In a bold but truthful manner, Angels of fatality has determined that nothing is scarier 보다 the legal system, so welcome come the trial of the Century! The defendant is Rachel Gardner, young girl, God enthusiast, and expert puzzle solver. The beginning is a dangerous triumvirate consists of a grave fetishist, a sadistic jail warden, and an eye medical professional (but not the common kind). Presiding end these proceedings is the questionably honorable referee Gray. All rise!

Before we obtain to this totally-not-kangaroo-court, that looks like much of this episode"s strangeness deserve to be blamed ~ above Gray"s seemingly endless supply of violet hallucinogenic smoke. Rachel runs right into it as quickly as she pipeline Zack, resulting in a classic scene the a young lass complying with a white rabbit prior to tumbling down into a large hole. I don"t think Alice maintained a serrated knife v her, however, for this reason Rachel in ~ least has that advantage. Again, she"s challenged with the ghosts the the world she"s eliminated so far, i beg your pardon doesn"t faze she as much as the seed of doubt that"s been farming inside her. If God doesn"t exist here, or if God wouldn"t expropriate her and also Zack"s promise, climate what has she to be doing every one of this for? Gray arrives during this dilemm of faith, and he"s about as beneficial as ever. This time that actually has medicine the could assist Zack, which is all Rachel has actually wanted because that the previous several episodes, yet he"s not going to let her have actually it without ascertaining her sinfulness and also passing judgment. This pre-trial scenes are mostly iterating ~ above points that have already been addressed, however the imagery is pleasantly surreal. Blood gushes out of a winter that Rachel stabs as its reflection transforms from herself, to Cathy, come Zack, i m sorry is a quite illustration the her own guilt. Gray"s kaleidoscopic and also psychedelic presence later gives way to a distinguishable white room populated only through Rachel, a bible, and also a metronome, who perfect and also impassive ticking is a fitting depiction of just how Gray see himself as an impartial arbiter.

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In despite the of his ambitions, Gray does own the wherewithal to call this a witch trial, i m sorry is commonly not something one would contact a same proceeding. The odds are certainly stacked against Rachel. She has actually no legal depiction besides herself, and the beginning is two-thirds world she"s eliminated or aided kill and one-third a male she left because that dead. I don"t know whether Eddie and Cathy room ghosts, holograms, or manifestations the Rachel"s guilt, and at this suggest I"ll it is in fine with everything answer the show gives (or doesn"t give) us. The true delight in this scene originates from seeing all the villains shot to work together and also bickering unending instead. They"re continuous interrupting every other"s testimony and also undermining every other"s evidence, and also it rules. It"s a renewal of the show"s comedic leanings, and also it makes Angels of fatality a lot more entertaining and interesting, in mine estimation. The voice gibbs ham it increase wonderfully, but the real MVPs that this episode room the animators who drew Rachel looking various shades that unamused and also pissed off throughout this court scene. Because that instance, Cathy ends her testimony nearly writhing in ecstasy in ~ the thought of just how Rachel killed her, and also then the camera cuts for a moment to let united state see Rachel in the background v her eyebrows slightly elevated in disgust. Imbuing a quiet and inexpressive character with this much variety is no tiny feat.

The villains finish up sabotaging each other, however they"re also just poor at proving their points. The crux that Cathy"s testimony is the Rachel offered Zack only as a tool, but all she has is a short out-of-context scene, i beg your pardon Eddie calls her out on before Rachel also gets a chance. Narratively, this is a suggest that has already been addressed, back it could be true that all of this is playing out in Rachel"s head, therefore she"s simply projecting her insecurities earlier onto herself. I"ll honestly it is in a small disappointed if that"s the case, due to the fact that the possibility of ghosts giving testimony in court amuses me lot more, but I can"t rule it out. Eddie, meanwhile, acts like a lover scorned, building up his stare as one of selfless love undone by Rachel"s selfishness. Mine favorite part of this entire episode is just how Eddie blushes with his mask, which is therefore sickeningly sweet it makes everything feel more macabre. And we"re easily reminded that Eddie"s idea of a cool romantic gesture was making a grave because that Ray, which absolutely reeks the trying also hard. Not wanting to date a creepy young is much from a crime. Danny provides testimony last, and also he initially positions himself together being top top Rachel"s side. But any good will he tried come accrue goes immediately down the drainpipe as soon as the starts hollering about Rachel"s perfect eyes again. Gray"s characterization the Danny together a decent, caring man clashes so strongly versus his maniacal ravings around eyeballs that i can"t assist but laugh.

After what would have actually been number of mistrials in a genuine court, Gray color etc the proceedings to a close and also delivers his verdict: Rachel is a witch. Now, I"ll be the very first to admit that Rachel has absolutely got issues, but it should be clean to anybody watching the present that Gray"s blame of Rachel together purely selfish is flat-out incorrect. There to be convenience in her initial plan with Zack (absurd bloody convenience), but their friendship has actually obviously deepened due to the fact that then, and their mutual worry for each other"s welfare and also safety have the right to only be called selfless. Yeah, one desires to be eliminated by the other, yet why have to that preclude friendship? Is that not probably an even deeper and stronger bond? I"m being facetious, however Ray and also Zack"s camaraderie is undeniable, and also the audience to know Gray is in the wrong. For this reason what remains to be watched is exactly how Rachel is going come escape being burned alive together a witch. Hopefully Zack has actually woken increase by now, yet maybe she can talk her method out of it. Regardless, this was one more strange yet amusing rate of Angels the Death, balancing horrific situations with comically inept villains. Until following week, court is adjourned.

Rating: B+

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