Tbelow are times in Assassin"s Creed Odyssey wbelow you"ll have a bounty inserted on your head for falling on the wrong side of the legislation. Below we"ll be walking you through every little thing you should understand about the "wanted" mechanism must you be pursued by the regulation, consisting of exactly how to eliminate your bounty.

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How to Get Rid of Your Bounty in Assassin"s Creed Odyssey

To remove a bounty in Assassin"s Creed Odyssey, you can execute it among four means, some of which are much easier than others.

Hold Y/Triangle on the map screen to pay all bounties. This"ll clear your wanted status yet price a certain amount of money.Move the cursor over a sponsor on the map (marked through a red symbol of a pouch and dagger) to pay that particular bounty. That"ll lower it by however much they"re paying, yet will not get rid of the whole point, unless they"re the only sponsor.Find the sponsor, however hunt them down and also kill them instead of paying. This is the many difficult choice, however expenses nothing if done successfully.Simply wait. Your bounty decreases progressively over time, so if you do not commit any type of crimes, it"ll inevitably go back to zero.
Mercenaries will certainly pursure players via bounties on their heads. The higher the bounty, the more mercenaries are likely to come hunting you. | Ubisoft

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Bounties Explained

You gain bounties in Assassin"s Creed Odyssey by breaking the regulation, whether it"s killing civilians or soldiers of whoever before owns that location, stealing objects or just primarily resulting in havoc (and also acquiring spotted doing it). As you commit even more and also even more crimes, the bounty meter in the bottom-ideal will start to fill, marking just how a lot money is being offered to anybody who deserve to lug you dvery own.

You’ll notification that tbelow are five notches in this Bounty meter, which indicate the severity of the price put on your head. One Bounty notch is at the reduced finish of the scale, definition just one or two mecenaries will be after you, yet the Bounty meter will rise if you store on killing enemies, and also eexceptionally time it boosts by one notch, an extra powerful and also deadly mercenary will certainly be sent out after either Kassandra or Alexios. Fill up the meter and also trained killers from across the civilization will certainly be after you.

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Mercenary assassins will pursue anybody via a bounty on their head. Of course, if you deserve to kill them, you"ll get their high-tier loot for yourself. | Ubisoft

Tright here is a positive side to this however: mercenaries have some of the best tools in the game, periodically wielding legendary equipment for you to steal off them. Conversely, you deserve to knock them out and also kidnap them to work on Barnabus" watercraft. It"s kinder than killing them... right?

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