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Everything old is new again.

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Steve’s back at it through the raging hormone again, and also Stan’s no rushing to offer him “the talk”…even despite he already gave the a rather comprehensive “the talk” back in Season 1, however I digress. An abstinence-only presentation stop by Steve’s school, gaining him mercilessly bullied, yet one the the girls, Shannon, take away a liking come him. Lock hit the off, partly as result of their liking of Deathstroke the Terminator (whose background they BUTCHER. They refer to him killing his first son, however that only happened in the new 52 continuity. IS nothing SACRED?!), and also she invites the to sign up with their group. Stan is happy to sign up with a team keeping the from informing Steve around sex, or challenge his own traumatizing upbringing, especially because the various other fathers all bring cool swords. However, it quickly becomes apparent the fathers space guarding their very own daughters against leading healthy and balanced lives, essentially dating them till they marry. This doesn’t avoid Steve and also Shannon from their cultivation attraction, and also so Steve is brainwashed Clockwork Orange-style to associate sex and women with weapons N’ Roses command vocalist Axl Rose. Establish what he’s done (and most likely that we’re reaching the 22-minute mark), Stan helps him restore his horniness and also properly begin dating Shannon. She’ll most likely never be seen again, yet whatever.

Also, Roger, Haley, Jeff, and also Klaus try recreating a water on slide they loved, however end up accidentally killing part guy and also getting Dirk Turlington affiliated (the fourth Turlington top top the show and the first not voiced by woodland Whitaker!). ~ peeling off the back half of his skin, roger manages to convince the detective castle innocent.

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So, the premise of this episode stuck out to me as pretty familiar, and also I finally discovered out why. This is the same basic premise together a Season 1 episode, “A smith in the Hand”. I know 2005 was kind of a when ago, and also the advertise of abstinence in sex ed and also “Purity Brides” space still real worries in current day, but there had actually to be a better way of covering that 보다 not just ripping us off yet ripping turn off The CLEVELAND SHOW of every things! Yep, “Cleveland Jr. Cherry Bomb” from the show’s first season. At the point, it’s no so much the take it off, yet that they had actually to take from THAT.