If you are here, you have probably encountered the well known “An internal error emerged during Launching TestNGFile Problem” in Selenium. The message must likewise be saying that it has something to carry out with the java.lang.NullPointerException. First of all, I would say relax! There’s no have to panic. Nothing good has ever before come the it. The DITD physician is here, and also I will literally to walk you with this situation.

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The TestNGFile concern is basically being led to by the presence of TestNG M2E component in your set up software list. You simply gotta remove that, and the trouble will settle itself.

You might be getting something choose this when trying to run your code:


Here’s a action by step process explaining exactly how to exactly do that and also fix this issue.

Steps to solve An inner Error occurred During Launching TestNGFile Problem

Step 1: Navigate to Help> Install brand-new Software…


When you click it, here’s what you will certainly get:


Step 2: Now click on What is already installed? as shown in the snapshot above.

It will open a brand-new window mirroring all the is currently installed on your Eclipse.


Step 3: Look for TestNG M2E (Maven) Integration (Optional) alternative in the list. Should be at the bottom or something. Just click it. It will certainly make highlight the “Uninstall…” choice at the bottom.

Step 4: Go ahead and also uninstall that by clicking the “Uninstall…” button.


Step 5: Just click Finish.

The uninstallation will start to happen. Once it will be done, it will ask for a restart.


Step 6: click Yes.

Wait because that Eclipse principle to restart once again. When it will certainly restart just go come your program that you to be trying come run and also click on run (green button).

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This time you will certainly not face the very same “internal error” article anymore.