The annual Apple Cup rivalry in between Washington and Washington State has actually extra effects this year, together the winner the Friday’s video game will clinch the Pac-12 phibìc title and earn a expedition to Levi’s stadium in Santa Clara, Calif. For the conference title game on Dec. 2. There’s likewise no shortage that national effects in this matchup as well. The Huskies still have playoff aspirations and also need to victory out in stimulate to earn a spot amongst the top 4 teams in the nation.

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Washington State is coming turn off its very first conference ns of the season, suffering a 38-24 defeat at Colorado last Saturday. ~ an 0-2 start, coach Mike Leach’s squad reeled off eight wins in a row and also solidified a place amongst the top 25 groups in the nation. Together usual because that a Leach-coached team, Washington State is led by its high-powered offense and quarterback Luke Falk. The defense has also made strides throughout Leach’s tenure, specifically after the rental of coordinator Alex Grinch prior to the 2015 season.

As pointed out above, there’s plenty at stake because that Washington this Friday. Not just is the Pac-12 north title hanging in the balance, however the Huskies would have actually a solid case together a playoff team if they deserve to win their next two games. Third-year coach kris Petersen has elevated Washington earlier into among the Pac-12’s height programs and also guided the Huskies to their very first season (2016 - 10) that double-digit wins due to the fact that 2000. Washington to be picked as a breakout team before the start of 2016, and Petersen’s team has lived up to the hype. Quarterback Jake Browning leads an violation averaging 44.7 clues a video game – No. 1 in the Pac-12 – and a standout defense has actually not permitted an enemy to score much more than 28 point out this season.

This is the 109th meeting in between Washington and Washington State. The Huskies host a 70-32-6 series edge and also have asserted six out of the critical seven gamings over the Cougars. Washington State’s last victory over Washington took ar in 2012.

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Washington in ~ Washington State

Kickoff: Friday, Nov. 25 in ~ 3:30 p.m. ET

TV Channel: FOX

Spread: Washington -6

Three things to Watch

1. Washington State’s passing Game versus Washington’s Secondary

This is the must-see matchup ~ above Friday afternoon in Pullman. Washington State quarterback Luke Falk has actually passed because that 3,935 yards and also 36 touchdowns this season and leads a passing assault ranked No. 2 nationally at 380 yards per game. The junior has actually been reliable (only seven interceptions on 532 attempts) and is tied for first nationally v a 71.4 completion percentage. If Leach’s system enables for quarterbacks and receivers come post large totals, Falk is much more than a product the a system. The junior is a climbing NFL draft prospect and will have actually a decision ~ above his an elderly year to do at the finish of the season.