Alta Wind Energy facility (AWEC), additionally known together Mojave Wind Farm, is the second-largest onshore wind energy project in the world. The is owned by Terra-Gen Power.

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AWEC is located simply two miles from the Tehachapi Wind source Area (WRA), which is composed of wind farms built in the 1970s and also 80s. Photo courtesy of Ham Pastrami.



Alta Wind Energy facility (AWEC), also known as Mojave Wind Farm, is the second-largest onshore wind energy project in the world. It is owned by Terra-Gen Power, one affiliate that Arclight resources Partners and global Infrastructure Partners.

The project will it is provided 1,550MW that clean renewable energy to southerly California Edison (SCE) for more than 25 year under a 3,000MW wind power advancement initiative ~ above completion. The purchase covenant was signed in 2006.

Spread throughout 3,200 acres in the foothills the the Tehachapi hills in Kern County, AWEC is located simply two mile from the Tehachapi wind source area (WRA), which consists of wind farms created in the 1970s and 1980s. The turbines were installed at altitudes ranging from 3,000ft come 6,000ft over sea level in Tehachapi.

The an initial phase that AWEC started in July 2010. It included units ns to V, which to be completed in April 2011. Building and construction of devices VI and also VIII started in at an early stage 2011 and also was perfect in late 2011, and also building the the units VII and also IX began in April 2012 and also was perfect in December 2012. The units X and XI were completed in 2013.

Terra-Gen’s AWEC development

Terra-Gen took end the Alta job from Australian infrastructure fund Allco Finance team after the company discontinued that is ‘Alta – Oak Creek Mojave’ initiative because of bankruptcy in the at an early stage 2000s.

Terra-Gen readily available $325m come the company for acquiring the project.

The task will incorporate the installation of up to 600 wind turbines, offer the demands of 257,000 California residences after the completion. Construction and also installation of some 300 turbines room expected to start in 2015 and also will generate around 830MW.

Construction the California’s wind power site

The AWEC project comprises installation of approximately 600 wind turbines and also construction of supporting facilities, a batching plant, company roads, a power arsenal system, transmission lines (both overhead and underground), electrical switchyards and substations.

“The task will encompass the installation of as much as 600 wind turbines, serving the demands of 257,000 California homes after the completion.”

Other facilities includes interaction cables v data intake monitored by a SCADA system, meteorological towers, a lightning protection system and other operations and maintenance facilities.

The infection line contains a solitary six-mile-long 230kV line, connecting the SCE’s Windhub substation.

Graders and also power haulers are provided for transporting the turbines to the project site.

Generating volume of the Alta Wind power Center

The very first phase the AWEC consists of systems I come V ended up being operational in April 2011. Unit ns has placed capacity of 150MW and also was the very first unit come be linked to the Windhub substation. Unit i is mounted with GE 1.5-MW SLE turbines.

Units II come V have installed capacity of 150MW, 150MW, 102MW and 168MW respectively. The 4 units are set up with Vestas V 90-3.0MW turbines.

Construction of units VI and also VIII started in January 2011. The two units have an installed capacity the 150MW each and use Vestas V 90-3.0MW turbines.

The surroundings of a total of 100 turbines for the 2 units to be completed by so late 2011.

Units VII and IX additionally use the same Vestas turbines and the construction work on them began in April 2012. Your completion boosted the generating capacity of the AWEC come 1,320MW, while the perfect of devices X and XI brought the complete capacity come 1,547MW.

Financing the Californian wind farm

Financing because that the $394m unit i of AWEC was completed in march 2010. It consisted of a seven-year construction and term loan, a leg loan come the Investment taxation Credit (ITC), cash sponsor from the united state Department the Energy and also other supporting credit facilities.

Credit Agricole CIB and Nataxis of brand-new York branch-led the financing through the other lenders gift the Union Bank, Prudential invest Management, Robobank Nederland and also Banco Santander.

Financing because that the $1.2bn devices II come V was completed in July 2010. The 4 units to be financed by Citibank, Barclays Capital and Credit Suisse. Google invested $55m in may 2011 in unit IV and also $102m in unit V in June 2011. Citibank also invested in unit V.

Financing for the $631m devices VI and VIII to be completed in June 2011, making up of a seven-year construction and also term loan, a bridge loan to the Investment taxation Credit (ITC) cash provide from the us Department that Treasury and other sustaining credit facilities. It was led by credit Agricole Corporate and Investment Bank, as well as the MUFG strength Utilities Group.

ING Capital, Robobank, Santander and also RBS Securities to be the share arrangers for the funds, when the lenders consisted of CoBank, bank of Motreal, key Bank, Lloyds, DZ Bank and Helaba.

Financing through a comparable structure to be arranged for the $650m devices VII and IX in April 2012. The financing process was led by Union financial institution (an affiliate the Mitsubishi-UFJ financial Group) and also RBA Securities. The joint command arrangers were financial institution of Montreal, Canadian Imperial financial institution of Commerce, an essential Bank, KfW IPEX Bank and also Santander, while the lenders to be Sumitomo, BayernLB, DZ Bank and also Associated Bank.

Alta Wind Energy center (AWEC) contractors

The unit was obtained by GE and also Bankers Commercial v shares of 50% every in 2011.

Blattner energy was responsible because that leading the building of systems VI and VIII, which were completed by so late 2011.

Unit through of AWEC was marketed to EverPower, a subsidiary the Terra Firma, in April 2012, while Unit VIII was sold to Brookfield.

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Blattner power was additionally responsible for the building and construction work of units VII and IX and units X and XI.