Eating at a standard American diner provides an endure rife v nostalgic charm, and Prescott Junction is no exception. Girlfriend can’t walk wrong with anything top top the menu at this mom-and-pop joint, but today, we’re focusing on their all-you-can-eat fish fry. It’s readily available every Friday and also Saturday, featuring the golden-fried icelandic cod and shrimp, to add French fries and also a expedition to the salad bar.

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During these unsure times, please keep security in mind and also consider adding destinations to your bucket perform to visit at a later date.
For end 20 years, Prescott Junction has actually been a local favorite for classic American food offered hot, fresh, and always with a smile.

The inner is specifically what you"d suppose to check out at an old-school diner, with warmth tones and retro furnishings.

Grab a seat, either at a continual table or in one of the wraparound booths and start looking end the food selection (we must warn you, the an option is huge).
You"ll view a wide selection of standard homestyle fare, indigenous breakfast favorites like eggs, sausage, and pancakes come juicy burgers and chicken-fried steak for lunch and dinner.

One of the most famous dishes is the all-you-can-eat fish fry, easily accessible every Friday and Saturday.

Chow down on limitless tempura-battered iceland cod and breaded mini shrimp, served with a mound of crispy French fries and a pilgrimage to the salad bar.

If friend can"t do it on a Friday or Saturday, don"t concern - bottomless shrimp (without the fish) is a permanent fixture on the menu, so girlfriend can gain your deal with all week long.
Speaking of the salad bar, it functions both cold and hot items, including fresh fruit and also vegetables, cool shrimp, and also even frozen yogurt for dessert.
Add that to any type of entrée for simply $4.95, and also your taste sprout will greatly thank you. At breakfast time, the salad bar serves as a buffet v over 50 items native which come choose, including the signature Prescott Junction pancakes.
It"s difficult to visit Prescott Junction without - at the very least - stealing a lengthy glance in ~ the dessert case.

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The pies space baked from scrape each morning, the cinnamon rolls room topped v a special layer the icing, and also the muffins room as fluffy and also pillow-soft as have the right to be.