Troy Ave’s “All about The Money” had actually been picking up foolish momentum this past couple of weeks & it’s finally received the remix treatment. Call on Jeezy & stack Ross for part dope… check out More 

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It's the Remix though! (Young trojan what that do!?)DJ still gon' death this component (It's the human being nigga)Roofeeo ~ above the beatTroy Ave make the Cypher finish (BSB)You never seen nothin' choose this, Splash Brothers v the aimI great a nigga would boyA nigga sleeping with your missesNigga call me Young 'Melo reason scoring is my shit boyI’m CP3 cuz ns be dishin' and also handlin' the rockChef cooking with the pot boyIt’s all around the muthafuckin' moneyIt’s all around the muthafuckin' moneyIt’s all about the muthafuckin' money (Yeaaaaah)It’s all around the muthafuckin' moneyStep up in this bitch v my shades top top (Snow!)All I check out is bands, bitch I acquired my rays onMy jeweler contact me Mr. Rolex nigga (niggaaa)Wrists game so strong, they call me Bowflex nigga (Daaaamn)Twenty thousands square feet, bitch mine crib method out (Way out)BK Barclay, bitch I lugged Jay the end (Yeaaaaah)I was, 14 bought my very first Presidential (How girlfriend ride?)Had the mini 14 in the rental (b-boo)Blue Lamb, yellow Lamb, also had a white one (white one)Can't forget the kiwi green, also had a Sprite one (whooooo)Took the Jacob Marc to Jacobs nigga (and i was nigga)With facing 10, huge money to win the case, so What's Up!? (Ha- Haaaa)
I be in the hood, autumn WranglerToilet record in my Porsche cause I’m shittin’94th and also Willmohr in the kitchenCooking birds niggas saying many thanks for givingArnold Schwarzenegger eight from the whippin’ <2x>Won’t answer to friend niggas sneak dissin’Suck a dick when you check out me recognize I’m grippin’No limit to my money i should get a tankThey go me v the earlier entering the bankBase to run Aaron for this reason I’m providing hankThat’s a hit had actually him hit leave the nigga plankin'He acquired six feet, I got six figuresNothin' less but six shoot coming turn off the hipLife’s a trip, life a gamble, ns a big chipper1000 dissension hand wrist sparkle bitch nigga(You know I love this)(If friend don't fuck with this, nigga dice slow)Menace to society, cocaine brothersMy dog made three Feds magazine coversGet shot because that the beat, to wash up top top the beachButt naked full of hoes, Timbs on ya' feetYa' stretched on the block, cover with the topBackwoods, stay strapped, smokin' in the darkNigga snitch on fourty niggas, exactly how ya' creating books?I'm native the city, testify and get yo' human body tookFuck 'em all, rats on me reason I host the cheeseBeen had him in the Sco' and also now it's time to squeeze50 stacks the costs, boy now pay the penaltyFuck all ya' kids, i swear come God, girlfriend gon' mental meWords are powerful, it's time to see my niggas eatIn a 2 seater, in Atlanta, pickin' increase meanFerrari or the Lambo, cause I obtained em bothNigga take it a chain, following they recognize I gained 'em smokedNeva rob, baby, I'm for this reason foreva' mobI'm out in vegas at the ponds, playing peddle ballPush a button I deserve to turn a bitch to battle rawKill yaself nigga, how ya' rat on all ya' dawgs?Play mine position, here I am, so currently it's time to ballTroy Ave, currently it's time to ball

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It's all around the muthafuckin' money (monaaay)It's all about the muthafuckin' money (money)It's all around the muthafuckin' money (Yeaaaah)It's all around the muthafuckin' moneyI grow under the fire, laugh in the challenge of doubtYou ain't got sufficient money or finger to count me outBSB documents make the cypher completeWe the #1 independent brand in the streetsAnd you 'sno thatFree Abdul mine team, gotta' acquire my bro ago (Drummma)Salute to the fans, supporters and the DJsAlwaysOutie