A couple of days ago, ns was roaming roughly these net streetz, and I stumbled across an old photograph of one more Bad Creation, the hip-hop flavored R&B team that make prepubescent girl shriek like maniacs at the mere cite of their name.

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Chance are, ladies, if you were a pre-teen in the at an early stage 90s, you had actually crushes on these guys.

Well, ladies, take it a look in ~ the objects of her affection:





THAT’S what y’all discovered attractive in 1991? Airbrushed overalls and also Breathe right strips? clearly Idris Elba has been doing the wrong every this time.

But despite their (very) poor fashion choices, there to be a time when ABC was on top of the R&B world. Let’s travel back and reminisce.

Michael Bivins will go down as one of the shrewdest businessmen in the music industry. After brand-new Edition damaged up in the so late ’80s, Bivins wasted no time developing Bell Biv DeVoe and also riding the new Jack Swing tide to success. However he didn’t protect against there – he went ~ above to discover other R&B acts, including the team of kids known as another Bad Creation.

The group contained Romell “RoRo” Chapman; chris Sellers; David Shelton; and brothers Demetrius (“Red”) and also Marliss (“Mark”) Pugh. Follow to Wikipedia, Adrian “G.A.,” or “General Austin,” Witcher also served as an unofficialize member. Sorta favor Cappadonna in Wu-Tang Clan, i guess. Ns don’t mental that guy at all, yet who am ns to concern Wikipedia?


What I execute remember is the group’s 1991 debut album, Coolin’ at the Playground Ya Know! Even as an immature Ninja tortoise watching, Ecto-Cooler drink preteen, i HATED the album title. Friend can also tell it’s the at an early stage 90s because the 2-foot tall youngsters are all wearing their big brothers’ coats and also hats. They look favor a bunch the thug Paddington Bears.

But allow me be cool in ~ the playground. Ns can’t dislike on ABC’s success – both “Iesha” and also “Playground” to be MONSTER access time in middle school hallways. Every girl called “Iesha” (and I recognize quite a few) all thought the boys were singing straight to them. And while the pitiful lyricism ~ above “Playground” provides Lil twist sound like Twista, it was mighty infectious. Both singles cracked the R&B peak 10 and also pushed the album to platinum status.

“My World” and “Spydermann” got airplay together well, yet by far my favorite was ABC’s sheathe of new Edition’s “Jealous Girl.” the course, the song is painfully corny by 2014 standards however it’s funny to hear guys whining around girls twenty years before Drake do a career out of it.

ABC became media darlings by the end of 1991 and also they were almost everywhere – magazine covers, TV shows, also movies:

Robert Townsend is the many normal looking person in that picture.

Proving the infantile music beefs isn’t just a 21st century fad, ABC also had a ridiculous beef with other hip-hop dwarfs Kris Kross. In ~ the beginning of the initial version the Kris Kross’ “Jump,” a tune that still goes SUPER tough today, Mac dad said: “don’t shot to compare us to an additional bad small fad.” Them’s fighting words. Of food it lead nowhere.

ABC overcame pop society from 1991-1992. By 1993, when their sophomore album was released, the bloom had fallen off the rose. Overexposure killed them out of the gate.

ABC went 2 for two v ridiculous album titles v It Ain’t What U Wear, It’s just how U pat It. Someone please explain what the means. And also while you’re at it, please define why Biv make those dudes dress like native American strippers. The singles “I Don’t Wanna be Grown Up” and “Where’s Ya little Sista” – neither of i beg your pardon were written by R. Kelly, ns promise – didn’t do the charts. The album was a dud and the team soon departed ways.

BUT WAIT: If friend blinked, you probably missed ABC’s quiet reunion in 2006, The Grady infant Compilation EP, featuring monitor from past members that the group. As you most likely guessed, it didn’t acquire much attention.

Just come prove the ABC has stepped up their wardrobe, here’s the many recent pic I’ve discovered of the group, which I believe was taken in the MySpace era, circa 2009:

Finally, a throwback pic castle don’t need to be embarrassing of. And check out this YouTube vid. The men seem to be doing nice well for themselves these days. An excellent for them.

Should castle Come Back?: ns dug about online but, besides vague guarantees of new music from separation, personal, instance members, ns couldn’t check that the team is eyeing a comeback. And that’s OK. Ns wouldn’t be protest to the men trying their hands at solo tasks – they’re market veterans, after all. But ABC together a unit was definitely a product that the times. Leave the airbrushed overalls in 1991.

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UPDATE to the UPDATE: The previously posted vid? Nah, that wasn’t them, it to be a parody. Thankfully. It’s been removed.

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