1 : something the is stolen or taken by pressure After raiding the town, the soldiers aided themselves to any loot the they could find. The thieves got a many loot in the robbery.

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1 : goods commonly of substantial value taken in battle : spoils The soldiers assisted themselves to any loot the they could find.

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spoil, plunder, booty, prize, loot average something bring away from another by force or craft. Spoil, more commonly spoils, applies to what belongs by appropriate or custom to the victor in battle or political contest. the spoils the political success plunder applies to what is bring away not only in war yet in robbery, banditry, grafting, or swindling. a bootlegger"s plunder booty indicates plunder to be shared amongst confederates. thieves splitting up your booty prize applies to spoils recorded on the high seas or territorial waters the the enemy. the wartime right of seizing prizes at sea loot applies especially come what is bring away from victim of a catastrophe. picked through the ruins for loot

Noun after raiding the town, the soldiers helped themselves to any loot the they might find. The thieves acquired a most loot in the robbery. that made a most loot selling cars. Verb The soldiers were looting every residence that they came to. Soldiers brushed up through the territory, looting, burning, and killing.

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Recent instances on the Web: Noun for this reason the team dug more, placing out public press releases about their find for Teodorin’s loot. — Casey Michel, Rolling Stone, 8 Oct. 2021 due to the fact that both your accounts and also stashes the in-game loot can be sold for tidy profits. — Lee Mathews, Forbes, 28 Sep. 2021 Now, v the extreme interest in the inquiry of colonial loot, the emphasis has likewise turned come them. — Jürgen Zimmerer, Quartz, 4 Aug. 2021 many thanks to Hicks’ damning book, any argument versus Benin copper repatriation is like arguing versus the return the Nazi Holocaust loot — a ethical profanity. — Los Angeles Times, 3 may 2021 at the end of July, the firm dropped its an initial set the NFTs, influenced by video game loot boxes, to lug that message to that audience in one entirely brand-new way. — Nicole Gull Mcelroy, Fortune, 13 Sep. 2021 In 1981, a publicly works task in the area unearthed a bar of melted Aztec gold — a small component of the loot that the Spanish soldiers to reduce in their retreat. — Maria Verza, ajc, 13 Aug. 2021 This is around how cards, reputation and also loot farming every interact. — Paul Tassi, Forbes, 12 Sep. 2021 Gameplay and also the loot/leveling/adventuring loop is being defined as comparable to Borderlands v an open up world, albeit one with no loading screens. — Paul Tassi, Forbes, 11 Sep. 2021 Recent examples on the Web: Verb But another Ocean City resident, Danny Robinson, said approving the task would quantity to allowing wind energy companies to loot the coast. — Christine Condon, baltimoresun.com, 28 Sep. 2021 countless Saints pan reacted v fury, accusing the city and Benson the attempting come loot their home team. — Timothy Fanning, San Antonio Express-News, 9 Sep. 2021 much better loot, much better activities, better farming objectives. — Paul Tassi, Forbes, 7 Sep. 2021 Collecting black color orbs extends her time limit in the Mothership; collecting yellow orbs grants you far better loot. — Erik Kain, Forbes, 22 June 2021 One century ago, on might 31, 1921, a White mob descended on the thriving Black ar known together Black wall Street and proceeded to burn, loot and kill until hundreds to be dead and 35 city blocks were destroyed. — Kate Sullivan, CNN, 1 June 2021 It’s generally the situation that many games in the looter genre nothing quite acquire their endgame loot right at launch, and also Outriders is no exception. — Paul Tassi, Forbes, 26 Apr. 2021 Zvonimir Jurlina of new York, that was additionally charged in the destruction, cheered top top the stomping and encouraged the group to loot the media setup, prosecutors say. — Katelyn Polantz, CNN, 1 July 2021 In 1933, the farmer hid the old skull inside a well, intending to keep it covert from Japanese forces that inhabited the city during world War II—fearing soldiers can loot it as a battle treasure. — Nicholas Reimann, Forbes, 25 June 2021

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