The wages for Jack Dorsey and also former CEO penis Costolo were relatively small, compared with lesser executives" earnings at the famous social network.

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Jack Dorsey, that in July replaced DickCostolo as CEO ofTwitter, was paid $68,506 for his services in 2015, when Costolo make $91,795.

Both incomes were relatively small, compared with lesser executives’ income at the well-known social network.

Anthony Notoearned $401,281 in 2015, however in 2014, the year he was called CFO, he was paid $72.8 million.

Alex Roetter, the former an elderly vpengineering, make $9 million in 2015, under from $19 million the year prior.

Kevin Weil, the former an elderly vpproduct, to be paid $9.1 million in 2015, under from $13 million a year earlier.

Twitter has actually seen a the majority of turnover in the executive ranks lately. In 2015, its share sank 35 percent.

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