaller sized boy encounters the shark to patience it and the boy"s eyes change color. A pre-teen boy swims with dolphins in a pair of scenes.►Two men argue. We hear that a woman was sacrificed come undersea creatures. We hear that a mrs fled an arranged marriage. A male tells another man the his plans space "stillborn" without support of others. World talk about border control and customs and also immigration in an undersea community. Us hear the a one-of-a-kind trident was forged and imbued v the power to manage the sea. A man argues that people should be educated no destroyed. A male quips around urinating on a mechanism.►A woman gags and seems waiting sick in a airplane (she does not vomit). A couple of characters sneeze up large amounts the water in various scenes and also one looks choose he is vomiting as soon as he wretches top top his hands and also knees (it"s only water). A woman eats a goldfish the end of one aquarium and also we watch its tail wiggle between her lips.

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A male sniffs his own armpit and also coughs from the smell. A man is displayed with a large scar on his face.