Score: 69%Rating: not RatedPublisher: ParamountRegion: 1Media: DVD/1Running Time: 89 Mins.

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Genre: Animated/Comedy/FamilyAudio: Dolby Digital: English Stereo
Full display FormatFour Episodes:A squirrel CelebrationFood for ThoughtCookie Chomper IIIDave\"s getting Married
I need to say the Alvin and the Chipmunks: Alvin\"s Thanksgiving Celebration
is not exactly what i was expecting. There space four various episodes included on this disc, yet only one of them is actually a Thanksgiving episode; the rather are, in ~ most, slightly concerned Thanksgiving.

A chipmunk Celebration

is the only episode in Alvin\"s Thanksgiving Celebration the is actually Thanksgiving themed. In this episode, the boys room excited about participating in the community play, as it\"s walk to be televised and every one of their family members will certainly be in town to watch it. Well, they\"re excited until they uncover that rather of their usual assignments (Alvin as lead, Simon in charge of lighting and Theodore in charge of costumes), they space being compelled to \"try other new,\" v Alvin do the costumes, Simon play the lead and also Theodore regulating the lighting. Lock fight versus it, tooth and also nail, and then Alvin concocts a arrangement to obtain them the end of performing in the beat by (making world think they\"re) saving a woman\"s baby in the zoo, across town. Of course, to execute so, they basically put on a skit at the zoo, v each of the chipmunks using the talent they were an alleged to be utilizing for the play, so they finish up learning they deserve to do it and get whisked by police escort come the neighborhood center, simply in time to carry out in the play.

Food for assumed

is all around finding a way to assist Theodore examine for his finals, once all he have the right to think around is food. He is studying for his background exam and component of what he is examining is the story that the pilgrims, so that is what ties this episode into the Thanksgiving theme. This is a cute story, wherein the squirrel illustrate exactly how to take it a \"handicap\" and use it to one\"s advantage.

Cookie Chomper III

was... No at every what ns was expecting. Parents - be warned: the Chipmunks\" pet cat gets hit by a auto (and dies) in this episode. Over there is no graphical explicate of anything, but it deserve to be rather jarring for this to happen without any type of real forewarning; especially since death is something not commonly encountered in a kid\"s cartoon, such together Alvin and also the Chipmunks. This episode centers on how to deal with the lose of a love one v grace, humor and compassion, yet if i were mirroring it to my child, i would have to brief them ~ above what the episode was about, so the it wouldn\"t be too lot of a surprise.

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Dave\"s getting Married

find Dave Seville falling in love with a mrs who, at first, the guys don\"t prefer - mainly because Dave security so much time through her. Together they obtain to recognize her, however, they thrive fond that her and also eventually phone call Dave so. Soon, they discover that she has actually three sons of her own, the the chipmunks don\"t acquire along with. Actually, she has actually a very comparable counterpart because that each that the Chipmunks, and it is this similarity that makes them dislike every other. I deserve to only assume that the template of families working with their concerns is the design template in this illustration that warrants its being in Alvin\"s Thanksgiving Celebration.The box has actually the phrase, \"4 Fun-Filled Episodes\" on the a pair of times. I would favor to check out \"3 Fun-Filled Episodes and also One Shocking Episode wherein an animal Gets operation Over through a Car.\" Seriously, J.R.Nip and also I to be watching Cookie Chomper III and as shortly as they gain the kitten and also get approval to store it, the slips out of a home window in the night and also gets run over. Also, as someone who has actually an allergy to cats, I uncovered it a little offensive the they present Simon \"reprogramming\" Dave\"s cat allergy making use of flashcards in about a minute and also a half. Animal allergies space chemical, no psychosomatic. Even in the cartoon, itself, Dave sneezes once he\"s roughly the cat, before he also knows of its existence.If you\"re looking for holiday illustration of cartoons from her childhood, I would suggest obtaining Christmas or Halloween Alvin and the Chipmunks DVDs, instead. If, however, you\"re trying to find a way to aid a child deal with the death of a pet, Cookie Chomper III might help start some cathartic conversations. Otherwise, ns don\"t think I would recommend this specific DVD, uneven you room attempting to collect them all.