She who Controls the Seas is a Side pursuit in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. This walkthrough shows exactly how to finish the quest.

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Recommended Level: 28+Region: start on KeosRequirements: Completed next Quest Sacred VowsReward: Money, XP, part of Xenia search Line for A Pirate’s Life because that Me trophy & additionally a chance for Aphrodite’s Embrace trophy


Acquire Triton’s covering of the TidesUse the treasure quest item list to discover the shed treasuresRumored Conch covering Location: discover the underwater cavern at Chalkidike

She who Controls the Seas beginning Location

This search is offered by Xenia on Keos after perfect her 2nd endowment hunt Sacred Vows.


Acquire Triton’s shell of the Tides

Just choose with the last 2 treasure quests, you will obtain multiple maps for the location of the Triton Shell. Again, only one map is correct and also the others room fake.

Triton’s shell of the Tides Location: It’s discovered in Makedonia, in sub-region Triple Peninsula of Chalkidike, inside the Underwater Cavern. View the exactly treasure map and corresponding location below:



Explore the underwater cave at Chalkidike

When you get to the location, her character provides a comment the it’s the best place. You can then monitor the search “Rumored Conch shell Location” native your quest log.


Dive down to the cavern (which is significant as a location on the map). Once inside the underwater cavern, keep complying with the blue glowing jellyfish. The jellyfish shows the way! After the third group that jellyfish you must swim up and climb a ledge, climate dive under on the other side. This have the right to be a little bit tricky to see if friend don’t know that you should swim up. It’s deep in the cavern too so there’s small time to turn around if you acquire stuck. Just remember to swim up at the 3rd group that jellyfish.



At the end of the cavern space some bandits and a big chest. Open the chest to collect the Conch Shell.


Return the shell to Xenia on Keos. Then she offers her 4th treasure hunting “Throw the Dice“.

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This concludes the She who Controls the Seas Side quest in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey (ACOD).

Next Up: throw the Dice next Quest

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