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Analog Drum Synth from Akai

The Akai Professional Tom Cat is an all-analog 5-voice drum machine that gives you great kick, snare, claps, hi-hats, and the Disco Tom area with chromatic tuncapability. The parameters vary by channel, yet the Tom Cat gives you the regulate to dial in whatever from punchy home grooves to fat throbbing hip hop beats and much even more. Once you"ve acquired your sounds dialed in, you deserve to create sounds live on the timeless MPC-style pads, via the integrated 32-step sequencer, your DAW by means of MIDI, conventional MIDI, or even with the analog gate input. For the contemporary music-maker, Akai Professional"s Tom Cat is an exceptional method to add analog drum sounds to your sonic arsenal.

Akai Professional Tom Cat Drum Machine at a Glance:Achieve your production potentialCreate swinging patterns with the built-in 32-step sequencerAwesome analog distortion impacts via the Maul knobAchieve your manufacturing potential

The Tom Cat"s analog personality is easy to incorporate into any type of modern DJ or production rig. Create fat, punchy beats via 5 analog drum parts, including kick, snare, open/closed hats, and claps - ask any kind of producer at and they"ll tell you there"s serious artistic potential below. Then peak it off with a throbbing analog groove, with chromatically tunable toms and also a variable filter for everything from smooth to squelchy. With a built-in 32-action sequencer and also hands-on regulate, you"ve got incredible performance and also production potential in the Akai Tom Cat.

Create swinging fads through the built-in 32-step sequencer

When you"re ready to sequence, you deserve to play in your sounds on the MCOMPUTER pads or routine them in step-style on the sequencer. And the Tom Cat packs Akai"s classical MCOMPUTER swing, so you deserve to make your beats as tight or loose as you desire. On the fly, you have the right to mute components, switch in between 2 sequence variations, adjust the pattern length, and also even more.

Awesome analog distortion results through the Maul knob

Once you"ve obtained a pounding groove going, it"s hard to resist putting some hair on it with distortion. The Tom Cat"s Maul manage lets you dial in analog distortion to taste. You deserve to use it to add a subtle feeling of body and also bite to your sound, or crank it for full-on difficult style overdrive.

Akai Professional Tom Cat Drum Machine Features:Analog drum machine with classic MCOMPUTER padsFive voices including kick, snare, clap, hats, and also chromatically tunable tomsCreate patterns and also tweak them on the fly through the built-in 32-step sequencerAdd analog distortion to beef up your sound via the Maul knobTrigger sounds via the MPC pads, sequencer, MIDI, USB MIDI, or even analog gate triggerThe Akai Rhythm Wolf is ready to groove with analog drums and also bass!
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