After the bios prior to today was released and also I couldn't modify my fan curves in mine bios since of the mouse, ns tried come re-install AI Suite 3 because I uninstalled that (or assumed I did) months ago. Avoid me if you've heard this one before: that didn't actually uninstall everything, and also when ns tried come re-install I gain 'remote procedure speak to failed'. So... Off to google!

I discover a bunch of people with the very same issue. A million different suggested ways of addressing it... Use Revo Uninstaller. CCleaner, reboot to for sure mode, run the cleaner app for both 2 and 3, reboot again... NO dice, and also now Aura doesn't work-related with the very same issue.

Chat v support. Ideal they might recommend is to wipe and also reinstall windows. Seriously. Ns don't also know whereby to begin...

Glad that the bios concern is resolved now... Yet now my LED's space all on some ugly ass yellow-green, other than my Thermaltake fans, which are stuck on multiple colors...

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I fixed it no thanks to Asus's client support. The concern is partially a Windows/Microsoft issue, yet a re-install or mechanism restore is no required. Instead I followed this link and also that appears to have actually fixed the issue after utilizing Revo Uninstaller and removing EVERYTHING, then rebooting, then running these commands, then rebooting again. Https://


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