i am make the efforts kernel debugging making use of windbg and vmware. When i try to point out break allude for my own driver i obtained an output like

Access violation - password c0000005 (!!! second chance !!!)nt!MmFreePagesFromMdl+0xc:82879761 f6430601 test byte ptr ,1What is this?


That is an accessibility violation, the is, your password tries to access an invalid storage address, the is exception code 0xC0000005.

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The second chance part is a debugger term. Every time an exception is thrown, it signal the debugger, if present, in instance it desire to do something: the is the first chance. If the debugger walk nothing, the exemption is passed come the application, or in your case, the kernel. If the application does not take care of it, the exemption is pass again come the debugger: this is the second chance.

Usually, debuggers disregard the first chance however break on the second chance, however there is commonly a debugger alternative for both.



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