After a not-so-good combination with Motorola — which carried to the stage Google Nexus 6 —, Google do a tie v Huawei and LG! LG and Google produced a revamped version of Nexus 5 namely 5X if a new relationship with Huawei to be to bring Google Nexus 6P right into limelight. That course, Nexus 6P is a clearing-the-mistakes scenario because that that technology giant; and, that’s why we have a compact, simple to handle and sturdy-built Smartphone v the latest version of Android ~ above top.

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As we involved the instance of build, Nexus 6P no disappoint us, due to the fact that the unibody design and also its metal framework are quite promising. To protect the screen, that is glass has been equipped v Corning Gorilla Glass 4. However, once you drop the device usually, that is existing develop quality won’t be sufficient. And, that’s as soon as you should use among the best Nexus 6P security cases accessible in market.Here, us have noted out ideal ten protective situations you can (and friend should) get for her brand-new Nexus 6P.

1. I-Blason double Layer Nexus 6P Case

First, we have this rugged-built Nexus 6P case from i-Blason, i m sorry is a recommended brand in sector of cases. The a matter of truth that your slimmer Nexus 6P shall become a little bit bulkier as soon as you’ve put i-Blason double Layer Nexus 6P case on top. The instance has 2 pieces. One is the hard back case, who objective is come offer security from a broader variety the threats and also obstacles. The second part is a belt clip swivel holster, which helps you keep the Nexus 6P simply attached to your belt. Other functions of this case include raised bezels, in-built kickstand and also a collection of pronounced buttons. Plus, she assured of access to all the speakers, sensors and notably the camera.

Price: $14.99

2. Verus Steel silver Nexus 6P Case

If you are in search of a slimmer & easy-to-handle protective instance for your Nexus 6P, Verus Steel silver- Nexus 6P case is a an excellent choice. The case comes v a brushed steel texture ~ above the ago side, i beg your pardon is really sexy. This perfect-fit instance comes with comprehensive inside pattern, which can be helpful when the an equipment has been subjected to major drops or bumps. The whole case is made of a two-layer design, and also the installation would certainly be less complicated than you expect it come be. The external layer is intended to offer protection native drops and also bumps vice versa, the inner silicone-layer is approximately the mark. In addition, the snug-fit protective situations higher-grade materials for construction, i beg your pardon is promising too.Price: $9.99

3. SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Nexus 6P Case

SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Nexus 6P situation is priced in ~ a medium selection offers a hybrid level defense for her 6P. If the is it s okay to salary a little bit more, you have the right to have two colour variants that the situation — Black and Blue. What is to be noted an initial is the sleek and powerful design we deserve to see. If we are compare it with the various other rugged cases, this one is an incredibly compact one, regardless of the powerful capabilities of affect resistance. Regardless the toughness, friend get access to all the ports, cameras and also sensors, for the matter. Other features of the situation include snap-on style that helps during the installation, multi-colour availability, texture side bumper for much better grip and also a semi-clear back.Price: $15.99

4. Rhino Shield Crash safety Bumper for Nexus 6P


Rhino Shield Crash guard Bumper because that Nexus 6P is really lightweight and ultimately compact. Gift an easy-to-use situation you can get, the pricing is not that expensive either. This is not a fully-fledged protective instance you have the right to get. But, the an awesome accessory once you need protection during drops and also a better grip while taking care of — thanks to the matte texture had with the case. Other attributes of Rhino Shield Crash safety Bumper for Nexus 6P include the easiest access to buttons and camera, compatibility v official and also third-party headphones etc. This protective situation offers 4 colour variants — Black, White, Blue and Dark Blue. Girlfriend can choose the favorite color you want. Through the way, it’s precious noting that some higher protection variants are likewise available.Price: $24.99Where to Buy: official Store

5. Spigen rough Armor Nexus 6P Case

A product indigenous the industry-leader Spigen, Spigen rugged Armor Nexus 6P case is a an excellent choice when you have actually one fairly inexpensive instance for your 6P. The entirety look and design of this situation have a specific elegance, with a carbon fiber pattern and also a classy finish. The a single-layer instance made using flexible TPU, and you i will not ~ be having much bulk. In addition, Spigen has consisted of laser-focuses cutouts, ensuring the compatibility that official and also unofficial accessories choose headphones. At the same time, girlfriend have access to every the harbor & camera too. On height of all, Spigen has enriched the security through the use of air Cushion Technology. When we include additional attributes such as raised bezels, its extremely responsive secrets and much better assistance from Spigen, the case becomes exception in the range.Price: $12.99

6. Spigen Clear earlier Nexus 6P Case

Spigen Clear ago Nexus 6P case is a wonderful clean hard case you deserve to grab for your Nexus 6P and also the pricing isn’t a lot expensive either. So, this Spigen-made case can sell state-of-the-art protection from a wide variety of obstacles, there is no compromising the real stunning look at of Huawei Nexus 6P. Uneven the abovementioned one, this situation has a two-piece structure — among flexible TPU and one tough PC. Except the undeniable quality that Spigen keeps in practically every accessory the manufactures, there are some superb attributes as well. For instance, over there are elevated bezels and also hybrid build. Likewise, you obtain Air Cushion an innovation on optimal of every these, i m sorry is a great addition because that a unstable Smartphone user. As per what client say, there room no compatibility issues.

Price: $13.99

7. Poetic Affinity thin Nexus 6P Case

There’s no question around build quality or strength once we concerned Poetic Affiity slim Nexus 6P Case. And also the best part is that you can acquire such an great sturdy-built Smartphone case for one unbelievable price. Due to the fact that the situation has made the use of clear Polycarbonate, you deserve to showcase the real charm of your Nexus 6P; let that be black or white. It is composed of two layers, among clear PC and another among TPU, as stated earlier. Various other noticeable features we found in Poetic Affiity thin Nexus 6P situation include the anti-slip side grip protection, inner ridges for minimizing shock impact, increased bezel top top the display section for much easier upside-down placing and also clear cutouts because that camera and ports. That making a many sense, in the long run.Price: $4.95

8. Case-Mate naked Tough instance for Nexus 6P

Yet another an excellent option for rough users, Case-Mate naked Tough instance for Nexus 6P can be a little bit expensive, for one Smartphone case. Of course, the a dual-layered case that is expected to defend from common obstacles and also both young and major drops, shocks etc. However, despite the dual layer, the bulkiness isn’t intolerable. In fact, if we space to compare other cases in the very same range, us would uncover that Case-Mate nude Tough instance for Nexus 6P is pretty much compact to it is in handled. And, together the surname says, the whole case is transparent and you will gain the same Nexus 6P feel also when the accessory is on peak of it. Other noteworthy features of this instance include the steel buttons for simpler press, tremendous slimness and the uncompromised quality.Price: $35.00Where to Buy: Case-Mate main Store

9. AceAbove Premium leather Nexus 6P Case


If you favor a Leather-made protection to the TPU and PC combination, AceAbove Premium leather Nexus 6P case is watch a good option you can get. Priced at a trivial range, you room going to have actually elegance and protection in ~ once. The animal leather protection has actually been prolonged to nearly every component of your Nexus 6P, from the back section to the 4 edges, where the defense level is optimal as well. As per what verified customers say, the situation offers total access to all the ports, cameras and also other compelled parts of your Smartphone. However, it needs to be detailed that there is plastic within the leather-made case.

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Price: $15.90

10. Adopted Nexus 6P leather Folio Case

As the critical protective instance in this, we have actually one native Adopted. That a Nexus 6P protective case that is detailed in Google play Store and also we deserve to expect a standard top quality from embraced Nexus 6P animal leather Folio Case. Adopted has developed an amazing impression as soon as it involves the instance of Nexus Smartphone protective cases. This one too has actually satisfactory functions to stay in the line. Because that instance, the textured microfiber of adopted Nexus 6P leather Folio situation is useful as it concerns drops and also minor bumps. Likewise, its stronger frame and the increased bezels are enhancing the level of available protection in the long run.Pricing: TBAYou can likewise get a military-grade Speck Candy shell Grip instance from Google play StoreSEE ALSO: Top 5 Nexus 5X cases Worth Buying