's mission is "to be Earth's many customer-centric company," and our Operations and also award-winning Customer company teams space at the love of the mission. Supported by fix up world-class technologies, our worldwide network the FCs, distribution stations and customer service teams are devoted to sustaining customers worldwide.

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Operations Manager

Operations supervisors lead and supervise Area Managers. Through continuous mentoring, they develop their groups to become data-driven leaders that implement process improvements that scale across our organization. Operations supervisors are meant to continually determine ways to enhance our operations and engage with site and regional leadership come implement renovations on instead of of internal and external customers.

Operations managers report come a senior Operations Manager. Great communication skills with all levels the management and staff space imperative.

Open roles

Operations Network

Operations teams assistance either an initial mile, center mile, or last mile. This refers to the journey of a package, indigenous order come delivery. Our fulfillment network is made up of state-of-the-art technology and a range of building species and size to assistance customer fulfillment.



In sortable buildings, associates pick, pack, and ship customer orders such together books, toys, and housewares. Many thanks to the advancements of Robotics, associates frequently work alongside robots, enabling them to learn brand-new skills and helping develop a an ext efficient process to fulfill customer demand.


In non-sortable buildings, associates pick, pack, and ship bulky or larger-sized client items such as patio furniture, the end equipment, or rugs.


At sort centers, associates organize customer orders by final destination and consolidate them onto van for much faster delivery. Our sort center network powers our capability to supply packages every day, consisting of Sundays, which customers love.

RECEIVE CENTERS’s receive centers receive large orders the inventory the we suppose to sell quickly and also allocate it to fulfillment centers in ~ the network.

SPECIALTY’s fulfillment network is additionally supported through additional types of buildings that handle details categories of items or space pressed into company at peak times that the year.

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In these buildings, client orders are all set for last-mile distribution to customers. delivery providers permit fast shipping every job of the week.