In many cases, if your car air conditioner is blowing warm air, A/C pro is the fast, easy means to fix it yourself and save money.

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However, there are instances where you’ll more than likely need to take it your automobile to a expert mechanic instead. A/C pro won’t resolve a broken compressor clutch, because that instance, or replace a negative condenser coil.

So exactly how do you recognize whether you should go to a mechanic or usage something various other than A/C Pro? listed below is a list of the instances in which you should not use A/C Pro.

Don’t usage A/C pro if:

Your vehicle was built before 1994 and has never ever been converted from R-12 to R-134a.


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This one’s going to be rarely if the car’s been propelled much, due to the fact that if the A/C has broken down in ~ any suggest in the past 20 years, it would have actually likely been converted to R-134a in the process of acquiring it fixed. However, if girlfriend do have an old R-12 system, you can’t use A/C Pro till it’s to be converted come R-134a. (All car built because 1994 will have actually R-134a systems, i m sorry is what A/C pro is draft for.)

You journey a hybrid or electrical car.


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This is because most hybrid car (and all electrical vehicles) use an electric A/C compressor, which calls for a different kind of compressor oil. A/C Pro includes compressor oil, yet it’s the type used in continual belt-driven A/C systems.

It took less than 2 weeks for her A/C to walk from cold to hot.


A/C agree seals little leaks in rubber A/C components, such as o-rings, gaskets, and hoses, which space what usually reasons a device to become low ~ above refrigerant. A leak is thought about “small” if it takes at the very least two weeks because that the refrigerant to leak out. If her A/C to be cold yesterday and today that blowing warm air, you have actually a problem bigger than A/C Pro can fix.

Your compressor is running, yet the A/C push is as well high.


Before including A/C Pro, among the an initial steps is to usage the A/C agree gauge (which can also be bought separately) to inspect the device pressure. The gauge procedures the low-pressure (or suction) side of the A/C system. As soon as the compressor is running, it should develop suction and lower the push reading. (When the compressor is no running, it’s regular for the gauge to show a high reading.)

If the pressure is too low as result of a absence of refrigerant, adding A/C pro will bring it as much as the exactly range. However, if the compressor is running and the press is as well high, the either method that the system has actually too lot refrigerant or the there is a problem with the compressor. Store in mind the the belt will be continuous moving, even when the compressor is cycled off. To be sure the compressor is running, clock the center pulley.

You’ve already included A/C Pro. 


Here’s the scenario: friend recharge your system with A/C Pro and it works, making her air conditioner ice-cold. However, ~ a couple of weeks or months, the wait from the A/C start to acquire warm again. This suggests that you have a slow leak in a metal A/C component, since A/C pro will have sealed any tiny leaks in the rubber contents (which are an ext common). At this point, before adding any more refrigerant, you’ll must seal the steel leak—which you have the right to do utilizing Super Seal.

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If one of those five problems apply, A/C agree is at this time not because that you. However, if her car’s air conditioner is blowing hot air due to the fact that it’s short on R-134a refrigerant, and also it’s bring away at the very least two main to get that way, A/C Pro can fix your problem and also save girlfriend time and also money.