The native year once pronounced starts v a voice sound the e which is a vowel sound making the eligible because that being preceded by an. Yet, we often tend to compose a year. Why?



I disapprove your premise that the word year starts v a voice sound the e. Here"s just how it is pronounced according to the miscellaneous dictionaries:

Wiktionary: (RP) IPA: /jiə/, /jɜː/, SAMPA: /ji
/, /j3:/; (US) enPR: yîr, IPA: /jiɹ/, SAMPA: /jir/Merriam-Webster: \ˈyir\American Heritage thesaurus of the Language: /yîr/Collins Dictionary: /jɪə/

Words that begin with the /j/ sound are preceded by one a, not by an an. Compare: a user, a utility, a yak.

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It doesn"t start with a phonetic sound that e. That starts with <j> (usually assignment "y" in, and that sound is no a vowel here. Year: /yɪər/ Year: /yeer/



one ear


A year

In most cases.

A an excellent rule is

If the following word starts v a vowel sound, usage an. If not, usage a

For words "year" to be came before by "an" it need to sound favor it"s beginning with a vowel. The factor why the is a tad tricky is since of the distinction in the way people pronounce it.

Some people pronounce words "year" together "ear" v "y" silent, thereby wanting "an" come precede and feeling discomfort with "a". E.g. "It"s to be an _ear since we talked".

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Whereas others express it v a "ye" sound in the beginning. In this situation one finds that making use of "a" suddenly sounds much more comfortable. E.g. "It"s been a "ye"ar because we talked".

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