The regular spine, as soon as viewed native the side, is no a directly line as it is when viewed indigenous the former or back.

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The thoracic (rib cage) part of the spine has actually a normal forward curvature, referred to as "kyphosis," which has actually a normal range (20 come 50 degrees).

See Thoracic Vertebrae and the Rib Cage

This mix of forward and reverse curve in the spine allows people come sit and also stand upright.

Technically, any type of exaggerated round off of the front curvature in the upper ago is referred to as hyperkyphosis (meaning too lot kyphosis), however the hatchet "kyphosis" is typically used to describe the clinical condition of overabundance curvature the the upper back (greater 보다 50 degrees), leading to a stooped front posture.1 This is how the term is supplied in the remainder of this article.

This problem stems from the Greek hatchet "kyphos," an interpretation a hump, and is described in various lay terms, such as a dowager"s hump, hunchback, roundback, or humpback.


Kyphosis can develop at any kind of age and can influence both men and women. When the problem usually develops in the upper earlier (thoracic spine), the is also possible to develop kyphosis in the cervical spine (neck) or lumbar spine (lower back).

Kyphosis Symptoms


Symptoms can selection from mild, inquiry no treatment, to severe symptoms the are finest treated with surgery. Relying on the underlying reason of the condition, typical symptoms include one or more of the following:

A hunched front appearance, usually many pronounced when viewed indigenous the side as the patient is bending forwardMild to severe earlier painLoss of heightDifficulty standing straight upright, worsening end the food of a dayFatigue

In This Article:

Thoracic Kyphosis: forward Curvature of the Upper back

In the most severe cases, extr symptoms might develop, such as difficulty breathing as result of compression of the lungs, or loss of appetite.

There are number of common causes of kyphosis, i beg your pardon is important because to a big extent the underlying reason of the kyphosis will dictate the treatment options.


1.American Academy that Orthopaedic Surgeons, Accessed October 19, 2010.

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